Brainwave Audio Program

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Brainwave Audio Program are one of the most powerfully used tools to help control some of the spiritual and brain wave stimulation pathways. Brain is an intensely complex organ with a number of nerves and other important points, which are necessary for the functioning of a human being when awake. However, the brain does not rest when humans sleep. It continues to carry out its duties in the form of providing dreams. Dreams are something with almost a magical quality as they are capable of being shaped into different scenarios ranging from something beautiful to scary. Today we will look into the most popular type of brainwave audio program- binaural beats.

Psychic abilities of binaural beats:

Binaural beats are something, which is generated by sine wave generators, and these produce two waves that can be directed into the brain with headphones. Why are these binaural beats mp3 highly important? They can be used to create some extra sensory experiences of the brain. This is done by stimulating the natural waves emitted by the brain. The theta and beta waves emitted by the brain are adjusted and the alpha waves are cut down to give rise to only theta waves. These theta waves can stimulate a world such that the brain works more different from normal circumstances through Binaural beats.


Extra Sensory Perception is something of a magical phenomenon where a certain human was considered to be lucky to possess certain skills different from others. They can be related to incidents in past, present, future where the human can have visions of what will happen, or what happened prior to now. These are used not only as something for fun or as a hobby, but also by major detective agencies and other institutes for research. Binaural beats mp3 have the highly psychic power of being able to stimulate ESP in normal human beings. Thus hearing of these recorded Binaural beats can make a person more perceptive to such mystical events.

Lucid Dreams:

Lucid dreams can be explained away as trying to control your dreams and build your own dream world. It is a custom-made dream world which can be used to create things which we like and desire. These lucid dreams can be done with the help of Binaural beats mp3. These mp3 once sent into the brain of a dreaming subject can help the brain create theta waves and then make the person dream things of their choice. The subconscious mind is ready to create the dreams with the binaural beats.

Most of the brainwave audio program provided in the form of mp3 and there are free sample, which provides trials. The mp3 also provides sound quality in the form of 320 bit rate, which is comfortable for hearing purposes! Try out the samples and then purchase the best form of Binaural beats mp3 to have brain stimulations now!

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    • Jessica Z.

      Using headphones can help block out background noise and allow the frequencies to be heard at their purest form. So any type of Stereo ones would be fine. Have a great day!

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