Binaural Beats

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How the binaural beats mp3 affects our brain? Have you experienced it? Let us have a quick trip through the effects of these tunes on our brain.

Great Solution for your Brain Rejuvenation

Heinrich Wilhelm Dove discovered these binaural beats mp3 in the year 1839.  They are also termed as digital drugs. The effect of it on the conscious mind was discovered by Thomas Warren Campbell. They are also termed as binaural tones which are the auditory processing artefacts. These artefacts are caused by a specific physical stimulus. They have a main role in the alternative medicine, it helps to induce the relaxation of the body and mind also helps a person in the meditation.

We experience these beats when we hear 2 songs or tunes of different frequencies in both ears. This can be possible with the use of the head phones. The binaural beat is the differences between the two frequencies. This beat is an auditory artefact. For hearing these sound waves, it is always advisable to use the headphones or the ear buds.

The brain specific frequencies will be increased when the brain mimics the frequency heard within the binary beat. When we listen to the frequency of tunes in the alpha range, i.e., which comes between the frequency of 8-12 Hz, then it increases the alpha brain waves. This phenomenon is termed as the entrainment or the frequency following response.

These beats contain the tunes which are in the alpha frequency.  These tunes help to relax the brain and serves as the best means of meditation.  A wide range of binaural mp3 tunes are available in the markets, both online as well as in the retail stores. One can select the most apt mp3 tunes to relax your senses to attain brain relaxation. These audio therapies have been proven clinically to produce mental wellbeing, and the studies have shown that they helpin improving the sleep and also helps a person to increase the skills to focus and to improve the concentration power.

Practise Mediation

Find a comfortable place for your meditation or relaxation and try to listen to these beats. The brain requires almost 7 minutes synchronizing with the audio stimulus. The best time frame evident from the studies are 15- 30 minutes, so listen to these beats in this time frame for getting the best benefits out of these digital drugs or waves.

While meditating, you can either close your eyes or keep them open. It is also important for one to listen to these sound waves through the head phone as each ear receives tunes of different frequencies, and this can be attained only with the help of an earphone or ear plug. As you listen to the beats, you can notice that the sound goes back and forth in between both ears at different times. While listening to the beats, pay attention to the music. One of the most interesting tracks for the binaural beats mp3 can be found from the Meditation club tracks.

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