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Are you feeling a little “off” lately?

Suddenly, you are experiencing what seems to be “random” ailments or bodily symptoms that cannot be explained by modern healthcare. Maybe you have developed an obsessive sense of intrigue with new ideas and conspiracy theories, and find yourself questioning traditional belief systems, religions… or even this physical reality; and the MEANING OF OUR EARTHLY EXISTENCE in general. Your spirituality is ascending.

Regardless of where or when your spiritual awakening started, it is very likely you’re doing LOADS of reading. Researching. “Diving deep” into unknown truths, with an insatiable thirst for WISDOM AND METAPHYSICAL KNOWLEDGE.

First of all, there are a few things to know:

· You ARE NOT alone.
· There are LEVELS ascension; each person comprehends the transition to their own level of perception and inner understanding.
· We all have a different spark that ignites the fire, leading to this higher level of awareness and consciousness.

If you are going through this, it is soul and spirit-level INCREDIBLE…
(even if it doesn’t always feel like the most pleasant experience to go through).

We all have a higher calling – the calling of our true being, our soul, to wake up and remember the divine power of the Universe, and OURSELVES. The TRUE you, your immortal spirit, more than likely predestined this moment in your life within specific and divine timing. Once you initiate a paradigm shift – opening your mind to a different reality, and your consciousness to a new method of thinking – it can never be shaped back to its old dimensions. There is no turning back, and this is something to be grateful for!

Many people begin this process after what we like to call a “dark night of the soul.” In other words, metaphorically hitting rock bottom. For some, it occurs after a tragedy, death of a loved one, or even the birth of a child when we question “life.” Sometimes a conspiracy theory proven correct can make someone start to investigate the standards of our current society, or governmental and educational institutions. And furthermore, for others, a near death experience (NDE) or out of body experience (OBE, astral projection, etc.), will bring on the wave of change toward a lifelong spiritual journey.

There are endless signs that you are experiencing a spiritual awakening. Here we will discuss the top 5 most common signs that prove this is what you’re going through.


One of the first telltale signs of a spiritual awakening will be an all-encompassing curiosity of the structure of the physical world we live in today. We find ourselves starting to ask the deep questions of our existence. Why are we here? How was life created? What is my purpose? What happens after death? Isn’t there more to life than being born, working for a lifetime, and dying? If “God” is real, why is there so much suffering in the world? One huge inquiry that starts to unravel is this: as we begin to feel more at one with those around us, there must be ONE truth that crosses all of humanity and man-made religions.

We start to question the old belief systems, and create new ones that are aligned with the truths we begin to uncover. This enables you to feel comfortable breaking out of the norms of society, and the types of conformity that are expected of us. As we gain a higher consciousness and appreciation for the important things of this physical life, you shed habits and items that no longer serve your inner purpose and soul journey.

Considering changing your job or career altogether is common now, since you start to feel it is not in alignment with your spirituality and soul purpose in this lifetime. It’s possible you also become minimalistic, no longer having a desire or seeing a need for excess material possessions. Your inner personal development is pulling at your heartstrings, and you become drawn to self-help, meditation, and spiritual literature like a magnet.


Even if you have noticed before, you start to understand how miraculous our organic surroundings are, finding the wondrous beauties in the smallest aspects of nature that you may have previously overlooked. You start to not only believe, BUT KNOW that this planet and Universe is a marvelous place, where “magic” is actually reality.

The cosmos start calling you, and the metaphysical powers of that which cannot be seen become apparent. You catch yourself stargazing, and becoming enamored with the moon.

You may even consider changing your diet and eating habits, as you come to understand that all living creatures reside here on Earth as ONE. As humans, we are only ONE of 7 MILLION species that inhabit the planet, and we are all equally privileged to live freely. Freedom is our birthright. And where else can you feel more free, than out grounding yourself in nature?

To be continued…

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