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Want to leave the world behind and focus on some important task? Well, opt for the mind machine – Binaural Beats; they’re the answer to all your questions, and solutions for 21st century inhabitants. The experts of audio-visual stimulation devices (AVS) believe that the Binaural Beats have the capability to train our brains in specific ways. Furthermore, with the recent technological progress, they’re going to be far more productive and sophisticated.

Don’t know regarding the Binaural Beats? Step back for a minute… Allow me to explain in the simplest words. “In actuality, Binaural Beats stimulate the alpha, beta, gamma, and theta brain waves to push your mind into a specific state.” In other words, these beats create rhythmic frequencies which your brain picks, and acts right according to them. For the scientists, its discoveries are still thin on the ground, though, however, its positive end results demonstrate that the future belongs to it, and it would boost our medical industry.

However, if you want to delve a tad further, scientifically, it would be right to say that the Binaural Beats are actually the difference between two frequencies. For instance, if you’re wearing a headphone, if 300 Hz plays in one ear and 310 in the other, the binaural beat would be the gap among them – 10 Hz. And, your mind, in reality, perceives that gap immediately, and transforms your state in accordance with it. Though, bear in mind that the difference between two frequencies are usually smaller, around 30 Hz; if it goes beyond that, no frequency would be perceived, and your mind will comprehend frequencies as the two separate tones. Therefore, it’s a game of expert, as he has the true sense of hearing.

Dr. Heinrich Wilhelm Dove


Dr. Heinrich Wilhelm Dove

These beats were first discovered in 1839 by Dr. Heinrich Wilhelm Dove. Though, his discovery remained as a scientific curiosity for around 134 years… After that, the fresh scientists tried to offer new insights about it. They concentrated on the discovery of Dr. Heinrich again, and did an experiment with it. First, they chose the animals to experience how they react and perceive the binaural beat in a sea of noise. And, the results were quite extraordinary, as the animals were picking out the gap between two frequencies quite well.

Once it was established that these findings have significant value, and they can give a new meaning to entire medical industry, the professional scientists worked on them even more, and eventually made them available, after so many tests and experiments, for the human beings. Now, elite physicians from all walks of life often recommend the tracks of binaural beats in order to cure some specific issues. And, they’re benefiting people too – grandly.

The popularity of binaural beat downloads has been increased in the last few years, as scientists are demonstrating, over and over, it’s exceptional benefits through their studies. For that reason, these beats are also known as “Digital Drugs”. For instance, if the pressure of your work, or daily routine, sabotage your muscles, and flood you with drowsiness, listen to those binaural beats which promote relaxation in your mind, and body. Just put on your headphone, and hear the track for a few minutes; you’ll be ultra chilled in no time.

Brainwave Meditation & Yoga

Apart from this, these days, yoga experts are also utilizing their authority for deep meditation. Since, binaural beats facilitate them in achieving low brain wave frequency, which is immensely essential to access the realm of higher awareness – quicker.

Do you have issues with concentration? Can’t you focus on your studies or office work? Are you an artist? Is it pertinent for you to be creative in your work? Well, no worries. Get the binaural beat recordings to your need, and banish all these issues in no time. Within a few minutes, you feel a clear change in consciousness and achieve the state of your desire.

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