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Astral Travel – How to Speed Up the Process

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Are you experiencing random symptoms that can’t be explained? Maybe you suddenly find yourself questioning belief systems & religion, or maybe just questioning our current physical reality in general?

Wherever your spiritual awakening began, you may have conducted a LOT of research into the metaphysical and physically “unknown;” probably combined with an unsatisfied thirst for TRUTH AND WISDOM.

You ARE NOT alone. Everyone has a something that sparks an increase in higher consciousness – something that increases your level of awareness, that causes you to look for and recognize tools you can utilize to continue advancing spiritually.

One of the most common symptoms we experience as we ascend is noticing the benefits of a few, very key, rituals and routines, like meditation, lucid dreaming, and astral travel / astral projection.


The Astral Plane is the higher realm of our current existence; it is considered to be composed of our subconscious emotions and the home of our 4th-dimensional being and higher self. Many people that study this amazingly existential field consider the spiritual piece of our being that can cross over, (from our physical to the Astral Plane), as our interdimensional vehicle. This is our inner being, or our soul, utilizes our physical body in this reality to cross over, simply because this is the vessel that PERCEIVES our unavoidable ego, emotions, and set of experiences.

Many ancient cultures and civilizations that honored the divine capability to travel to the astral realm, including the ancient Egyptian civilization – they believed this esoteric knowledge should only be accessed by those worthy, and ensured the elite truth of Akashic wisdom stayed within a circle of those holding a high vibrational energy and collective consciousness.

The ancient Egyptians believed this vehicle of our human body served as a temporary vessel for our soul. Our brain and body in the physical has only been present within this lifetime; but being able to travel astrally to open up portals, and wisdom from past lives may be uncovered to assist in advancing your spiritual evolution in this life.

This ritual was not something that could not be learned, nor taught, freely – though it is not a SKILL acquired very easily, every human on this Earth possesses the power to perform it. Meditative practice and mental training absolutely help, but there are also spiritually advanced tools we can utilize to advance abilities to ASCEND into the ASTRAL PLANE… and ASTRAL PROJECT.

As we awaken spiritually, we uncover the truth that we are not simply our physical body – our body is a vehicle that encapsulates our true self: our spirit and soul. An out of body experience, (like astral projection), is one of few ways we can comprehend this truth, and there simply are no words in the language of our reality that can fully explain the curiosities of this existence.

Some people astral project spontaneously, meaning without any conscious effort put forth. But for most of us interested in starting on this journey, it does take a level of training and practice. There are a few techniques that can be used to achieve the cosmically wondrous experience of astral projection. All of these techniques utilize different focus points of your consciousness, and one that works for someone may not universally work for everyone else. It is helpful to have clarity and awareness of your mindset; what plays upon your ego, and what spiritual strengths you have developed thus far. Some of these techniques include the “rope” technique, the “lucid dream induction” technique, the “Monroe” technique, the “hammock” technique, “displaced awareness” technique, or the “jump” technique, (to name a few).

THAT BEING SAID – everyone human being can project their astral body as they please, though typically our ego-based mentality will restrict this. By tuning into the deeper frequencies of these higher realms, you can access this realm – and there are products that can assist in guiding your consciousness to the proper state of mind. There is even record of an out-of-body pioneer and his group of “explorers,” who could travel together to these other dimensional physical realities, all under scientific study.

There are also many other tools at your disposal to assist in creating an astral travel experience. Though meditation is a huge step in this process, most find that auditory stimulation assists by leaps and bounds when it comes to creating the mind state and brain frequency necessary for astral travel. The professionally-built Astral Project Recordings will absolutely speed up the process for you to uncover your Higher Self and travel the astral realm. You can also check out any other astral enhancing items or other products at The Unexplainable Store!

So, start out on your own path, and own spiritual awakening. Happy Astral Travel…

Some Empowering Truths of Optimism

positve 0

Life on Earth is indeed stringent and hard. Many a weak soul have succumbed to the blows of life, bemoaning their fate with a melancholic refrain of, “Why me? What have I done to deserve this punishment?” The hardier souls, on the other hand, have used their free-will to take up their lot with a challenge to live happy and free despite the odds, with an upbeat mantra of, “Whatever happens, happens for the best”. The quality of your life depends upon your mindset. You are subject to the immutable cosmic Law of Attraction. Most of the time you are living with the sabotaging thoughts of fear and anger, and thus unwittingly you are inviting situations of similar energy into your life. In order to ameliorate your outer circumstances you need to make the switch from within. Change the way you look at life. A positive mindset perceives life through rose-tinted glasses so that everything that is gloomy and sinister begins to appear warm and rosy; you begin to see perfection even in imperfection. With that your life becomes a haven of peace and wonderment.

The characteristic features of a positive mindset are typical. A positive mindset is light and buoyant, yet a strong pillar of support to those who are suppressed beneath the weight of the blows of life, and have no strength to get back on their feet. You are anchored in the eternal time-zone of NOW – not in the past with his baneful memories, nor in the future of illusory fears.

The light of optimism does not allow any negative thought to mar your sunshine. Live with the attitude of gratitude for the have’s and the have-not’s in life. Life is too short to waste time on whining and complaining, when there is so much to look forward to in life. Look for opportunities to transform a dull, cloudy day into sunshine and rainbows. A person with a positive mindset is indomitable. He has learnt to laugh away his troubles. The positive energies of love and peace can neutralize all the past traumas, and render a grim situation, benign.

Pessimism is a dark cloud that prevents the Light of love and peace to filter through. The burden of pessimism is a mighty load to tote. It suppresses the soul under its weight, and dulls the mind with its foreboding gloom. Sometimes the negativity in you is so deep that you need external help to deal with it. There is this wonderful brainwaves site: the Unexplainable Store, which provides healthful solutions for those seeking to rise spiritually and develop a positive mindset.

A few extremely Low Delta Frequencies in the Epsilon Range can help bring about heightened states of consciousness. They are the Binaural Beats and the Isochronic Tones, which can effectively remove all blockages from your consciousness, and transform it to a positive mindset over a period of time of using this product daily.

As you begin to increase your vibrational frequency, you will begin to attract all that resonates with the higher vibrations. Life will then become one big miracle. Therefore, trade your sorrows of yesterdays with the joys of the eternal moment of NOW. Allow each new day to unfold gently its gifts unto you. Let go of all your misgivings, and forgive all who caused you pain and sadness. Choose laughter over sadness when circumstances compel you to cry. Invoke the shield of Light over you wherever you go, and tread fearlessly the treacherous grounds of this world.

4 Ways to Find True Love

love 0

The one thing which most of us look towards is for Romantic Love. We have an expectation that there is a person who will fulfil us, who will come into our life and make us “happy”. Now, I am not saying that you shouldn’t seek relationships but there is a catch. Seek to give love, not the other way of only taking it from one person. Give love to everyone who comes into your life, you will enjoy your life to a much greater extent. Sure, there can be a person from whom your love reflects back to a much greater degree and you can call it a Romantic relationship. Dance together with everyone in this wonderful song of life, not just wait for one dancer to focus on.

Let’s see the ways in which you can be a source of love to “the one” and also to the many.

  • Spirituality

All spiritual teachings emphasize the importance of being in touch with something that is greater than your usual self. Call it Christ consciousness, peace, love, God, reality etc. Being in touch with it will make you confident, lovable and energetic. There are various ways suggested by enlightened people, there are different spiritual teachings you can read, and there are different types of meditation you can learn to be in touch with the spiritual side.

  • Stop making it a big deal

When we are not enjoying life or when we are not confident in ourselves, we tend to look for some fix to restore us. Yes, that is good logic when we are using means like meditation, self-development or fulfilment in work to feel complete. If we look for a relationship to cover our insecurity, we make a big deal out of it, as if the whole world is going to fall apart if we don’t find the “one”. From childhood we are fed with a “Happy ever after” situation after finding the prince/princess. There is a happy ever after when you are yourself not after finding person or thing you seek. When we are confident, the way we behave with people is on a different vibe. We are not needy or clingy, so we make mature decisions and be with the right people.

  • Move out of comfort zone

You are not going to experience life in your living room. There is a whole world out there for you to interact. You can’t just start wishful thinking and hope for the ideal partner to fall into your lap. Yes, rejection sucks but why should it prevent you from meeting people or enjoying your life. Rejection is a good thing to happen. Learn to give “NO” to people and also to take a “NO”. It is actually very liberating once you start asking people for what you want.

Let me give you a small example. I was in a restaurant where the music was louder than necessary, I was uncomfortable. If I was my one year older self, I would have not said a thing. I asked in a nice way to reduce the volume, it wasn’t done. I told then again in a nice way, it was not done again. I didn’t lose my cool, I just decided not to dine there in the future. If I didn’t ask in the first place, I would have felt bad for not standing up for myself. Stand your ground, ask for what you want in a nice way. If you succeed it is good, if you don’t it is even better, you now know you need to move on.

  • Open mind

I know you must have read the above suggestions somewhere already, but you don’t know why things didn’t turn the right way. You may believe that doing the things mentioned above are only possible for people who are disciplined, confident, blah, blah, blah. Not true. There is one product that can help with your breaking away from your mind inhibitions. That is the Find Love recording offered by The Unexplainable Store, which also sells a variety of other healing brainwave music. This tone will make you let go of negative emotions and open your heart for giving and receiving love and attention. Try it now and get ready to find your perfect mate!

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Let’s use these new mind tools with the lexicon of love, hope, faith, kindness, gratitude and forgiveness in heart to craft our plans for a happy, safe and healthy 2018.

Forgive yourselves of you fail in 2017.

Applaud yourselves for conjuring the courage to propose a few changes.

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How to Foster Creativity Easily and Efficiently

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Each of us has creativity embedded in our being, some more than others, but the important thing is that is there. While other people seem to enjoy a greater degree of creativity in a natural manner, finding it easier to manifest it, others may not manage to tap into it as they would like. So, it is not a matter of whether one is or not creative, but how he succeeds in releasing this talent from the depths of his brain. If you want to be able to use creativity better in your everyday life, if you are an artist looking for improvements, or if you want to be able to find great ideas easier, then there is a way to develop creative thinking without too much effort.

You may be tempted to think that, in order to unleash your creativity, you will have to do difficult exercises or do things that are unpleasant and consume time. Well, in reality, you have to do none of these things. The secret of creativity lies, in fact, in the presence of certain brainwaves, which are commonly met in the case of creative brains. But what can we do if our brain does not generate the right kind of brainwaves? In this case, we stimulate the brain by using brainwave therapy, which is specially created to improve our creativity. You see, depending on the aspects you want to improve yourself, there are various types of brainwaves that are used during therapy. How come the brainwave therapy can deal with so many aspects? Considering that our brain is the control center of everything we are and everything we do, it is only normal to want to tune it so that we become better versions of ourselves.

There were many studies unrolled on this matter, as scientists wanted to see how the brain reacts to the tuning process. They were pleasantly surprised to see that it works. Thus, brainwaves are used to treat depression, fears, or even phobias, to increase creativity, productivity, to improve the ability to focus, or to get rid of bad habits. So, they are quite powerful and efficient when used correctly. Getting back to our method that will teach us how to foster creativity, it is worth mentioning that the use of certain brainwaves is the best way to make sure that all your creativity is brought to the surface.

Now you may think about where to start searching for the right brainwaves for creativity. Well, you don’t have to look too far because the solution you’re looking for can be found in The Unexplainable Store. This particular online store focuses on providing brainwave entrainment products for a variety of conditions or needs, so you will definitely find the right product for developing creativity. The creativity brainwave program takes the potential of the right brain, and quiets the left brain’s activity so that ideas can flow freely and the brain can hold on to the ideas it has. Furthermore, it is nothing complicated. The product comes in the form of sounds or songs, which can be downloaded directly from the store and used in the same manner as you listen to your favorite music. Just relax, trust your inner voice and let your mind be free, you are a creator. With the help of brainwaves, you will start seeing results in no time.

Developing ESP for Spiritual Growth

esp 0

It is not a secret anymore that some people seem to have certain abilities that bring them closer to the spiritual world, abilities that cannot be met in the vast majority of people. We are talking here about extrasensory perception or ESP that makes reference to our sixth sense or intuition. How ESP manifests? Some people say that they have “gut feeling”, while others say that they are able to see things that may happen in the future and events that took place in the past. Before we became aware of ESP, these abilities were considered to be magical. Now, we know that some people have this in a native manner, while others need to work a bit on it if they want to develop this particular ability. So yes, it is possible to develop psychic abilities if you want, with the right kind of approach.

How is it possible to develop ESP? Every ability we have is controlled by our brain, so things are no different in this case. If we want to develop psychic abilities then we need to train our brain in this direction with an appropriate program. There are some that sell this kind of programs, claiming that you’ll be able to achieve amazing results, but asking you to pay thousands of dollars for such a program. But the Unexplainable Store created a highly effective program for developing ESP without making clients spend a small fortune on it. Making use of Isochronic Tones and Binaural Beats, the brainwave program was designed especially to trigger and enhance these particular abilities.

What are the benefits of using this program for developing extrasensory perception? If you never experience ESP before, you will start making it part of your life. If you had various kinds of spiritual experiences or you were attracted by this aspect of life, then you’ll be able to improve and enhance your abilities. With the ESP/Psychic brainwave program, you will start having clearer images of what may happen in the future, you will be able to focus your attention on people and items that are nowhere near you, and do a lot of things you never thought you’re capable of before. You will literally feel that your life is changing. As you can see, it is not magic here, but knowing more how and where to tap into your brain.

Used by the police and detectives to find missing people and items, these psychic abilities can be something you’ll learn to master. Of course, you can use them for your own benefit, with the purpose of improving your own life, by simply using the right frequencies. Our brain is capable of doing amazing things if we could only manage to open the right “drawer” that will release the information and knowledge we need. This is precisely what this ESP development recording does. It takes the right frequency that relaxes and stimulates the brain in an adequate manner so that your psychic abilities are unlocked. And the effects of the program are immediate, so you don’t have to wait for too long to see results.

Are You as Confident as You Can Be?

confidence 0

From simple daily task to interaction with other people and performing at your workplace, confidence is something that you must possess. It is a well admitted fact that people having self-confidence are more likely to be successful and productive especially when it comes to perform at work place. It is also believed that self-confidence is one of those intangible traits that help in encouraging people to perform beyond their limits and demonstrate better skills. Studies have shown after experience that confidence is reported as one of the most important personal characteristics to become an effective employee.

In addition not only to perform well at your job, your confidence will help to you to interact with people in a more acceptable way and helps to improve you interpersonal skills. However, one should not confuse confidence with cockiness or self-importance. Today it is not only considered as a positive personality trait but a requirement to compete in current job market. Some people think that confidence can be faked but it’s not true. Your insecurity will show like a neon sign and will drag you back to your cowardice.

Obviously one with low self-esteem and confidence can build self confidence in himself. The Unexplainable Store’s constructive brainwave recordings are just designed to help people escape the situation of doubt and timidity and help them to develop courage, determination and certainty in their life and behavior. We strongly agree with the fact that building self-confidence is purely a mental quality. Your confidence may be lying behind you mental barriers and just need to be stimulated. That is why we put special care while developing and recording our confidence building brainwave entrainment. All the tones were placed and arranged in a way that will help you to rebuild your self-esteem while keeping yourself cool headed.

All the negative feelings and thoughts in your mind that lead you to doubt your abilities will vanish slowly and barriers will break. You will personally observe that after listening to these recordings for some time, and you’ll start feeling better about yourself and the nervousness will faint slowly. You’ll begin to see yourself as a more confidence being without having insecurities that you have about yourself. All these characteristics will help you to feel confident and you’ll start working towards success in your life.

The Confidence brainwave package comprises of three recordings: Love Yourself, which invokes feelings of self gratitude; Endless Possibilities, which makes you realize the truth that you can accomplish anything you put your mind to; and Confidence Builder which helps you tackle that final frontier for developing self-confidence. These recordings relieve you of this mental blockage and allow you to live life the way you want. After using them, you can start visualizing yourself based on who you really are, and not what your insecurities want you to think. So don’t wait, grab the Confidence Building recordings and explore your potentials as more confident person.

Strategies to Release Endorphins in the Brain

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Endorphins help the body eliminate pain naturally and it is made up of two words: endogenous which means from within and morphine which is a popular term for the elimination of pain. Therefore, it is safe to describe endorphins as substances that help kill pain from within the body. There are about 20 chemicals that make up endorphins and all of these chemicals work together to help reduce pain and cushion the effects of stress on the body. A deficiency in endorphins would make you feel depressed, stressed and possibly anxious, thereby, generally making you miss out on feeling bliss or any form of happiness. Of course, there are different strategies one can adopt in order to release endorphins in the brain and physical exercise being the most well-known strategy, it is not the only strategy however. In this article we will be exploring the various strategies you can adopt to make sure enough endorphins are released in your brain other than through physical exercise.

1. Food

There are so many things we eat that we probably never knew aid the release of endorphins in the brain. The good thing about these foods is that they are foods that we, or almost every human being enjoy. Foods such as chocolate help release endorphins. Chocolate is regarded as a comfort food that invokes a special feeling that can be likened to falling in love. Phenyl ethylamine is an important compound that brings about this feeling.

Other foods that help the release of endorphins are spicy foods. Spicy foods contain capsaicin which triggers the release of endorphins. Spicy foods create a hot sensation and naturally, as a reaction, the brain sends a signal to counter this hot feeling, hence the massive release of endorphins. Taking alcohol is another unusual strategy for releasing endorphin in the brain but of course, alcohol intake should be moderate. Apart from the above discussed foods, another effective strategy for releasing endorphins in the brain is by eating the foods that you enjoy. This gives you a good feeling which naturally floods your brain with enough endorphins.

2. Improve your lifestyle

Other than strenuous physical exercises, another way to release endorphins naturally without drugs is by adopting lifestyle choice that help boost endorphin level in the body. One of these many ways is laughing. Laughter is the best medicine, and laughing as many times as possible during the day helps increase endorphins release in the brain. Laughter generally induces happiness in a way and this is only possible through its endorphin-releasing capabilities. If you do not find anything funny, fake it. Just make sure you laugh anyway. As much as we have been trying so hard not to make this article about exercising, exercising is nonetheless a great way of living healthy. You cannot sit in a spot throughout the day for sure and keeping your body active is a sure way to boost your endorphin levels.

3. Help others and fall in love

Lending a helping hand and being generous creates a good feeling which floods the brain with endorphins as a result of something known as “helper’s high”. In the same vein, having a genuine sense of affection for someone else produces phenyl ethylamine which the endorphin-boosting compound found in chocolate. If you find it hard to fall in love, having great sex and having orgasm will do the trick as well. The endorphin addiction gotten from being in love is what explains the pain experienced from a breakup.

4. Music and Dancing

Joyful music that makes you dance is another strategy for releasing endorphin in the brain. According to a study, country music is best for endorphin release while metal music is not because it makes listeners feel anxious. Also singing or playing instruments help release endorphins than just listening passively.

5. Body-mind Healing Techniques

There are some body-mind healing techniques that you can apply in order to increase endorphin release in the brain. And of course as with any brain activity, endorphin release is directly linked to specific brain wave patterns. The Endorphin Release brainwave audio that can be getten at The Unexplainable Store uses Alpha Frequencies to trigger the release of Beta Endorphins. It will make you feel relaxed satisfaction and start living the way you deserve. Just relax and listen!

How to Stay Alert Without Energy Drinks

alert 0

Drifting mind and unnecessary thoughts during work or job is not unusual. Almost every one struggles to stay alert and active during their tasks. For years people have tried different techniques and methods like medicines and the use of caffeine to improve their alertness and keep attentive however none of them proved to be an authentic cure. Despite, these methods results in certain side effects.

Well, today coffee and medications are not the only way to keep attentive and energized; the remarkable entertainment therapy is the best and modern way to solve all your issues of dullness. You surely don’t want to miss even small opportunities in your life just because you were not attentive. Obviously you understand that in this competitive world small mistakes and moment of inaction can lead to big issues in your lives. So if you are alert and energized you can make simple tasks extraordinary and significantly improves your performance.

It is a fact that people who are alert are more likely to succeed in their life than those who struggles to pay attention to their jobs. A sharp and attentive mind will surely lead to better decision making and help an individual to reach his maximum potentials.

This is exactly the domain where The Unexplainable Store can help you. Brainwave entertainment therapy for alertness helps you to train and channel your mind in a direction which leads to maximum efficacy. Once you plugged in and start listening to the subtle tones you’ll start feeling active and more controllable of your actions. Because the alertness entrainment is designed and arranged in a way that helps stimulate your brain and get rid of sleepiness and lazy feelings. Frequencies of this recording are set intelligently to trigger your mind at attention and ready to work.

Do not think that this is an ordinary music therapy, brainwave entertainment is developed based on scientific logics that actually affect your brain in certain way. For example in the Stay Alert recording, the low beta tone first stimulates a part of the brain that ensures you can both focus and achieve with ease any task before you. Then, as the low beta tone migrates to a higher level, the intelligence-increasing frequency will allow you the ability to not only focus, but react wisely and quickly. Tasks are immediately easier and your focus stays on what it needs to without distraction. You can enjoy the brainwave audio program without actually interfering your work routine. However this therapy is not recommended while driving or using some dangerous equipment.

There are always many options available to you that can help you to stay alert like morning walk, exercise or good eating habits. However by using the brainwave product your mind can stay alert and active without compromising any of your other activity. So don’t think too much, get the exclusive and splendid recording now to become more active, alert and efficient during your work!

Brainwave Therapy: A Natural Way to Upgrade Your Life

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Our brain is an incredible organ that is not yet fully deciphered by the scientific world. Many people simply don’t realize that by tuning their brains, their lives could become much better than before. Just think about the fact that your brain is the command center of your entire body, of your entire being. It is the one that gives you strength, triggers positive feelings like happiness and wellness, gives you willpower and energy, and helps the entire organism to unwind, relax, and heal. If we could use the power of our brain to solve the issues that lower the quality of our lives, then we could certainly achieve much more than we can imagine.

As we all may know, life is not always as great as we would want it to be. We may feel drained of energy, we may lack the motivation needed to drive us toward our goals, feel captured into a whirlpool of negative emotions, suffered from some ailments and sub-health issues, incapable of keeping the brain in tip-top shape, and so on. Yes, life has its ups and downs, but that doesn’t mean we should settle with the situations that are to our detriment. So, how can we convince the brain to stop and continue on the desired path? How can we make it function at its best so that our lives can become better? The answer lies in brainwave therapy, which is actually brainwave entrainment technology. Although scientists don’t fully understand how our brain works, they did discover that this amazing organ reacts differently at different brainwave frequencies. These brain waves are practically energy impulses that make the brain function in a certain manner. Well, the frequency of these waves can be reproduced through sounds, the so-called brainwave entrainment recordings, so one can easily induce the desired state of mind with these healing music that can trigger the right type of brainwaves inside the brain.

The best part about brainwave therapy is that you can enjoy it anywhere you want. You can play the right tones at home, when you’re looking to relax, in your car, on your way to work so you can adjust the proper level of motivation and willpower, and even at work, in the office, when you need to boost your focus or reset your brain so that you will manage to find the solutions you’re looking after. In case you don’t know where you can find the ideal audios for you? Then you need to visit The Unexplainable Store and select the type of therapy that is adequate in your case. Just browse through the wide diversity of brainwave music selections, which were all grouped according to the type of therapy you want to enjoy, so you can easily access the benefits of brainwave therapy and reach body-mind-spirit well-being in no time.

Of course, all the recordings you will find listed here are improved with the help of advanced BWE technology, the Isochronic Tone and Binaural Beats being used to adjust your brainwave frequencies and induce the desired state of mind. You’re not sure whether this will work? Well, you have nothing to lose because there aren’t any unwanted side-effects to this therapy. Just try it and see how you feel afterward. Most certainly you will enjoy immediate improvements in your state of mind. And if you choose to continue this therapy, you will see your entire life changing, upgrading, transforming into the life of your dreams.