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Mindset Changes Relationship!

love life 0

Lovemaking is important! As they say, emotions feed your soul, and food feeds your body, but when it comes to love making, it feeds both. It feels great to love roughly, talk dirty, and be crazy and wild in bed like a bull. Though, the issue is, these feelings get banished as the relationship becomes a tad mature. The other facets of life earn our attention and we forget this vibrant area of life, which of course disconnects us with our significant other…

Now, for sure, there are a lot of people who like to buy the emotions of their woman through diamonds and dinners. And, this idea definitely helps them, but just for a limited time. They get the rewards for just 1-2 days, but they don’t see the passionate side of their woman; they don’t experience how she looks when she turns into a sexual, wild lioness.

You can electrify a woman with chocolates, flowers, expensive restaurants, vacations, and etc. But, you can’t get you want – specifically.

Don’t get me wrong here, these actions are immensely important, they feed her desires, but when it comes to the bedroom, you’ve to change your mindset; you’ve to learn new rules; you’ve to make love like a wild animal. She should feel that she’s residing in a wild, loving, and passionate jungle, and you’ve an unlimited desire to make to love to her.

How to Have This Mindset?

If you’re pondering this question, allow me to say, it’s all about generating feelings inside a body, and there are a few ways that can unlock the wild beast of her heart, and push her to spread fire in your bedroom with her hot, pleasant nature… For instance:

  1. Be dominant. It’s not just about being tall, or a wrestler. A great physical health, masculine voice, top-notch dressing, and passion for life also makes you dominant in her eyes, and develop a unique and exceptional feeling about you, inside her too.
  2. Is she cold? No problem! Just create hot attraction inside her; make her wear hot, sexy, vibrant dresses. Or, impel her to try some new style. Live in Europe? Buy an African dress for her. Live in America?  Get a beautiful Asian dress for her.
  3. If you’re in bed with her, adopt a unique mindset before placing your hands on her body. For instance, imagine you’re a Hulk, and she’s your slave. Or, kiss her like she’s your goddess. You’re a man, and your mind has limitless power to thrill her too.
  4. Make her laugh until her ribs hurt; if you can make your woman laugh, you can make her drop her pants for you. Since, laughter breaks the tension; it’s a relief. The more she laughs, the more she believes that she’s in a right relationship.
  5. Flood her with compliments. A woman can live without food, but she can’t live without a compliment. Sometimes, they’re better than sex. If you want to rule her, just master the art of compliments, and I assure you, you’ll become a drug for her.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re in the first week of your relationship, or have passed 20 years with your wife; just focusing on these points can open the little cages of happiness in her heart and turn your bedroom into a vibrant, wild, and animalistic forest.

Apart from this, if you want to spread the vibes of love fast, and turn your woman into a romantic goddess, listen to “Love Making Recording”. It’s a brainwave entertainment that not only enhances the moods, but also injects the desires of lovemaking in hearts.

It’s the innovation of the 21st century that changes casual relationships into incredible adventures and make your wife feel “Sexual Passion” for you 24/7.

Acne Healing – No Chemical, Only Natural!

healing 0

Feel miserable about your raging Acne? Well, don’t. Since, it’s common and treatable. However, for some people, it’s like a deadly disease; it never goes away and pushes them to live in then own personal jail; they avoid meeting their friends, and don’t want to go into the parties either. In a way, their lives become miserable. Other men and women look at them with weird eyes, and leave them into silence and shame…

If you’re a victim of Acne, it’s time to throw away your bags of chemical products, as they won’t hand you the help you need. They would in fact damage your skin even more, and push you towards disillusionment; you could face other issues like blackhead, oily skin, large pores, and etc. And, flood yourself with more troubles.

Today, I’ll reveal a unique and exceptional secret for banishing Acne forever from your life, without any chemical product. All you need is just a headphone. Yes… Just a headphone!

But before that, first, it’s essential to perceive the actual causes of Acne.

Five Causes of Acne:

1. In women, mostly, the hormonal change is the cause of Acne.

2. Thick and greasy makeup is also responsible.

3. If you reside in humid conditions, you can also suffer this infection.

4. The different prescriptions can be the cause too.

5. According to experts, if your diet is high in sugar, you can deal with Acne.

These are some natural things; you don’t require specific face chemical to go to war with acne. Just care about these 5 points, and I assure you, you’ll resolve 50 percent of the acne issues, and see your skin clearing up within a month.

Besides, if some scars, or pimples, are also destroying the way you look, care regarding these 5 above points can make them disappear too, and restore your natural skin back.

Just a Headphone!

Now, this is interesting. If you’ve been dealing with acne, and if it’s ruining each day of your life, or watering down your self-esteem, you can heal it with just a headphone.

Play an acne healing tone, close your eyes and relax. That’s all you need to do. Since, as we perceive, our brain controls our body; it has the power to heal it through numerous ways; through the sounds and different tones, we can impel our brain to introduce the healing powers in our body, so that it can heal our acne and give us silky-smooth skin.

“The Unexplainable Store” is, currently, offering the Acne Healing Tone. It’s, actually, the Isochronic Tone that facilitates grandly in controlling your mind and impelling it to produce healing energy in your body; these tones are also known as ‘Brainwave Entertainment’, as they create sharp, and distinctive pulses of sound in order to hand you the desired results.

However, there are a few things which you need to remember. If you’re planning to use Isochronic Tones for blasting away the evidence of acne and looking sexy, healthy, and gorgeous, you could face some minor symptoms, as these tones are a tad intense. Now, of course, the symptoms won’t be as deadly as the chemical products, which you use now, but they can hand you the feelings of headache, sore throat, or increased heart rate.

In case you feel that some symptom is interrupting you, stop the track, drink a glass of water, and take a few minutes break. It’s just momentary, and it passes away.

So, try this Acne Healing Tone; it’s natural and changes your life utterly. It’s an advanced method to cure your acne once and for all, and it gives you younger-looking skin in days…

Turn Your Dreams into Reality!

Dream 3

Want your dreams to unravel in front of your eyes? Yes! It’s utterly possible. You can live your dreams, and you can live them right according to your wishes. In a way, it would be a self-generated world – your world; you’ll control it and move it according to your desires…

And, this science of controlling dreams is known as “Lucid Dreaming”. When you become a lucid dreamer, you do impossible things; it’s like everything is in your control. You can:

  • Fly high over forests, mountains, and oceans.
  • Speak with loved ones who have passed away.
  • Fulfill all the wild and unreal fantasies.
  • Banish the nightmares and dream monsters.
  • Resolve creative or perplex situations.
  • And, etc.

These are just a few waves of an entire ocean. Lucid dreamers play with limitless imaginations. According to some professional survey, some dreamers, in fact, time travel through it, and experience the different centuries to enhance their experiences.

It perhaps looks unreal, but when your head hits the pillow, everything is possible. The cells, firing in your brain, can probe deeper in your mind and put you in your dreamland.

If you’re still unsure, let me tell you, Lucid Dreaming is a scientifically proven phenomenon. You’d be surprised to know that the first actual and recorded lucid dreamers are the ancient Egyptians. The history reveals that, more than 5000 years ago, the Egyptians analyzed that a person is basically in three forms; the corpse body form, the living physical body form, and the soul form.

And, interestingly, they represented the soul with a floating bird over a sleeping body… For that reason, it’s not a fresh discovery; it’s indeed in practice since that time.

Do you know, an average person, actually, spends almost 6 years of his/her life dreaming? Well, lucid dreaming is something that can give you the hold of these years and allow you to make them most beautiful, exciting, and pleasant years of your life.

Though, it’s an observable fact of this century. And, thousands of people are following it assiduously as well, for fun, thrill, and exploring new aspects of life. But, for some people, it’s not that easy. It’s not that simple for them to connect with their inner tranquility and live their dreams, the way they want… They, of course, practice a lot, but fail to paint their thoughts loudly… And, this situation pushes them into disillusionment.

If you’re also one of those people, you’re lucky! There is a solution.

Take Advantage of “Binaural Beats” and “Isochronic Tones”.

They both have an outstanding power to influence your mind, and turn it into a specific state. The science also supports this grandly and confirms that they both – Binaural Beats and Isochronic Tones – play with different frequencies to trigger your brain and induce it to act in specific ways. With the help of these two, you can guide your mind into any state.

You can also utilize them for relishing lucid dreaming.

Therefore, if you want to become a lucid dreaming master, visit The Unexplainable Store; it uses Binaural Beats or Isochronic tones to bring you into a state where you notice that you’re dreaming, and you design your dreams according to your own wish. Here is the link of the Lucid Dreaming Recordings:  http://www.unexplainablestore.com/products/lucid.php

Of course, there are some experimental techniques, which you can try. But, in case they aren’t working, and if you want to feel the effects of lucid dreaming in minutes, try the recording of The Unexplainable store, and wake inside your dream tonight!

Are you ready for that?

“And people who don’t dream, who don’t have any kind of imaginative life,

they must… they must go nuts. I can’t imagine that.”

– Stephen King

Mozart Effect

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Have you ever heard classical music? Share your comment on it at our Facebook page or like the post of this activity, we will send our brand new MP3 download to 3 winners who are chosen randomly among all the participators.

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Relieve Chronic Headache (Drug-Free Solution)

headache 2

Do you know, just in America, more than 28 million people struggle with Chronic Headache? Yes! This chronic pain is that much common; it’s that horrible that it can stop the strongest and the bravest in their tracks. When it arises from the head or upper neck of the body, you become vulnerable; it gets tough for you to work, concentrate, or even talk. All you want is to spend some time in your bed, quietly, without any interruption…

However, the interesting news is, 50 percent of the population doesn’t realize that they’re dealing with chronic headaches. The severe burden of daily routines keeps them busy in the ferocious noise of the world, or influences them to assume that it’s because of a stressful day or hectic routine. Consequently, they skip their activities, consume some pill, and pull sheets over their head for relieving the pain.

Of course, it facilitates. But, it’s not a long-term relief or solution. This type of careless treatment can, in fact, introduce more troubles in the long run. For instance, sleep deficiency, next-level depression, and etc. It can also be a mother of all relationship problems, put your lovely life at risk… Now, one may ask, is there any permanent solution?

Yes! There is a solution… There is a way that can slay this monstrous pain!

And, it’s an utterly drug-free solution…

Headache Relief Recording

Just put on your headphone, close eyes, and play the track. It’s a sound healer, and it alleviates your headache naturally, within a few minutes. If you feel your headaches are persistent, and the prescriptions, or other approaches, aren’t cutting them well, and permanently, try this recording of The Unexplainable Store.

The experts have created it by working on difference frequency of waves.

Since, our brain reacts to the different frequencies of sounds. There is a strong bond between your ears and emotions that impel your brain to act in a precise way. The professional researchers have been fascinated by this amazing connection; they revealed that the vibrations of sound have the ability to convert into electrical signals and perform specific tasks. This amazing discovery influences scientists to explore this region even more.

Allow me to give you an example… The Thalamus region of the brain facilitates in regulating sleep. For that reason, the sleeping tracks are specifically designed to activate this part of the brain to hand you soothing siesta. Similarly, when you hear some emotional song, it hits your Amygdala and produces memories and emotions.

The headache relief recording uses a precise Delta frequency with special audible tones to calm the nerves of your brain in order to alleviate your headache. It works on Binaural Beats or Isochronic Tones to create a Delta frequency, which causes a shift in your consciousness and activates those channels of mind that relieve the pain.

If you’ve been dealing with headaches, just try this Headache Relief Recording. It’s the most advanced and effective strategy that throws the traditional prescription practices out of business. Even the top-notch experts believe that, in this high-speed modern world, it’s one of the best ways to protect yourself, and your family, from the toxic products and medications; it wipes out your headaches without introducing any side effects in your body.

Concluding Thoughts

These days, our lives are fast paced and filled with a lot of stress. Our overworked minds and upset bodies wreak havoc on our lives, on a daily basis, in the form of headaches.

So, next time, don’t head straight for the aspirin, sit, relax, close your eyes; put on your headphone and play Headache Relief Recordings; you’ll experience a positive change in your state. And, feel light and pleasant like those autumn leaves that dance on the shore…

Braintuning Classical

Classical Music 2

Music changes people! And, it’s true. It even changes the world like a magic. The professional musicians, who have the musical blood in their veins, believe that if you want to change anything, even your innate nature, it can happen through music. It even washes away the dust from your soul and makes it fly high. However, when you blend it with advanced Brainwave Entrainment technology, you take its strength to new heights, and achieve its concealed powers…

Brainwave Entrainment technology, actually, induces altered states of awareness through sounds. All you need is to just relax and listen, and you’ll feel a harbinger of change in your state. It has Binaural Beats and Isochronic Tones that go deeper into your mind and promote relaxation; they also influence Alpha, Beta, Theta, and Delta states of your consciousness, make them the most dominant, and connect them with the process.

In addition, Brainwave Entrainment technology is also known as “The Flicker Response”. Since, as staring at the burning candle lull you into the state of tranquility, it also changes your mental and physical state, but through sounds and vibrations.

If you’re struggling in the hour of pain, discomfort, and lack of motivation, you need to hear Brainwave Entrainment  music, such as, “Braintuning Classical”; The Unexplained Store has launched this new product recently and transcended the expectations of experts, and their followers.

Their product – Braintuning Classical – provokes a fresh enthusiasm in you and flabbergasts you with its commanding and mellifluous performance; you feel a festive mood all around and shine like a golden sun… Currently, they’ve divided it into three main chapters.

Energize: This chapter opens the cages of your body and allows the energy to fly high, and in the right direction. It excites your nervous system too; you wake up like a roaring lion, become bold in execution and emotions, and emphasize on those things which matter. The more you listen to this chapter, the more you give peak performance and feel like a super achiever.

The rich tracks like March of the Toreadors, Ride of the Valkyries, Symphony No. 40-Allegro Assai and etc. boost your energy levels in a fresh manner and make you rise above the head and shoulders of everyone; you feel like you’re on the top of your game.

Relax: Relax! You deserve it. The proprietors of The Unexplained Store perceived that we’re breathing in a demanding world. And, we don’t have enough time to relax. Therefore, in this chapter, they’ve created some excellent tracks like Andante Molto Mosso, Chant, Goldberg variations, and etc. Just take a little pause to hear them, and you’ll feel relaxed, even if you’re under the severe burden of work and responsibilities.

These tracks, in reality, hand you clearer and calmer thoughts by producing different brain waves. Once you listen to them, quietly, your mind and body rejuvenate and free you from any stress, panic, or anxiety. Besides, they’re beneficial for insomniacs too.

Focus: Music inspires a different state of mind. Even the professional scientists trust that it facilitates you to achieve a higher level of focus. And, they’ve proved it as well through numerous studies. If you’re dreamer, listening specific kind of music can turn you into a super-achiever; you’ll see the world through different eyes, and find the best opportunities even in the most treacherous situations.

The Braintuning Classical chapter 3 assists you to unveil the muscles of focus. The grip of the tracks keeps you focused and impels you to win goals with continued attention. Tracks like 3 Suits and Sonata for Two Pianos stimulate the neural firing in your brain and obligate it to filter out distractions, so that you can be engaged with the process, relentlessly.

Concluding Thoughts

We live in a land of confusion, hypnotized by the duties, and constantly dealing with our life’s austerity. This entire state is crumbling us into dust. We want something that can lead us to new ways of thinking and raise us above all these troubles. And, luckily, we’ve something; something that goes straight into our hearts and minds and gives our lives an entire new dimension – Braintuning Classical. Just try it, at least, for a week. It will stun you with its authority and turn you into that seed which only grows stronger with time.


You’re Either Thirsty, or Very Thirsty!

teori-motivasi 0

What drives you? Well, it’s your “Motivation”. And, it’s a billion-dollar thing. If you’ve it, you can outperform even the most talented man on earth; you can, in fact, accomplish the impossible dreams and attain the success you seek. You work harder. You become stronger. The toughest obstacles surrender in front of you, and you rise like a Champion.

However, ‘Motivation’ doesn’t have any level. It has just one level, and it’s extreme.

You can’t say that you’re motivated, even if you’re doing what you need to do. Since, when you’re really motivated, you play on a whole different level. There is a fire in your heart, blaze in your eyes, and a pinch of creativity in your mind. You forget about the time. You forget about your surroundings. You’re just fixed on your goal like a lion, and play beyond your potentials in order to achieve it. In a way, you’re an Einstein, but in an Armani suit.

All in all, if I say, you’re either thirsty or very thirsty, it would be utterly right. And, for being ‘Motivated’, you’ve to be “Very Thirsty”.

Have you canvassed the lifestyle of premier giants, like Bill Gates, Roger Federer, and even Thomas Edison? What do they’ve in common? Yes! It’s “Motivation”. It’s their motivation which assisted them to earn the heights of power. When they’re busy in their work, and when their goals are in their minds, the days are shorter, and the nights aren’t long enough either. They’ve a desire to achieve something extraordinary, something better than others.

So, are you motivated like this? If you’re, then it’s rather excellent, but in case you aren’t, it’s time to get motivated, immensely motivated, since the life isn’t long enough, and you’ve to do something special to turn your dreams into reality.

Though, there are a few psychology tricks which you can use for feeling very thirsty (motivated), such as: feel the final reward and think how it can change your life, ensure that you’re having the best possible working conditions – without any kind of distraction, have a desire to get topnotch respect from others, begin with small goals, and etc. The more you surround yourself with these things, or feel them, the more you become tangible in your work, and it becomes easier for you to stay motivated.

On the whole, it’s just the fight for the best position… Would you like to stay best in your children’s or partner’s eyes? Would like to stay best among your friends? Would you like to stay best in your work? I hope you would, therefore, you need ‘Motivation‘.

If you wish to feel “Extreme Motivation” in your veins, and if you wish to focus on your goals like a lion – consciously and unconsciously, you can get help through Binaural Beats and Isochronic Tones; they’re the Brainwave Stimulations, and they can make you feel the effects in minutes. They, actually, match with your specific brain frequencies and change your overall feelings – rather immediately.

In a way, they motivate you there where the mind programming occurs. So, visit: The Unexplainable Store now, and dominate your everyday with unbounded enthusiasm.


Wake Up Each Morning like a King!

Wake up Each Morning like a King! 0

Yes! If you want to dominate your day, wake up each morning like a King, with absolute passion and energy; there should be a dragon’s blood in your veins and a magnificent energy all around you. Every inch of your body, and every thought of your brain, should run in the most pleasant manner, and make you believe that you’re born for the heights of power. And, there is a world outside which’s dying to take your autograph, because of your achievements.

This kind of perception, and this kind of morning, is a King’s morning.

But, is it tough for you to have this vibrant morning? Does it take you forever to open your eyes? And, do you feel exhausted all day? Well, if your answer is a “Big” yes, then you’re just wasting your life. And, your future is heading for collapse as well.

Numerous professional researchers have warned us time and time again that the mornings make the difference. They distinguish the winners from the losers. If you would start your morning like a zombie, low and lazy, you would burn all those bridges which can take you towards immense success. On the other hand, if you would start your day like a champion, like a winning king, you’ll accomplish much more than the common people and manifest your dreams as well. You’ll just see the opportunities much more than them

According to Richard Whately, (1787 – 1863), English rhetorician, logician, and economist, “Lose an hour in the morning, and you’ll spend all day looking for it.” This old adage is enough to understand that how much it’s important to wake up with passion and energy.

Now, there are, of course, many ways that can facilitate you in waking up fresh, passionate, and energetic. For instance: do some pleasurable activities, such as, play video games, listen to music, or exercise. Besides, you can take a walk before going to bed, as it elevates the oxygen level of your body and allows you to relish a deep sleep. Apart from this, drink 2 glasses of water as well; this is one of the best ways to boost energy, especially right after waking up; it doesn’t only cleanse your body from the inside, but also ease your tensed muscles so that you can start your day with utterly fresh thoughts.

These are just a few psychological and healthy ways to have passionate mornings.

In case you want results rather immediately, and on a grand level, you can take help from Unexplainable Store’s Wake up Recordings; these recordings are low beta frequency recordings, which assist you in waking up quicker and with get-up-and-go force. According to some professional studies, these frequencies, in actuality, release calcium and oxygen in your body for a vibrant awakening. Once you listen to them your brain activates quickly and hand you a richer and more productive time, from your first morning breath.

So, are you ready to have vibrant mornings like the winning kings? Well, visit our store now, and get Wake up Recordings. You’ll start greeting your mornings more passionately.

We promise!

A Lifetime of Love!

A Lifetime of Love! 0

Can you slay the dragons to have love, fresh love, in your life? I know, you can, but you don’t need to do that work. And, you don’t need to do a million things either in order to open the gates of love. There is just one special secret which can transform your life, and facilitate you to earn the best lover of life. Once you’ll follow that secret assiduously, you’ll be luckier, in the matters of love, and even more than the posh and the richest people…

So, what’s the secret? Well, it’s: “Happiness

Cleopatra, the famous queens, celebrities, the great male and female seducers, and etc. used this secret for attracting whatever they want. They knew happiness has a latent power that can put them on that level where others would follow them and, in fact, make an effort in order to keep happiness on their faces.

But, is this true?

Yes! Of course, it is.

In a way, scientific studies have proved this secret too through “Mirror Neurons”. According to them, Mirror Neurons are the neurons in our brains which are activated when we either do some specific thing, or see someone else do the same thing. For instance:

–      If someone will see you happy, he/she will feel happy too.

–      If someone will see you positive, he/she will feel positive too.

However, sadly, most people don’t perceive this concept. If they aren’t happy in the relationship, or if they’re breathing without love, they just wrap themselves with sorrow; they use sad words, criticize others, focus on negatives, instead of positives, and etc. These acts just push them towards more despair and don’t allow them to have love.

It doesn’t matter who you’re and what you do, just try to be immensely happy – at least for a month. Laugh more, enjoy each second, compliment others, wear radiant colors, focus on the positives, relish your life, experience new things, and etc. The more you would be happy, and the more others would see you happy, they’ll feel happy too, and feel attracted towards you as well… Since, “Happiness is a drug; it attracts everyone…”

We’ve seen the famous celebrities too. When they’re in front of the camera, they just act like they’re the happiest people on the planet Earth; they’re positive, active, happy, and enjoying things 24/7. And, this thing works like a magic on us. We feel attracted towards them. We feel the compulsion to spend time with them. We start believing that they’ve the perfect life, and their lives are a fresh-air of fun.

Though, the reality is different. They’re utterly like us; they embrace the same issues which we embrace. But, the one thing which helps them to outperform us is “Happiness”. The state of happiness helps them to attract more happiness, and more love.

So, be happy; exhibit happiness through your face, attitude, and nature. And, I assure you, even the richest and good-looking people won’t match your persona. You’ll attract more eyes, and more praises. And, all men and women will be attracted towards you… And, if you’re in a relationship, and wish to boost love, or want to get your ex back, just be happy. Show happiness… Make your every moment vibrant and colorful. Let your “special” person see that you’re living the happiest life, and you’re happier than him/her.

Since, we wish to be with that person who is happier than us…

Always remember that…

And, in case, if you wish to boom your results, and want to be happy insanely fast, and naturally, you can utilize “Find Love Recording”. It’s, actually, a brain wave stimulation, which frees your consciousness, and facilitates you to radiate love from every part of your body… So, are you ready to find love?

Yes! I do.

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