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How to Stay Alert Without Energy Drinks

alert 0

Drifting mind and unnecessary thoughts during work or job is not unusual. Almost every one struggles to stay alert and active during their tasks. For years people have tried different techniques and methods like medicines and the use of caffeine to improve their alertness and keep attentive however none of them proved to be an authentic cure. Despite, these methods results in certain side effects.

Well, today coffee and medications are not the only way to keep attentive and energized; the remarkable entertainment therapy is the best and modern way to solve all your issues of dullness. You surely don’t want to miss even small opportunities in your life just because you were not attentive. Obviously you understand that in this competitive world small mistakes and moment of inaction can lead to big issues in your lives. So if you are alert and energized you can make simple tasks extraordinary and significantly improves your performance.

It is a fact that people who are alert are more likely to succeed in their life than those who struggles to pay attention to their jobs. A sharp and attentive mind will surely lead to better decision making and help an individual to reach his maximum potentials.

This is exactly the domain where The Unexplainable Store can help you. Brainwave entertainment therapy for alertness helps you to train and channel your mind in a direction which leads to maximum efficacy. Once you plugged in and start listening to the subtle tones you’ll start feeling active and more controllable of your actions. Because the alertness entrainment is designed and arranged in a way that helps stimulate your brain and get rid of sleepiness and lazy feelings. Frequencies of this recording are set intelligently to trigger your mind at attention and ready to work.

Do not think that this is an ordinary music therapy, brainwave entertainment is developed based on scientific logics that actually affect your brain in certain way. For example in the Stay Alert recording, the low beta tone first stimulates a part of the brain that ensures you can both focus and achieve with ease any task before you. Then, as the low beta tone migrates to a higher level, the intelligence-increasing frequency will allow you the ability to not only focus, but react wisely and quickly. Tasks are immediately easier and your focus stays on what it needs to without distraction. You can enjoy the brainwave audio program without actually interfering your work routine. However this therapy is not recommended while driving or using some dangerous equipment.

There are always many options available to you that can help you to stay alert like morning walk, exercise or good eating habits. However by using the brainwave product your mind can stay alert and active without compromising any of your other activity. So don’t think too much, get the exclusive and splendid recording now to become more active, alert and efficient during your work!

Brainwave Therapy: A Natural Way to Upgrade Your Life

brainwave 0

Our brain is an incredible organ that is not yet fully deciphered by the scientific world. Many people simply don’t realize that by tuning their brains, their lives could become much better than before. Just think about the fact that your brain is the command center of your entire body, of your entire being. It is the one that gives you strength, triggers positive feelings like happiness and wellness, gives you willpower and energy, and helps the entire organism to unwind, relax, and heal. If we could use the power of our brain to solve the issues that lower the quality of our lives, then we could certainly achieve much more than we can imagine.

As we all may know, life is not always as great as we would want it to be. We may feel drained of energy, we may lack the motivation needed to drive us toward our goals, feel captured into a whirlpool of negative emotions, suffered from some ailments and sub-health issues, incapable of keeping the brain in tip-top shape, and so on. Yes, life has its ups and downs, but that doesn’t mean we should settle with the situations that are to our detriment. So, how can we convince the brain to stop and continue on the desired path? How can we make it function at its best so that our lives can become better? The answer lies in brainwave therapy, which is actually brainwave entrainment technology. Although scientists don’t fully understand how our brain works, they did discover that this amazing organ reacts differently at different brainwave frequencies. These brain waves are practically energy impulses that make the brain function in a certain manner. Well, the frequency of these waves can be reproduced through sounds, the so-called brainwave entrainment recordings, so one can easily induce the desired state of mind with these healing music that can trigger the right type of brainwaves inside the brain.

The best part about brainwave therapy is that you can enjoy it anywhere you want. You can play the right tones at home, when you’re looking to relax, in your car, on your way to work so you can adjust the proper level of motivation and willpower, and even at work, in the office, when you need to boost your focus or reset your brain so that you will manage to find the solutions you’re looking after. In case you don’t know where you can find the ideal audios for you? Then you need to visit The Unexplainable Store and select the type of therapy that is adequate in your case. Just browse through the wide diversity of brainwave music selections, which were all grouped according to the type of therapy you want to enjoy, so you can easily access the benefits of brainwave therapy and reach body-mind-spirit well-being in no time.

Of course, all the recordings you will find listed here are improved with the help of advanced BWE technology, the Isochronic Tone and Binaural Beats being used to adjust your brainwave frequencies and induce the desired state of mind. You’re not sure whether this will work? Well, you have nothing to lose because there aren’t any unwanted side-effects to this therapy. Just try it and see how you feel afterward. Most certainly you will enjoy immediate improvements in your state of mind. And if you choose to continue this therapy, you will see your entire life changing, upgrading, transforming into the life of your dreams.

All About Lucid Dreaming

lucid dream 0

You would agree with us when we say that at least once in your lifetime, you have had dreams where you seemingly controlled the outcome of events – this is lucid dreaming or dream lucidity.

In the simplest terms, dream lucidity is having the awareness that you are in dream state. This happens when a person suddenly realizes while dreaming that they are dreaming – this is one method of lucid dreaming called the dream-initiated lucid dream.

On the other hand, we have the wake-initiated lucid dream which happens when a person goes into dream state directly from their normal waking state without lapses in consciousness.

Now that you know,

This article would show you some of the benefits of lucid dreaming as well as how you can enhance your lucid dreaming ability. Let’s get into it!

Some benefits of Lucid Dreaming

It is well known that in lucid dreams, the dreamer is able to control their dreams but what most people may not know is that dream lucidity provides other opportunities as well.

You just need to do the right things.

Lucid dreams when initiated properly can be a sanctum for you to reflect and meditate deeply; a place to have life-changing conversations with your subconscious mind and even make decisions that could change your life.

What if we told you there was a way to have these dreams on a daily basis?

Read on to find out how.

Think of your dream world as your personal mental rehearsal space. Here you can rehearse your presentation, athletic routines, or even mull over what you have read prior to an exam.

Here’s how to initiate Lucid Dreams.

2 Simple yet most effective techniques to enhance your Lucid Dreaming abilities

If you are a creative person, lucid dreaming could serve as an unending source of inspiration.

And the best part is there are two simple ways to tap into this realm.

· Meditate

The first simple step to initiating lucid dreams is to meditate before sleeping.

If you have very little experience on how to meditate, taking a course or training on meditation may help you achieve better results. The goal here is to enter a comfortable state where you stop thinking and then slip into the lucid dreaming state.

This sort of lucid dreaming is called the “Wake Induced” lucid dreams and they are rare and quite difficult to achieve than our second technique!

· Listen to brainwave music

Listening to unique sound frequencies changes your brain’s electrical activity which by extension stimulates lucid dreaming.

Aspiring lucid dreamers can use brainwave entrainment audios to get the subconscious mind to wake up without waking the conscious mind.

These recordings promote lucid dreaming by guiding users into deep sleep frequencies, followed by dreaming Theta frequencies. Then the frequencies will rise, bordering on Alpha, than dip back down to Theta again.

This is the easiest way to bring you to the state where you can notice you are dreaming.

Want to get started?

Check here and obtain some top-quality brainwaves to help you lucid dream!

Five Ways to Fight Depression

depression 0

Depression or generally people call it unhappiness, is a bizarre ailment which makes you feel that you are of no worth. It is such a mental illness that can force you to quit your life. Challenging this ailment isn’t a laid-back process. Individuals are unable to find ways to live side by side with depression. It is one plague on the face of the earth which has no beginning. But today in this article, we will show you how to end this plague. It is firm that later going thru the article you will be capable to find ways in contradiction of this mental complaint. Carrying out of the described actions will not even help you in conflicting against depressive disorder but you will be competent enough to travel in the direction of the blissful side of life.

1. Get a Routine

It is suggested by all the doctors and psychoanalysts around the sphere. Depression can shred away the routine from your lifecycle. Days start to pass rapidly merging into one another and you are just waiting to get rid of this situation. By upholding a routine, you will be engaged in the life which led you to a joyful life cycle and will make you run from all the unhappiness in the regular lifecycle.

2. Eat Healthy

Consuming well with a good diet plays a vital role in getting free of depression. Recommended by more than 90% of the medics in the world, this is a good step on the way to the affirmative side of your life. There is not at all any enchanted food that repairs depression. If depression has a control to make you overeat, you must try to regulate and start a well-adjusted diet. It will make you livelier. Chemicals and fundamentals like omega-fatty acid, folic acid etc. can support you get unrestricted from unhappiness.

3. Get Enough Sleep

Depression can make it severe to get sufficient rest, and too little sleep can make depression eviler by adding salt to injury. Getting adequate sleep can help you in creating some changes in your lifestyle. Go to bed primary and rise early in the a.m. No more mobile phone, no more television, and no more snacks. Get your work finished on time and ease your body into no bodily work.

4. Take on a Hobby

Get tangled. While you’re at liberty, you indulge in undesirable thoughts and start over thinking. By embracing a hobby, you can effort in the free time as well. It is decidedly recommended by people who won their battle against depression. A pastime hobby can make your brain functioning authentic and you can concentrate on the determination of your life.

5. Challenge Negative Thoughts

Every single person fighting combat against depression can surpass this disease by stimulating his own mind, his very own negative opinions. The foremost aim of getting into despair is negative feelings created by oneself. The following break you’re feeling dreadful due to depression, use your logic contrary to these thoughts. Try to reflect about the vantage of your positivity and capabilities. You will feel like you are valueless but you’re not for the reason that God has shaped every single person for a purpose. Find yours and murder these negative thoughts by your willpower.

The Depression Help brainwave recording offered by The Unexplainable Store uses two specific Frequencies – Delta and Mid Theta – to scatter depression in your mind and fill the body with a renewed sense of drive, and renewed hope. This powerful tool will give you the energy and desire to smile. Get the unique depression therapy now, start living happily again!

All the above mentioned techniques are reliable for every person. These methods don’t require any kind of medication so it can work with everybody. Feeling better takes time, but you can get there by making positive choices for yourself each day.

Having a Prosperity Mindset – 5 Tips to Attract Wealth

attract prosperity 0

The importance of money is inarguable. Having money is a key part of enjoying prosperity and this can be achieved through a number of ways and ordered steps. Prosperity comes with having a prosperity mindset coupled with being able to recognize opportunity and ultimately attracting wealth, success and abundance to yourself. This article will be sharing a couple of tips on ensuring prosperity.


There is this saying about “givers never lacking in things”. Sharing is one of the most positive mindsets a human being can have. From what you have, no matter how little, share with people who do not have. This action alone is enough to create a sense of wealth in your mind. Having a mindset like this is a huge motivation and drive to do more to make more. The spirit of giving is overwhelming and highly inspiring.

2. Be free from debt

Whatever you have to do to settle all your debts, do it. Owing a person or people money keeps you enslaved and somewhat restricted from doing whatever you like. Debt throws you into a feeling of helplessness and makes you feel enslaved. Get out of your debts and never get back in.

3. Speak Positively

Sometimes financial situations suck and could make you bothered. Do not complain or talk about this kind of negativity. It brings about a negative vibration which hinders the prosperity mindset that you are supposed to have. Talk about your finances when there is something positive to say about it. Say affirmative words to yourself such as “I have an unlimited source of wealth”. Do not ever think prosperity is not coming your way.

4. Pay attention to your health

The greatest wealth a person can have is good health. For you to enjoy your prosperity, you have to be healthy. Even to make enough money, you cannot do that on a sick bed. Keep your health status in check and make sure nothing stops you from doing the normal things you need to do every day. Remain healthy, fit and vibrant. It would go a long way in helping you attract success and abundance.

5. Brainwave Entrainment

Employ the use of Brainwave Entrainment which is available at The Unexplainable Store. This product comes in form of recordings and will adjust the frequency of your brain so project the concept of money and prosperity really into your mind. It will give you the proper motivation and desire to do what you need to do in order to attract wealth, success and abundance. You can eliminate all forms of mental blocks that is hindering your prosperity and financial success. Check here to try this amazing product now, and start reaching for Prosperity!

Stunning Benefits of Classical Music

Braintuning Classical Music 0

Although there were days in which the classical music reigned undisturbed, many people these days seem to forget about the beauty of this particular musical genre. The audience that enjoys classical music is rather narrow, people found in this group receiving a number of benefits they may not even be aware of. Do you remember affirmations saying that listening to classical music can increase your IQ? Well, these are not just far-fetched affirmations but are actually real facts that were tested with the help of scientific studies. Would you like to know what the benefits of listening to classical music are? Just take a look at the list below and seriously consider adding classical music to your playlist.

• It keeps stress levels low

Almost each of us faces various stress levels every single day, some of us more than others. And we also know just how damaging stress can be, both on our mental and physical health, although we may find it hard to manage it. Well, according to a study in Taiwan, unrolled on a number of pregnant women that were asked to listen to classical music, researchers discovered that the music decreased their levels of anxiety and stress, in comparison with a group that did not listen to classical music. So next time you’re stuck in traffic and feel stressed out, do play some classical music and enjoy its soothing action.

• It improves your memory and brain’s alertness

Even though you may be tempted to think that classical music will relax your mind a bit too much, the truth is that it will enhance your memory and make your brain more alert than usual. This is why playing this type of music in the background will help you study and work more efficiently.

• It helps in pain management and fighting against depression

Pain makes us feel bad and even depressed. Whether you are trying to manage any kind of pain or you feel depressed, it is worth knowing that classical music can help. The Glasgow University unrolled a study on this matter and discovered that classical music makes our mind and body respond in a certain emotional way that helps us manage pain and depression much better. If you want to make sure that you get the most of the therapeutic benefits of classical music, you can always opt for Braintunning Classical, an entwining between brainwave entrainment technology and classical music that will boost your mental and physical energy.

• It helps you sleep and rest better

Both elders and adults can benefit from the relaxing effect of classical music, mostly produced by the instruments used in making this kind of music, instruments like harp, orchestra, and piano, as studies reveal. If you play some soft classical music before bed, it will allow you to relax better and get ready for a good night sleep.

• It helps you treat yourself with ease and feel good

One of the amazing benefits of classical music is that it helps us be more at ease with ourselves, accepting and loving who we are. It also stirs creativity in ourselves, both of these aspects being found by a study unrolled by the Edinburgh University on more than 36,000 music enthusiasts.

• It makes you better at expressing your emotions

Due to a more relaxed state of mind, induced by playing classical music in the background, people found it easier to disclose and share personal experiences than in comparison with a scenario in which classical music was not present. At least this is the result obtained by the Southern Methodist University in a study concerning the effects of classical music on the communication of emotional states.

Tips to Sleep Better

sleep music 0

Everyone has that moment at night during which they toss and turn, waiting for sleep to come. This moment lasts only for some minutes for some people while for others it could take a couple of hours or worse, the whole night. It does not make you feel good, right, but you should not feel like you are doomed either. There are certain things that you can do to have a better sleep, have a deep sleep and a healthy sleep.

1. Have a strict sleep schedule and stick to it

The recommended amount of sleep is seven hours and if you are suffering from a kind of sleep disorder. You should strive to make sure you get seven to eight hours of sleep. You do not need anything more than this. The importance of sleep cannot be undermined, therefore schedule a sleeping time and wake up time for yourself. Sleep at the same time every day. This consistency helps your body adjust ultimately to correcting any sleep disorders you may be experiencing.

If you try to sleep and after 20 minutes the sleep is not coming, get off the bed and do something to relax. Read a book, listen to some sleep music and go back to bed.

2. Eat and drink healthily

If you must eat heavy meals, make sure you do not eat few hours before you go to bed. These meals can make you uncomfortable. At the same time, do not go to bed hungry, the feeling of hunger could keep you up for much longer than you should. You should also take it easy on things like alcohol, caffeine and Nicotine; these things can hinder quality sleep and even though alcohol can induce sleep, you will eventually wake up later in the night.

3. Keep your environment calm

To get a healthy sleep, your room should be restful enough to allow you to get a healthy sleep. Your room should be quiet, cool and dark. When it is time to sleep, you should reduce the amount of light in your room by turning off all the lights and any gadget that emits light. Consider wearing eye covers, earplugs to shut yourself out of distractions so you can get better sleep.

4. Use sleep aid music

Usually we can’t have a sleep quickly and deeply, because our mind is restless and its state of consciousness is not proper for sleep. With professionally-built brainwave entrainment recordings, it is no longer difficult to reach a quick relaxation state you’ve been desperately trying to get all night. The product works in different ways which include Binaural Beats and Isochronic Tones, and naturally guides you from the beta, alpha to theta and then delta brain waves with no side effects.

Sleeping pills are not really advisable because you would have to rely on them every night so you can sleep. However, this sleep brainwave music is very effective in making sure you get a good sleep easily. No matter for insomnia cure, for deep healing, for short nap, you have the best tools for quality sleep. Get it from The Unexplainable Store now!

4 Reasons You Should Meditate

meditation 0

Meditation is basically the art of silencing your mind in the midst of worldly turmoil. It makes you able to concentrate on your inner peace and it focuses on relaxing both, your body and your mind.

We live in a world where there is negativity and stress everywhere and there are times that this stress takes over our mind. We start thinking and feeling negative, we become tired without any reason and everything starts to look gloomy and stressed. Well, meditation is the key solution to all this situation where you lose control over your mind. Just as we need exercise for a healthy body similarly we need meditation for a healthy mind too!

Here we are going to jot down those 4 reasons/benefits of meditation which will then definitely help you in attaining inner peace!

· Stress reduction

As said earlier, we all have very busy and tough routines and we’re now constantly in a state of stress where everything seems to go wrong. Meditation on the other hand is what you need to do in order to get rid of that stress. It allows you to have some down time where your body starts to produce mood enhancing chemicals like serotonin and stops the production of stress releasing chemicals.

· Slowing down the aging process

Yes, a healthy mind and a healthy body will ultimately lead you to a healthier life and your aging process starts to slow down. Your body stops the production of free radicals, these radicals are the molecules responsible for aging, tissue damage and other diseases too.

· Knowledge of inner self

Once you start meditating, you start knowing about your own self and that is very important . In order to know what you need in life and what is your life’s purpose, you first need to know yourself and meditation actually helps a lot in that process. Things start to get clearer to you and your negative thoughts leave your body.

· Helping you sleep

According to a research, people who meditate on daily basis find it easy to sleep whereas those who don’t meditate find it hard to sleep because even at night their mind stays at a high-gear. Meditation gives your mind a permanent peace and throughout the day you can feel that you are much peaceful and relaxed at mind. Ultimately your mind is in your control and it’s easier for you to shut it down at night. A good sleep will lead you to a fresh morning and you will feel more powerful than ever.

There are so many ways through which you can meditate and attain your inner peace, and the most common among them is the meditation recordings. With certain healing meditation music, you can feel more relaxed and peaceful than ever, and even reach that state of ecstasy that will ultimately alter your consciousness. You can find some best meditation brainwave audios here at the Unexplainable Store, which will take you on an extra ordinary meditation journey!

5 Ways to Boost the Human Growth Hormone (HGH) for Good Health


The Human Growth Hormone (HGH), also known as the growth hormone is a produced by the pituitary gland and it is an important element in body growth, cell metabolism, cell repair and the general composition of the body. HGH also help boost performance during exercise, increase strength levels, help recover from diseases and injury on time as well as help the growth of body muscles.

Sadly, there is a point in every person’s lives at which the levels of HGH in the body begin to drop, and having the HGH levels reduced in the body may bear negative impacts on the health such as increasing disease risks and gaining unnecessary weight. Thankfully, there is a way out. There are ways the HGH can be boosted or released thereby ensuring good health and a fully functional body. It is important to have the HGH in the body at optimal levels so as to ensure quick recovery from injury, improved athletic performance and even a more effective weight-loss process. It is also important to know that having an increased HGH release in the body is largely affected by your choice of diet amongst other factors. This article will be discussing five evidence-based ways to boost the HGH levels.

1. Shed some body fat

High body fat levels in the body affects the HGH release in the body and this increases the risks of diseases. Studies have also shown that people who have triple the amount of normal belly fat had below half of the HGH level in lean people. Belly fat is a very dangerous form of stored fat and too much fat in the belly can cause various types of diseases. With reduced belly fat, HGH can be released in the body thereby leading to HGH boost.

2. Take less sugar

Sugar and carbs increase the level of insulin in the body. Insulin in turn hinders HGH release in the body and by reducing the amount of sugar you take, you can optimize the level of growth hormones. Sugar intake does not only increase insulin level, it also causes weight gain and ultimately obesity. Therefore, make sure you eat a balanced and healthy diet with as little sugar as possible so as to maintain an optimal level of HGH.

3. Engage in intensive exercises

To boost your HGH level, engaging in intensive workouts and exercises is a great way to make this happen. High-intensity workouts are highly metabolic and help increase the amount of lactic acid in the body. Coupled with the HGH boost, exercises also help reduce the level of fat in the body.

4. Optimize your sleep

The bulk of the HGH release in the body is done during sleep and the HGH tones available at The Unexplainable Store works very well to make sure you get quality sleep. However, to ensure that you get quality sleep, make sure you are not exposed to too much blue light while trying to sleep and also try to read a book before bedtime to relax your mind. Get 7–10 hours of quality sleep per night.

5. Use HGH tones

This unique product is safe and natural as it makes use of effective brainwave frequency patterns to stimulate the pituitary gland in the brain to produce more human growth hormones. The HGH Release and Sleep tones can be gotten at The Unexplainable Store where you can also get a lot of other brainwave products. Enjoy brainwave music, embrace health and happiness now.