Binaural Beats Lucid Dreaming

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The concept of dreaming is highly mysterious with increased number of studies being carried out everyday such that the world of dreams can be understood properly. One of the concepts that had been debated about a lot includes the binaural beats lucid dreaming. This is a method of trying to control dreams with the help of beats.

Lucid Dreaming:

What is lucid dreaming?

Can you imagine being able to control your dreams. If one can create their own worlds in their minds while they sleep there will be no need to visit faraway places or worry about never meeting fictional characters. You can create your own needed reality in your dream and this is lucid dreaming. It is a highly complicated idea, but this is exciting to try out and needs more help.

Binaural Beats:

How can one indulge in lucid dreaming?

Lucid dreaming can be carried out by sending certain signals to the brain. Brain is the major organ responsible for all the sleeping patterns and the dreams carried out. We can control the brain waves by sending in waves called binaural beats. These beats help in controlling our brain and positively programming it such that only good controlled dreams get projected and all the bad dreams and nightmares are removed from the system. Other methods also include using isochronic tones to induce lucid dreaming.

How to use Binaural beats to induce dreams?

Binaural beats are created by Sine generator, which gives rise to two different frequency waves. These waves are let into the ear and hence it is highly practical to use headphones. These waves on reaching the brain stimulate it to create a third wave. The third wave is a difference of the two waves introduced. All these frequency changes cause the brain to cause a shift in consciousness and hence resulting in lucid dreams.

The theory behind dreams and how to control them:

Brain emits three different types of waves like Alpha, Beta and Theta which alternate throughout the sleep cycle of a person at night. Binaural beats lucid dreams can be induced if the reaching of alpha waves is stopped and dipped back into theta waves. These theta waves can help to control the dreams and awakens the subconscious mind that can control the world of dreams. Recording of binaural beats to help give the listener sleep frequencies followed by theta frequencies, which can lull them into creating their own dreams.

Binaural beats lucid dreaming is highly successful and these recordings can be heard prior to sleep in order to design your own dreams. Lie back down, relax, slip on the headphones, and listen to the beats as you sink back into the dream world of your own making!

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