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Any athlete will tell you that sports are as much a psychological battle as they are a physical challenge.

Anxiety and panic attacks can have a devastating effect on the athletic and sports performance of an athlete. No matter how much talent and skill you have, you’ll never perform at your best if you live in fear and anxiety before every event. To rid yourself of anxiety and panic attacks forever, you must break the cycle that starts with the fear of your next attack.

If you suffer from anxiety and panic attacks, then you most likely experience some or all of the conditions below and more:

  • Periods of dizziness that lead to a panic attack.
  • Shortness in your breath and tightness in your throat and chest.
  • Accelerated heartbeat and sensations of tingling.
  • Obsessive worries and thoughts that you could do without.
  • An overwhelming feeling of doom approaching.

If you’re an athlete and you experience any of these symptoms during an event, then it’s no wonder that you don’t do as well as you could. This is how anxiety affects athletic sporting performance.

Controlling the cycle of fear, anxiety and panic

In order to be completely free of panic attacks, you need to break the cycle that starts with the fear of your next attack and ends with the attack itself. The following techniques have been found to help to minimize the effects of panic attacks and even prevent attacks on occasion:

  • Prepare well for a sporting event. Make sure that you are as good as you are ever going to be when you perform. This helps to build confidence.
  • Use relaxation techniques such as deep breathing.
  • Try to convince yourself that the symptoms you experience are outside of your body and therefore not your problem to deal with.
  • Positive thinking is important. Believe in your ability at all times.
  • Focus on the task of preparing for the event and exclude everything else.
  • Work hard as a team if at all possible. Working with others gives you a sense of purpose and keeps you focused.
  • Always give your best performance. Never accept second best.

How anxiety affects athletic and sports performance varies from individual to individual, but it is usually very damaging. The techniques above can help to minimize the effects, but if you’re a serious athlete, or even if you aren’t, then you should be looking for ways to break the cycle of fear, anxiety, and panic attacks in a more permanent way.

There is a growing body of evidence that brainwave stimulation, relaxation, and visualization techniques can vastly improve sports performance. Athletes who use this technology report rapid improvements, not only in performance but in general mental attitude and the ability to respond faster to changing situations.

The following brainwave sessions will help prepare you to compete and perform at your best.

  1. Pre-Workout Focus: Helps concentrate your mind before a workout or sports activity. Keep you focused on your goal, while stay mentally alert.
  2. Winning Performance: Designed to help you with visualizing a winning performance, and to get your brainwaves into a state known for peak athletic performance.
  3. Post-Workout Recovery: Helps you relax your body and mind, release any tension or residual energy from your workout.

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