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Motivation – Feel the “Fire” in a Few Seconds!

Motivation – Feel the “Fire” in a Few Seconds! 1

Motivation – it’s the “Fire” we all need to accomplish what we want. Since, things work out best for those who have the greatest amount of motivation all the time; they apprehend that this life is for settling for the best, and for that, they’ve to feel motivated all the time; they’ve to motivate themselves, even in the darkest and the lightest moments of their life, so that they can travel on the targeted path with a lightning speed, and taste the juiciest parts of life.

In order to know the actual definition of “Motivation”, and feel motivated, first it’s pertinent to perceive attributes of self-motivated people, as they’re the ones who actually accomplish something in life, and live as true champions. First, the self-motivated people understand their purpose in life. They know what they want and how to achieve it. For that reason, the success always finds them, and sticks with them, all the time. Second, it’s in their nature to live outside their comfort zone. The challenges and the downfalls never halt their feet. Third, they’re persistent. It’s not once-in-a-lifetime motivation. Each day and each second of their life is filled with fire; they pursue their goals with a lion’s focus.  Lastly, all in all, the self-motivated people attempt to create the best day possible; they never waste a second.

You can become a raving success, in any field, if you’ve the fire in your each vein. However, the issue is, the fire should be there, all the time. Now, we know, sometimes, we aren’t up to the mark, and things aren’t shipshape either. But, there are a few magical ways that can impel you to take the first step, immediately, so that you can begin your thousand miles journey, and progress tremendously… So, pull your seats up, and take steps – RIGHT NOW.

You Aren’t Alone… The world doesn’t care about your issues, or exhaustion. Therefore, don’t try to influence yourself, or others, that you’re the victim, and things aren’t possible for you. No one sees that, or ponders it. All they see how successful you’re in life. For that reason, bear in mind, you aren’t the only one who is facing issues in life 24/7.

Set the Bar Low… You won’t function well, if the goals are huge. Try to set the bar low and set an intention for the day, which you can accomplish, contentedly and passionately. This will set a specific frame of mind and make you utterly productive. Besides, when you set the bar low, you constantly get the rewards, which inject the fire in veins even more.

Stick with the Goal… This is where most of the people crumble. Since, as some hurdles appear on their path, they feel uncomfortable, as it’s not in their nature to breathe outside their comfort zone. However, on the other hand, the successful people embrace the hurdles courageously, attempt to solve them, and stick with their goals, no matter what.

“You’re the Boss of Your Day!” And, you’re the boss of your life as well. Think what would you do and how would you act, if your life is the company, and you’re the boss of it. How would you shape your company (life)? And, what changes would you make to keep it profitable? Once you start thinking like that, the perception changes, and the feelings of “Motivation” rise inside you. Though, the above three steps will inspire your heart and motivate you at once, but if you want to motivate even your thoughts, and become more motivated than Tony Robbins, visit us at The Unexplainable Store right now. Our recordings can channel the motivation and get you into the achieving mindset in a few minutes.

Affirmations: Your Passport to Health, Success, and Happiness!

Affirmations: Your Passport to Health, Success, and Happiness! 0

Want to live the life of your dreams? Get “Affirmations” by PPL Development Company LLC; they’re truly your passport to health, success, and happiness. We all know how professional magicians amaze us through magic tricks and make seemingly impossible things happen before our eyes. However, it’s just the sleight of hand. What if I tell you, there is some real magic, which is not an illusion, but can create a dream life for you? Would you believe me?

Well, you better should!

The proprietors of PPL Development Company have created a million-dollar app – “Affirmations: Your Passport to Health, Success, and Happiness”, launched on 3rd July, 2015. It was their aim to make you believe that life is not a magic; it is in fact a miracle; you deserve only the BEST. All you need is to change your thoughts and sculpt them in a different way. Since, according to them, and today’s research proves that too, if you want to change the standard of your living, you’ve to change your thoughts; your thoughts create your life; they can even create the heaven for you on earth, right according to your wish.

Now, you don’t need tons of focus or motivation; this is the best part of this app. Just install the app on your smart phone, and 40+ professionally made affirmation sessions would be at your fingertips. Listen to them when you are ready to dominate your day, and life, with an iron fist. From attracting money to becoming a millionaire, from relieving anxiety to treating attention disorder, almost all pertinent sessions are there to facilitate on a massive scale.

If I say, this app is the shortcut to solve the pieces of puzzles, it would be utterly right, as it has the latent power to let you taste the juiciest parts of life. Rather than quitting right away, you will fight with immersion, and find out the diamonds in the mine, in almost all facets of your living. In fact, the life will update itself to match your expectations.

Unlike other apps, I feel, it is not a pointless clutter. Yes! Of course, it’s imperative to give it some time, probably two to three weeks, to notice its magic, but it’s truly the passport to another world. Since, the developers of it worked with the renowned professionals in body, mind, and spiritual practices and gleaned red-hot ideas from their tables; they believed that if you want to receive the best, you’ve to work with the best; this is the only way in assisting you in creating your own life, and controlling your own future. And, they’re rather right about it. In order to shoot for the best, the advice of the experts matters a lot.

For that reason, this app is the favorite apps of pros too; athletes use it to perform well on the field, entrepreneurs use it to close the deals and run their businesses and artists use it to be creative and come up with innovative ideas. And now, you can use it as well to settle for the best. It is a fine line between genius and insanity, love and hate, success and failure.

However, this is just the tip of an iceberg. On the whole, this app – Affirmation: Your Passport to Health, Success, and Happiness – expands your knowledge, opens your mind, and improves your performance, so that you can remove bad habits totally, banish fear and panic attacks from your life, enhance physical abilities, improve social skills, understand your feelings, have a computer-like memory, learn 6 times faster, multiply your business/work achievements, and simply be happy. All in all, the possibilities are endless!

So, can you imagine a life with this app? I know you can. Get it right now, Affirmations Your Passport to Health, Success, and Happiness. It’s utterly free to download and use. The first 8-sessions are free-of-charge, just check them, before purchasing the full-version. It’s currently available for iPhone only, but iPad/ android/ Mac/ Windows phone versions are under working now. Furthermore, the developers of this app constantly add new sessions regularly.

The Unlimited Power is Just a Click Away!

It’s time to achieve all those things that you wanted and become better in life. After employing it for almost two-weeks, and testing it, I can say, you can become a new “YOU” in no time, and turn into a billion-dollar person.


Change The Mindset, Banish The Regret!

Get over regrets using digital doses 0

According to Kevin Costner, “I haven’t lived a perfect life; I have regrets.” And, he’s right; it’s the story of everyone. Life happens, and there is always something, some regret, which distracts us, injects the pain in our hearts, and obligates us to wrap ourselves in certain memories. Our regrets impel us to feel stupid; we start cursing our own decisions, destiny, and luck. However, the thing which we don’t apprehend is that we can deal with the regrets; we can stop pondering regarding our pasts and move forward with contented feelings.

The psychologists believe that there are various steps which a person can take to alter his mindset, and banish the feelings of regret from life forever. So, if you’re feeling that life has flooded you with some unfortunate events and pushed you into disillusionment, follow these below qualified steps, I assure you, you’ll forgive yourself and live a satisfied life.

  • Write Them Down… Don’t just keep the regrets in your heart and mind; write them down in detail. For instance, are you tense because you yelled at your child? Well, write down your feelings. Try to comprehend why exactly you did that. Next, ponder “What’s next” – what can you do to manage your feelings or change the situation? If you get some idea, act on it straightaway. This would not only assist you in overcoming the feeling of being stuck, but also compel you to feel the festive mood all around.
  • The Shame Cycle… Our regretful actions often keep us in the shame cycle. The shame doesn’t lead us to new ways of thinking; we feel that each moment is pointless and dispensable. If you’re also under the nonstop drill of shame, you’ve to do something to break it. You’ve to strengthen your ability and focus on those things which you can control. For instance, have you cheated in the relationship? Have you harmed someone? Aren’t you strong enough to tackle the financial issues of your life? Well, do something to control them, since these regrets/shame-cycles can be resolved – rather efficiently.
  • Accept the Blame… Well, things do go wrong; sometimes they’re accidental, and other times it’s someone else’s fault. Though, it doesn’t mean that you should struggle with it and place the charge on others. It’s better if at times you accept the responsibility and the consequences. The behavior of acceptance often work in our favor and allow us to evolve with the time, but when we don’t admit the culpability, the feelings of regret push us to lick the wounds, again and again, we feel miserable and empty from inside; this thing doesn’t just affect our present, but also our future.
  • What Should You Change? Ask yourself this question constantly, as this is the answer of your every problem. If there is something, or some action, which can water down the intensity of regret, don’t hesitate to act on it. It’s better to do something rather doing nothing and flooding yourself with emotional trauma. Is it your love-life? Is it your career? Is it about friendship? Or, is it regarding your self-image? Whatever it is, just try to change it, before it’s too late, and before paralyzing yourself with the regret even more. One small change can lift your life and open the floodgates of happiness.

Concluding Thoughts

As they say, there aren’t regrets in life; there are just lessons. Life shows us its different colors; it throws various situations at us. The best thing we can do is to tackle them and learn from them. The more we’ll do that, the more we can achieve the heights of success and get out of bed each morning with limitless passion. If you’re a victim of regret as well, follow these above steps; they’ll surely burn your previous bridges and open the gates for new opportunities. Or you can take the assistance from our advance Brainwave Technology too. It’s been designed to hand you the feelings of contentment you deserve.

Motivation – Turn into a New “You”!

Motivation – Turn into a New “You”! Comments Off on Motivation – Turn into a New “You”!

Motivation – an internal power that guides us and compels us to accomplish a personal goal; you can’t directly observe it, but you can feel it by assessing a person’s behavior. It’s something which causes us to act, whether it’s about getting a bottle of water to end thirst or reading a book to have knowledge. It has various definitions. But, on the whole, it’s what makes us live; Just the difference is that, it has numerous forms and numerous intensity levels as well.

The professional researchers have presented two different and premiere theories of motivation – Intrinsic Motivation and Extrinsic Motivation; they believe that all kinds of motivations reside in these two theories. For instance, when we converse regarding the Intrinsic Motivation, we discover that it’s all about self-desire; we constantly seek out new things, new adventures, new challenges, and new knowledge. Often, the extroverts have this (Intrinsic Motivation), as they’re the restless soul, and they experience new things.

On the other hand, people with Extrinsic Motivation are utterly different; they’ve the urge for receiving rewards – in the form of money, power, and fame. Besides, they also like to rise as the champions, when the competition is on or when they’re in trouble. These kinds of people are often successful entrepreneurs. For them, life is all about receiving the rewards; it’s divided between losing and winning. And, on some level, they’re rather right about it.

However, sadly, there are some people (indeed more than 60 percent) who don’t have any kind of motivation. It’s like they’re just living their life without any passion or aim; they don’t see themselves as the people of power – the people of tomorrow. And, this often crumbles their life, career, and relationships. If you’re also a victim of lack-of-motivation, and if you want to dominate your life with uncontrolled passion, don’t worry. Today, I’ll show you some incredible ways that can transform your life and turn you into a new “You”.

  • Focus on “ONE”

Don’t trap yourself with too many things. If you’ve too much going on in your life, cut the unnecessary things. Try to simplify your life first. Since, if you’d keep yourself under the pressure of too many things, you won’t feel any kind of motivation. In fact, your life would make you taste the dust and tangle you with issues. Therefore, make things easier in your life first, and then focus on one goal – just one goal. Give it utter attention. This won’t just keep your energy level high, but also allow you to accomplish something – in real.

  • Sources of Inspiration

Yes! It’s pertinent to surround yourself with those things/people that inspire you. Write down the names of those people, movies, or occasions, which inspire you, and try to connect with them, whenever you get the chance. Since, the presence of them would make you feel alive and instill motivation in your veins; they’d strengthen your faith and confidence as well. Furthermore, if it’s possible, create a ‘Mind Movie’ and keep it in your cell. Watch it whenever you feel your emotions are touching the lowest bars.

  • Grow on Small Success

Small successes create the paths for the big success. For that reason, never underestimate them. Start with something immensely easy, and set a small target (3-day or a week target); you can even plan to exercise for just 2 minutes each day. Just take the baby steps and feel good about yourself. Soon, the baby steps would show you a lot of progress and straighten the path for great success. Usually, people set the difficult targets, or run behind big goals; this behavior saps their energy even more and hand them frustration.

Concluding Thoughts

So, have a fire from within; it’s not that tough. Everyone has encountered lack of motivation at some stage of life. Though, the issue is you can’t stay in the motivation-less state, as it would sink you deep in the quicksand without your noticing and demolish your life… Just follow these above steps if you want to rule your life with an iron fist. Or, if you want to accelerate the process, get our Single Point Focus recording as well, which will channel your motivation and fix it on the desired area… You’ll feel like a passionate person in minutes.

Isochronic Tones – Mind Expanding Tones!

Isochronic Tones – Mind Expanding Tones! 2

Isochronic Tones, also known as ‘Mind Expanding Tones’, are the new leading technology of the brainwave entertainment. These days, they’re all over the internet and guiding people towards their desired state of mind. They’re by far the most effectual and the quickest process to adjust your brainwave frequency. If you’re one of those people who wish to have a calculating hand over their lives, get help from them and use their audio stimuli to tackle with a variety of issues. The professional research has shown evidence of beneficial outcomes such as anxiety reduction and increased concentration… So, what are you waiting for?

In a nutshell, Isochronic Tones are the repetitive beats of a single tone, which turn on an off rather rapidly to create sharp and distinctive pulses of sound. It’s like the volume, or the intensity, of the sound goes from 0 – 100 and back again in an evenly spaced manner. This creates a powerful and stronger impression on the brain and causes it to generate the same frequency brainwave as the tone. In other words, this process is also known as frequency following response in the scientific terms, and it works really well, in all conditions.

In front of Binaural Beats, Isochronic Tones are the newer technology; they’re first officially presented by Dr. Thomas Budzynski with eight college students in 1999, at the Journal of Neurotherapy; they claim that these tones are way too effective than binaural beats and stimulate your brain in the most specific frequency ranges. However, these days, the experts are utilizing them alongside binaural beats for most effective results, in the process called Brainwave Entertainment – which is rather popular and growing enormously.

When it comes to the benefits, they’re much the same that you’ll find with the Binaural Beats. Though, when you combine both of them, the possibilities are endless, and they can benefit you on a massive scale. For instance, a growing body of research is presenting that when the Isochronic Tones are combined with the Binaural Beats, they become an incredibly effective tool to promote attention and focus. If you feel it’s tough to be productive in your work, and if it’s hard for you to concentrate on your projects like a laser light, get the help from these tones; they pull all the right levers of your brain and make it work resourcefully.

Other than that, are you dealing with emotional instability? Are you a victim of constant mood-change? Well, don’t worry. Isochronic Tones can facilitate you in that regard too. A decade of research has already proven that these tones can be an immensely promising aid and hand you emotional stability, in the matters of love, relationship, and loneliness.

Next, the frequent users of the Isochronic Tones have reported that they’ve experienced a great boost in their energy level. Some of them have even replaced caffeine with an hour long ‘wake up’ sessions of Isochronic Tones. It’s like they’re motivated all day, day-to-day.

Is this all? Well, no. If you’re student, you can optimize your brain for studying and learn things more quickly. Students who have used the sessions of Isochronic Tones during their exams also got good grades in the end, as these tones made them utterly productive and pushed their mind to stay relaxed and focused state, without any stress and anxiety… Now, before you go rushing out to find free Isochronic Tones on the YouTube, remember that only an expert can create these tones. Currently, there are a lot of people out there who don’t know the mechanics of this technology. Without any professional knowledge, they claim that their tracks are Isochronic Tones, but in reality they’re ignorant of the principles.

Is there any professional seller who can facilitate you with the Isochronic Tones, and aid you in the issues of attention, concentration, sleep, meditation, or etc.? Of course, yes. Visit us at The Unexplainable Store. Our sellers perceive all the highs and lows of the Isochronic Tones and Brainwave Entertainment. And, currently, we’re the Brainwave Entertainment Market’s temperature. Once you visit us, and read the quality and variety of our work, you’re impressed; you believe that we’re the most reputable source.

So, good luck with your journey. And, welcome into the world of Brainwave Entertainment!

Lovemaking – The Thrill of Bending the Rules!

bigstock-Father-and-son-kissing-mother-16992779_副本 0

Yes! When it comes longer, better, hotter sex, we all love to bend the rules. Since, it hands us the pleasure of satisfaction, and sexually arouse us for the next time too. However, sadly, in the long term relationships, the thrill of lovemaking waters down, and doesn’t make us excited in the most intimate moments. We feel that our relationship has passed its prime, and now it’s impossible to do the sexy crimes between the sheets – again. If you’ve also lost the thrill of your relationship, keep on reading, as today I’ll reveal how to revitalize your sex life, again.


Do you know why the start of a relationship is exciting, risky, and a tad scary? Well, it’s because there is a new world in front of us, and we’re desperate to explore it – over and over. The new person, the new moods, and the new changes inject ecstasy in our veins. Even just the presence of our love gives us the sense of abundance. It doesn’t matter whether we’re in each others arms (laughing & smiling), or exploring each other bodies in bed as great kissers, we’re satisfied on all emotional and sexual levels and contented.

However, there is something which kills the passion, as we grow together and spend some time in the relationship. And, the experts call it – The Boredom. Since, there is nothing new to explore – emotionally and sexually; we know regarding each facet of our partner.

Are There Any Ways to Bring Back the Passion?

Of course, there are. However, the best way always has the “Surprise Element”. Unlike other experts, and after canvassing various relationships, and reading hundreds of books, I’d say, “Don’t Discuss with Your Partner”. Since, when you discuss matter with him/her, it’s more like a duty, than fun; you both are easy on the ground, and don’t feel the actual thrill.

If you want to bring back the passion, especially between the sheets, it’s pertinent to make your partner feel some danger, some uneasiness, some risk, and some excitement. In other words, you’ve to be totally unpredictable, no matter what; don’t let your partner realize the direction of the wind, and take him/her into a new fantasy world – without warning.

For instance, if you’re a woman, serve him dinner in sexy lingerie. It’s a tad dirty, taboo, and forbidden, and you can move a bit further as well. Wear some tight, sparking dress, with high heels; act like you’re having an affair with your man. This kind of mindset won’t just ignite the sexual aggression in your man, but also compel him to throw you in bed and ravish you, roughly, till his last breath. Since, when you’re a fantasy, he is ON!

On the other hand, if you’re man, be an animal – pure animal – for the night. Professional researches have proven time and time again that women fantasies are crude, rough, and wild. Therefore, forget the humanity and let out the raw beast inside you. For her, the ideal sex is moaning, laughing, raw, sweet words, gasping for breath, and etc. Now, you can move things a tad further too by doing sex with her on the walls, chairs, stairs, sofas, and elevators. It’s all about adding some intense and wild variety, with masculine persona.

Once you do sex with her like an animalistic caveman and fulfill her fantasy, she also starts acting like a wild lioness, pleases you, and surrenders herself completely to your will.


Increase your desire for making love with this great tool

Want to feel the waves of romantic, wild love right now? We created the lovemaking recording with the advanced brain alter technology (Binaural Beats and Isochronic Tones). Once you, or your partner, listen to them, your desire for making love increases. The tracks enhance your mood in just a few minutes, and set your state of mind for intense and passionate love.

Don’t believe it? Check the “Adult Package Bundle” right now, for further details…

Serotonin– The Happiness Hormone!

Be happy, let sunshine into your heart 1

Would you like to chase that elusive butterfly and get it to sit on your hand?

Of course, you’d. Since, it’d make you supremely happy.

For a moment, you’d forget regarding all your materialistic needs and feel a powerful surge of happy energy in your body; you’d love to capture that moment with your camera; you’d love to share the story with your friends. Since, it’s something, which was impossible to achieve; you felt the true beats of happiness.

What’s the happiest moment of your life? Do you know that? What if I say, you can feel the same intensity of happiness in less than an hour? And, what if I say that you can make others happy too, on the same level? Would you believe me? I know it’s tough to believe these claims. However, it’s a new decade, and it’s a new century. Before, you could say that it’s impossible to achieve the highest amount of contentment, well, today, it’s possible. And, you’ve to believe it. Since, our professional scientists are backing these claims with proofs.

Serotonin – The Happiness Hormone

Serotonin is, actually, a transmitter. Its levels determine whether a person feels happy or sad. For that reason, your happiness depends on it. If you’re a constant victim of depression, sadness, negativity, and loneliness, it’s because the serotonin hormone is absent, and you’ve to do something to bring it back, or elevate its levels massively.

However, bear in mind, its absence doesn’t only lead towards sadness; it could be dangerous as well. It’s been noticed by the experts that people who lean towards criminal activities are also the victims of a lack of serotonin levels; the criminal/illegal activities allow them to experience some boost in the serotonin levels, and make them feel contented.

Furthermore, if you’ve an unhealthy attention-seeking behavior, or if you cry for attention in your family, friends, or relationship, it’s also because you’ve submitted in front of low serotonin level, and they’re responsible for your unhappy and attention-seeking mindset. And, of course, just like other issues, you can tackle with this as well, and turn all the negativity into positivity, if you just focus on elevating your serotonin levels.

Now, the question is, how can you elevate the serotonin levels in your body?

No one wants to play with the medications… We know… Therefore, today, we’ve some natural ways to boost your serotonin levels, naturally. Are you ready? Let’s begin.

>>  First, get enough vitamin B6, as it’s a powerful provider of serotonin. Have foods which are rich in it. For example, spinach, turnip greens, cauliflower, celery, tuna fish, salmon, chicken, turkey, and etc. These all foods allow you to assimilate vitamin B6.

>> The second most important thing is exercise. A comprehensive review of the relation between exercise and your mood concluded that they both interrelate with each other. Even simple exercises, like walking in the park can boost your serotonin levels in 20 – 22 days. Though, exercises should be persistent, if you want continual positive results.

>>Have fun in the sun… Sunlight is also a dominant resource of serotonin. If you work inside office, and don’t flood yourself with the sunlight, you aren’t just jeopardizing your health but also pushing yourself into disillusionment. For every person, at least 20 minutes of sunlight daily is necessary… It boosts mood, and improves sleep quality too.

>>“Get Massage” – Yes! It’s true. Believe it or not, but the healing power of touch increases serotonin levels by 28%, and decreases stress levels by 31%. And, it’s not just the assumption. The professional Touch Research Institute backs it up with utter proofs.

Can you get happy in just minutes, with just a headphone? Of course, you can. We’ve the immense power of Serotonin Release Recording in Binaural Beats and Isochronic Tones.  You’ll be happy in mere 30 minutes.

Binaural Beats – Train Your Brain Now!

Binaural Beats 3

Want to leave the world behind and focus on some important task? Well, opt for the mind machine – Binaural Beats; they’re the answer to all your questions, and solutions for 21st century inhabitants. The experts of audio-visual stimulation devices (AVS) believe that the Binaural Beats have the capability to train our brains in specific ways. Furthermore, with the recent technological progress, they’re going to be far more productive and sophisticated.

Don’t know regarding the Binaural Beats? Step back for a minute… Allow me to explain in the simplest words. “In actuality, Binaural Beats stimulate the alpha, beta, gamma, and theta brain waves to push your mind into a specific state.” In other words, these beats create rhythmic frequencies which your brain picks, and acts right according to them. For the scientists, its discoveries are still thin on the ground, though, however, its positive end results demonstrate that the future belongs to it, and it would boost our medical industry.

However, if you want to delve a tad further, scientifically, it would be right to say that the Binaural Beats are actually the difference between two frequencies. For instance, if you’re wearing a headphone, if 300 Hz plays in one ear and 310 in the other, the binaural beat would be the gap among them – 10 Hz. And, your mind, in reality, perceives that gap immediately, and transforms your state in accordance with it. Though, bear in mind that the difference between two frequencies are usually smaller, around 30 Hz; if it goes beyond that, no frequency would be perceived, and your mind will comprehend frequencies as the two separate tones. Therefore, it’s a game of expert, as he has the true sense of hearing.

Dr. Heinrich Wilhelm Dove


Dr. Heinrich Wilhelm Dove

These beats were first discovered in 1839 by Dr. Heinrich Wilhelm Dove. Though, his discovery remained as a scientific curiosity for around 134 years… After that, the fresh scientists tried to offer new insights about it. They concentrated on the discovery of Dr. Heinrich again, and did an experiment with it. First, they chose the animals to experience how they react and perceive the binaural beat in a sea of noise. And, the results were quite extraordinary, as the animals were picking out the gap between two frequencies quite well.

Once it was established that these findings have significant value, and they can give a new meaning to entire medical industry, the professional scientists worked on them even more, and eventually made them available, after so many tests and experiments, for the human beings. Now, elite physicians from all walks of life often recommend the tracks of binaural beats in order to cure some specific issues. And, they’re benefiting people too – grandly.

The popularity of binaural beat downloads has been increased in the last few years, as scientists are demonstrating, over and over, it’s exceptional benefits through their studies. For that reason, these beats are also known as “Digital Drugs”. For instance, if the pressure of your work, or daily routine, sabotage your muscles, and flood you with drowsiness, listen to those binaural beats which promote relaxation in your mind, and body. Just put on your headphone, and hear the track for a few minutes; you’ll be ultra chilled in no time.

Brainwave Meditation & Yoga

Apart from this, these days, yoga experts are also utilizing their authority for deep meditation. Since, binaural beats facilitate them in achieving low brain wave frequency, which is immensely essential to access the realm of higher awareness – quicker.

Do you have issues with concentration? Can’t you focus on your studies or office work? Are you an artist? Is it pertinent for you to be creative in your work? Well, no worries. Get the binaural beat recordings to your need, and banish all these issues in no time. Within a few minutes, you feel a clear change in consciousness and achieve the state of your desire.

Improve Your Reaction Time in Just Minutes!

Improve Your Reaction Time in Just Minutes! 0

If you’re quick, you’re explosive for your competitors. It doesn’t matter whether you’re into sports, business, or Olympics; the time of your reaction is everything! Now, of course, reaction time refers to how long it takes you to react to a stimulus, however, most people aren’t good at it; they don’t perceive how to act fast when the opportunities are present in front of them, or when they’re in the loop of danger. For that reason, they often linger in middle class, and don’t touch the heights of success in their career; their delayed reaction time ruins their life.

“Reaction Time” has been widely studied, as its implications have great consequences. In psychometric psychology, it’s an index of speed or processing. In other words, it exhibits how fast the thinker can carry out the mental operations needed by the charge at hand. Though, this is just the one aspect, and it’s often used in the sports arenas, where the researchers and the coaches measure the reaction times of the players; they attempt hard to decrease the reaction time, as even a second can distinguish success from the failure.

If you assess the importance of reaction time from other angles, you’d realize our lives depend on it. Our career, love, relationships, proposals, happiness, and wealth all depend on it. If your reaction time is slow, it means you’re constantly encountering terrible situations in your life; you’ve perhaps missed the love of your life, or a dream job; you probably have missed some grand opportunities, and closed the doors of one-time success. On the other hand, if your reaction time is quick, you possibly have a life of fun and satisfaction. And, there is a great chance that you’ll be triumphant in the future too.

All in all, it’s a secret skill, which you should dominate at all cost.

Luckily, there are a few ways that can facilitate you in improving your reaction time, and play a significant role in changing your overall lifestyle too. From the digital games to the physical activities, all have their own importance. They can impel you to take a perfect decision at the right time, when the situation is demanding and utterly out-of-control.

>> Imagination! If you don’t imagine about the future, you’re risking your future. Imagine how would present yourself in the upcoming office meeting; imagine your body language; imagine the collection of your words. Adjust everything in your mind before you stand on the actual situation. This would not only relax your muscles, but also give you an advantage over your competitors; you can apply the same thing in other issues.

>>  Play video games… Yes! You heard me right. The fast paced video games train your mind to take decisions immediately. Therefore, we often see that kids always finalize the decisions quicker than elders. They come up with all the solutions at once, even in hitch.

>> Other than that, if you’ve decided something, some game plan, or action. Rehearse it over and over, so that you can react quickly and repeatedly in the targeted situation. Most of us underestimate the immense power of rehearsal; we don’t realize that without it no one can accomplish power, or fame. From the superstars to the great warriors, from the politicians to the companies of army, all do rehearsal to tackle tough situations.

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Attention Disorder – Cure It in Minutes!

Attention Disorder – Cure It in Minutes 0

Is it tough to maintain your focus?

You aren’t alone… Almost all the citizens of the 21st century have this issue; we get distracted after every three minutes. And, now it’s in our nature. We’re the victims of “Attention Disorder”. It’s not possible for us to concentrate on one thing, in detail.

Researchers tell us that, today mostly the advanced technology is the main reason behind ‘Attention Disorder’, as it’s transforming our psychology in that way (short spans). However, it’s not the sole reason either; there are some other surprising factors too, that wreak havoc on our attention spans and make our personal and professional lives miserable.

For example, lack of sleep is the top reason behind the attention-disorder. If you’re missing sufficient shut-eye span, you’re exhausting your brain cells and enveloping it with fog; your brain can’t work appropriately if it’s not relaxed, or under pressure… Second, there are mounting evidences which suggest that people who don’t do regular exercise often become the victim of attention-issues, since exercises increase our brain’s concentration ability.

In addition, your emotional state is also as important as sleep and exercises. If you aren’t happy in the relationship, it can vastly affect your attention-span. Therefore, for giving 110% in your work, try to give 120% in your relationship… Healthy and happy relationships always emotionally impel a person to concentrate more and grow further in life.

Apart from this, some medical reasons can also damage your attention-span. For instance, if you’ve recently changed your medicines, it can cloud your mind, or put you under anxiety attack. Furthermore, people who try to quit smoking can also have the same impact.


attentionCan You Cure Attention Disorder?

Of course, you can. It’s not that hard-hitting practicing, and you’ll become the expert in your game. I’ve a few secret tricks for you; follow them, and see how they change your life.

ü  Discover New Things… Challenge yourself to pay attention to something new. Relish it like a game. You don’t have to do much. Just choose some festival, or peruse your neighborhood. You can try this game in your home too; watch some movie more than once. Try to find out those things which you’ve missed – expressions, emotions, objects, and etc. The more you play this game, the more you flex your brain’s attention muscle.

ü  Observe and Understand People… Watching some object is one thing, but observing a human being, right in front of you, is an utterly different issue. Since, people have different masks, which they wear, and try to manipulate through them. Through, we can read people quite well, when there is any high-tension situation, or highly-romantic moment, but we are rather dull when the moments are casual… So, observe people’s intentions when they’ve nothing to show, during the everyday interactions.

ü  Take Some Breaks… Since, it’s pertinent to relax your mind too. And, once your mind is in the relaxed state, it challenged your thinking patterns too, and allows you to consider those things that reside outside of the box. All the prominent people of history, and today, used to take breaks to calm their nerves, and perceiving what they’re missing. It permitted them to ponder entire situation, and see whether they’re on the right path.


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