Attention Disorder – Cure It in Minutes!

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Is it tough to maintain your focus?

You aren’t alone… Almost all the citizens of the 21st century have this issue; we get distracted after every three minutes. And, now it’s in our nature. We’re the victims of “Attention Disorder”. It’s not possible for us to concentrate on one thing, in detail.

Researchers tell us that, today mostly the advanced technology is the main reason behind ‘Attention Disorder’, as it’s transforming our psychology in that way (short spans). However, it’s not the sole reason either; there are some other surprising factors too, that wreak havoc on our attention spans and make our personal and professional lives miserable.

For example, lack of sleep is the top reason behind the attention-disorder. If you’re missing sufficient shut-eye span, you’re exhausting your brain cells and enveloping it with fog; your brain can’t work appropriately if it’s not relaxed, or under pressure… Second, there are mounting evidences which suggest that people who don’t do regular exercise often become the victim of attention-issues, since exercises increase our brain’s concentration ability.

In addition, your emotional state is also as important as sleep and exercises. If you aren’t happy in the relationship, it can vastly affect your attention-span. Therefore, for giving 110% in your work, try to give 120% in your relationship… Healthy and happy relationships always emotionally impel a person to concentrate more and grow further in life.

Apart from this, some medical reasons can also damage your attention-span. For instance, if you’ve recently changed your medicines, it can cloud your mind, or put you under anxiety attack. Furthermore, people who try to quit smoking can also have the same impact.


attentionCan You Cure Attention Disorder?

Of course, you can. It’s not that hard-hitting practicing, and you’ll become the expert in your game. I’ve a few secret tricks for you; follow them, and see how they change your life.

ü  Discover New Things… Challenge yourself to pay attention to something new. Relish it like a game. You don’t have to do much. Just choose some festival, or peruse your neighborhood. You can try this game in your home too; watch some movie more than once. Try to find out those things which you’ve missed – expressions, emotions, objects, and etc. The more you play this game, the more you flex your brain’s attention muscle.

ü  Observe and Understand People… Watching some object is one thing, but observing a human being, right in front of you, is an utterly different issue. Since, people have different masks, which they wear, and try to manipulate through them. Through, we can read people quite well, when there is any high-tension situation, or highly-romantic moment, but we are rather dull when the moments are casual… So, observe people’s intentions when they’ve nothing to show, during the everyday interactions.

ü  Take Some Breaks… Since, it’s pertinent to relax your mind too. And, once your mind is in the relaxed state, it challenged your thinking patterns too, and allows you to consider those things that reside outside of the box. All the prominent people of history, and today, used to take breaks to calm their nerves, and perceiving what they’re missing. It permitted them to ponder entire situation, and see whether they’re on the right path.


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