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Tips to Sleep Better

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Everyone has that moment at night during which they toss and turn, waiting for sleep to come. This moment lasts only for some minutes for some people while for others it could take a couple of hours or worse, the whole night. It does not make you feel good, right, but you should not feel like you are doomed either. There are certain things that you can do to have a better sleep, have a deep sleep and a healthy sleep.

1. Have a strict sleep schedule and stick to it

The recommended amount of sleep is seven hours and if you are suffering from a kind of sleep disorder. You should strive to make sure you get seven to eight hours of sleep. You do not need anything more than this. The importance of sleep cannot be undermined, therefore schedule a sleeping time and wake up time for yourself. Sleep at the same time every day. This consistency helps your body adjust ultimately to correcting any sleep disorders you may be experiencing.

If you try to sleep and after 20 minutes the sleep is not coming, get off the bed and do something to relax. Read a book, listen to some sleep music and go back to bed.

2. Eat and drink healthily

If you must eat heavy meals, make sure you do not eat few hours before you go to bed. These meals can make you uncomfortable. At the same time, do not go to bed hungry, the feeling of hunger could keep you up for much longer than you should. You should also take it easy on things like alcohol, caffeine and Nicotine; these things can hinder quality sleep and even though alcohol can induce sleep, you will eventually wake up later in the night.

3. Keep your environment calm

To get a healthy sleep, your room should be restful enough to allow you to get a healthy sleep. Your room should be quiet, cool and dark. When it is time to sleep, you should reduce the amount of light in your room by turning off all the lights and any gadget that emits light. Consider wearing eye covers, earplugs to shut yourself out of distractions so you can get better sleep.

4. Use sleep aid music

Usually we can’t have a sleep quickly and deeply, because our mind is restless and its state of consciousness is not proper for sleep. With professionally-built brainwave entrainment recordings, it is no longer difficult to reach a quick relaxation state you’ve been desperately trying to get all night. The product works in different ways which include Binaural Beats and Isochronic Tones, and naturally guides you from the beta, alpha to theta and then delta brain waves with no side effects.

Sleeping pills are not really advisable because you would have to rely on them every night so you can sleep. However, this sleep brainwave music is very effective in making sure you get a good sleep easily. No matter for insomnia cure, for deep healing, for short nap, you have the best tools for quality sleep. Get it from The Unexplainable Store now!

4 Reasons You Should Meditate

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Meditation is basically the art of silencing your mind in the midst of worldly turmoil. It makes you able to concentrate on your inner peace and it focuses on relaxing both, your body and your mind.

We live in a world where there is negativity and stress everywhere and there are times that this stress takes over our mind. We start thinking and feeling negative, we become tired without any reason and everything starts to look gloomy and stressed. Well, meditation is the key solution to all this situation where you lose control over your mind. Just as we need exercise for a healthy body similarly we need meditation for a healthy mind too!

Here we are going to jot down those 4 reasons/benefits of meditation which will then definitely help you in attaining inner peace!

· Stress reduction

As said earlier, we all have very busy and tough routines and we’re now constantly in a state of stress where everything seems to go wrong. Meditation on the other hand is what you need to do in order to get rid of that stress. It allows you to have some down time where your body starts to produce mood enhancing chemicals like serotonin and stops the production of stress releasing chemicals.

· Slowing down the aging process

Yes, a healthy mind and a healthy body will ultimately lead you to a healthier life and your aging process starts to slow down. Your body stops the production of free radicals, these radicals are the molecules responsible for aging, tissue damage and other diseases too.

· Knowledge of inner self

Once you start meditating, you start knowing about your own self and that is very important . In order to know what you need in life and what is your life’s purpose, you first need to know yourself and meditation actually helps a lot in that process. Things start to get clearer to you and your negative thoughts leave your body.

· Helping you sleep

According to a research, people who meditate on daily basis find it easy to sleep whereas those who don’t meditate find it hard to sleep because even at night their mind stays at a high-gear. Meditation gives your mind a permanent peace and throughout the day you can feel that you are much peaceful and relaxed at mind. Ultimately your mind is in your control and it’s easier for you to shut it down at night. A good sleep will lead you to a fresh morning and you will feel more powerful than ever.

There are so many ways through which you can meditate and attain your inner peace, and the most common among them is the meditation recordings. With certain healing meditation music, you can feel more relaxed and peaceful than ever, and even reach that state of ecstasy that will ultimately alter your consciousness. You can find some best meditation brainwave audios here at the Unexplainable Store, which will take you on an extra ordinary meditation journey!

5 Ways to Boost the Human Growth Hormone (HGH) for Good Health


The Human Growth Hormone (HGH), also known as the growth hormone is a produced by the pituitary gland and it is an important element in body growth, cell metabolism, cell repair and the general composition of the body. HGH also help boost performance during exercise, increase strength levels, help recover from diseases and injury on time as well as help the growth of body muscles.

Sadly, there is a point in every person’s lives at which the levels of HGH in the body begin to drop, and having the HGH levels reduced in the body may bear negative impacts on the health such as increasing disease risks and gaining unnecessary weight. Thankfully, there is a way out. There are ways the HGH can be boosted or released thereby ensuring good health and a fully functional body. It is important to have the HGH in the body at optimal levels so as to ensure quick recovery from injury, improved athletic performance and even a more effective weight-loss process. It is also important to know that having an increased HGH release in the body is largely affected by your choice of diet amongst other factors. This article will be discussing five evidence-based ways to boost the HGH levels.

1. Shed some body fat

High body fat levels in the body affects the HGH release in the body and this increases the risks of diseases. Studies have also shown that people who have triple the amount of normal belly fat had below half of the HGH level in lean people. Belly fat is a very dangerous form of stored fat and too much fat in the belly can cause various types of diseases. With reduced belly fat, HGH can be released in the body thereby leading to HGH boost.

2. Take less sugar

Sugar and carbs increase the level of insulin in the body. Insulin in turn hinders HGH release in the body and by reducing the amount of sugar you take, you can optimize the level of growth hormones. Sugar intake does not only increase insulin level, it also causes weight gain and ultimately obesity. Therefore, make sure you eat a balanced and healthy diet with as little sugar as possible so as to maintain an optimal level of HGH.

3. Engage in intensive exercises

To boost your HGH level, engaging in intensive workouts and exercises is a great way to make this happen. High-intensity workouts are highly metabolic and help increase the amount of lactic acid in the body. Coupled with the HGH boost, exercises also help reduce the level of fat in the body.

4. Optimize your sleep

The bulk of the HGH release in the body is done during sleep and the HGH tones available at The Unexplainable Store works very well to make sure you get quality sleep. However, to ensure that you get quality sleep, make sure you are not exposed to too much blue light while trying to sleep and also try to read a book before bedtime to relax your mind. Get 7–10 hours of quality sleep per night.

5. Use HGH tones

This unique product is safe and natural as it makes use of effective brainwave frequency patterns to stimulate the pituitary gland in the brain to produce more human growth hormones. The HGH Release and Sleep tones can be gotten at The Unexplainable Store where you can also get a lot of other brainwave products. Enjoy brainwave music, embrace health and happiness now.

Relaxation and Mental Health

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Life can be very stressful and when it does, it is important to know how to deal with it. Many things go on daily in our lives such as work, study and our personal lives. When the pressure gets too much, relaxation is a very effective tool for looking after our health both physically and mentally. Relaxation does not only guarantee peace of mind it also decreases the effects of stress on the mind and body. A good relaxation technique reduces stress symptoms and improves the quality of your life. Having bubble baths with scented candles does not mean you are relaxing. Learning the right relaxation technique is at a low cost, little risk and it can be done anywhere. This article reveals the best way to relax.

How can relaxation improve your mental health?

Creating an adequate relaxation time can reduce the stress of mental health conditions like depression, anxiety and schizophrenia. The other health benefits include:

1. Improved sleep

Sleep plays an important role as it makes sure the body regenerates the energy it has expended during the day. Creating time to relax every night before bed increases your chances of getting a quality sleep.

2. Reduced activity of stress hormones

Stress is a part of daily life and in small amounts it is not harmful as it motivates us to get somethings done. When it stretches over long periods, it can be harmful to your physical and mental health. Taking time to relax everyday can greatly reduce stress levels.

3. Improved mood and concentration

When you relax, your mood and concentration increases. All it takes is for you to relax your muscles as it helps you get through stress and keeps your anxiety under check.

4. Reduced chances of physical illness

Stress over long periods takes its toll on the body especially the heart. Relaxing regularly helps your body on the long run.

Others include:

5. Reduced heart rate, blood pressure and breathing rate

6. Reduction in muscle tension and chronic pain

7. Reduced anger and frustration

8. Confidence boost to handle problems

9. Improved digestion

10. Maintaining of normal blood sugar levels

11. Increased blood flow to major muscles

Therapists have come to the realization that Audio Brainwave Simulation is a viable solution to helping people relax. To learn more about this relaxation technique, please visit www.unexplainablestore.com/products/relaxation

Following the brainwave audio program helps you to remove stress and relax your mind, which increases your concentration level and overall health. You will be amazed at the positive results as they will be apparent after your first try.

Reasons You Must Listen to Memory Boosting Music

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Music is known to transcend time, personalities and even languages. The most viewed music video across the world as of today is Luis Fonsi’s Despacito – a predominantly Spanish song that has people dancing across the world even when they can hardly sing along or understand most of the song’s lyrics. Before that, it was PSY with Gangnam Style, a South Korean song which took the world within months of its release.

Along with being entertaining, helping during workouts and uplifting a person’s mood, the right type of music is able to enhance a person’s ability to memorize or remember events.

It might seem really strange but there are situations where an individual is unable to make a complete sentence, but can still sing their favorite song. Patients with amnesia, Alzheimer or dementia have been known to still sing along to their favorite song despite forgetting everything else.

Recent studies have shown that factors such as stress, emotions, food, and hormones have a significant impact on the how an individual remembers information. And since music is one of the elements that can reduce stress, alter emotions and influence the release of hormones such as dopamine or prolactin, it is safe to say that if we can capitalize on the effects of the right type of music, we can help people have more robust memories.

This article lists four reasons you must listen to memory boosting music as well as what songs to listen to for improved memory.

1) Reduces stress

When a person is stressed, there is often an overwhelming level of negative thinking which clouds their brain. This is why when people are stressed at the workplace, for instance, they are unable to concentrate, focus or make calculated decisions. Stress could also cause a student to feel unmotivated to study. Listen to some special music can ease stress and thus increase concentration.

2) Improves a person’s mood

Music has been said to alter moods and talk to people and the saying remains true as of now. A person listening to hard rock music absorbs banging, clanging and loud slamming sounds and this could, in essence, get their adrenaline levels up. On the other hand, listening to the soothing sound of raindrops can release dopamine also known as the “happy hormone” which is sure to brighten a person’s mood.

It is easier to read, understand and memorize things when you are in a brightened state of mind.

3) Improves thought patterns

Studies have proven that the human brain operates by rhythms. We are able to absorb and process information as brainwaves. The Unexplainable Store has recorded great success with users via the Brainwave Audio Program. By listening to the rhythms in memory-boosting audios, they are able to study and thinking a lot better than before.

There is no gainsaying that as humans, we think, calculate, analyze and make better decisions when we are calm and organized. With the right audio brainwave stimulation, your thoughts would be patterned in organized musical rhythms for an improved memory.

4) Clears the mind

Every human has a conscious and a subconscious mind. Most of our day to day activity utilizes the conscious mind. But memories are stored in the subconscious mind.

We never really “forget” anything… the truth is the memory of the event is still with us but we just can’t access it. This is as a result of conscious blockage!

Conscious blockage causes people to have difficulty retrieving long term memories. Introducing the right sound or the right audio pattern into the brain via music can effectively remove the conscious blockage.
Studies have shown that although the conscious mind seemingly handles most of our daily activity, the subconscious mind handles the majority of our mental function, and as such can be described a powerhouse of knowledge that is mostly untapped. The subconscious mind is also where most of our memories reside.

Hypnosis is one of the ways people have forced into their subconscious mind but a better more natural way is audio brainwave stimulation. With the right brainwave stimulation, you can simply access events, situations, and feelings that may have previously been locked in your subconscious mind.

Many therapists are proposing Audio Brainwave Simulation as a viable method to helping patients who have PTSD recover.
To learn more about memory care and memory enhancing music, you can visit http://www.unexplainablestore.com/products/memory.php

This brainwave audio program helps you remove the blockages that prevent concentration and assimilation as well as, increase your focus, and strengthen your attention span.

Following the success of brainwave entrainment technology, you would be able to memorize and retrieve information a lot better. Passwords won’t have to be written down. Keys won’t get lost in the bizarre haze of half-memories. You will be able to schedule more efficiently, and deadlines will be a cinch.

This brainwave audio program comes in two different sessions. The first one focuses on long term memory, allowing you to retrieve memories you may have lost, while the other is a general stimulation of both short term and long term memory. You won’t have to wait for results. They will be apparent even after your first try, guaranteed!

New Products – Guided Meditation and Meditation Music

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The Unexplainable Store has currently launched a new collection of guided meditation and meditation music recordings.

These new meditation sessions connect to your hearts, bring you relaxation and calmness thus dissolving your anxiety, helping you make decisions with clarity of mind, embrace positive changes, and live with more peace, joy and harmony. You will learn to deal and cope with stress in a relaxed and positive manner.

The healing power of meditation will also evoke the sacred and bring us back to our true Self. Making meditation a daily habit, you will feel the hope, contentment, tranquility, happiness, gratitude, love and trust to create the life you want.

Just as breathing is the life of the body, meditation is the life of the soul. The busier we get, the more important meditation becomes. Meditation generally has the ability to reduce stress, foster clear thinking, improve emotional stability, and ease many health concerns. Through meditation, the Higher Self is experienced.

Get started and experience our 14 new meditation products!

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May our journeys into soul bring us inner peace and harmony!


Living a Balanced Life the Chakra Way

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When someone raises the question if the balances life, what does he mean? Is it about balancing a social life with a professional one? Balancing healthy habits and slightly decadent activities? Why is it important to lead a quality life? These are some of the questions that this article will be looking at.

What is a Balanced Life?

A person is said to have a balanced life if all when all of his chakras are balanced. According to people of old, the body is made up of seven chakras, each located in a different part of the body. Chakras are all represented by different colors, and they stand for different sectors of life. When all the chakras in a person are allowing that individual’s internal energy to flow through his entire body, then his chakras are balanced. When chakras are not balanced, a person has to go through the process of chakra opening. Chakra opening is the process of ‘healing’ the inefficient chakra. Through the chakra opening process, you will be able to balance your chakras.

The Seven Chakras

Before you begin the process of opening a dysfunctional chakra, it is important to understand the seven chakras. They are the:

• Root chakra, represented by the color red, located at the base of the spine and symbolizing a person’s grounding
• Sacral chakra, represented by the color orange. This chakra is found just below the navel, and it represents a person’s ability to adjust to new surroundings and accept others
• Solar plexus chakra, indicated by color yellow. It is found at stomach level and usually stands for confidence and control
• Heart chakra, denoted by the color green. The heart chakra rests on the heart, and it is a symbol of love
• Throat chakra, located at the throat, denoted by the color blue and standing for communication
• Third-eye chakra, located between the eyes and represented by the color indigo. The third eye is a symbol of big-picture vision
• Crown chakra which is found at the top of the head. Denoted by violet, this chakra is the symbol of spiritual enlightenment

Balancing the seven chakras is important because it allows a person’s energy to flow from his brain to his organs and back. When the energy flows, a person’s body operates at optimum. If you do not balance your chakras, you risk emotional upheaval and physical illness.

How to Balance your Chakras

Balancing chakras involves making energy flow through the inefficient chakra. You can do this by:

• Meditating in a quiet space or with chakra opening music like the ones found at The Unexplainable Store. Meditating helps you focus on the color of the chakra that needs opening. When you focus on one chakra, it is easier to allow energy to flow through it

• Acupuncture: an acupuncture can stimulate the chakra by pressing against it

• Yoga: Yoga has specific poses for each chakra. Holding the position for a given chakra helps open it

Balancing your chakra is important because it allows your internal energy to flow. With good internal flow, you stay healthy physically and emotionally. Feeling rejuvenated and energized after balancing your chakra is a bonus.

How to Sleep Better (with Color Noise)

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Getting about eight hours of sleep each night is necessary for a healthy life. However, many people find it hard to sleep through those hours every night. Sleep is important. Too little, and a person will spend his or her days sluggish and drowsy. Too much and the result will be much of the same. The question remains, which are the best ways to make sure that you sleep better every night? Here are a few suggestions to that question.

Consistency in sleep

Some people treat sleep like a trade-off game. They get a little sleep now and then during the week, then compensate during the weekend. However, this compensation does more harm than good. It makes them drowsy and irritable all week long, and extremely tired over the weekends. To be able to sleep better, an individual must be consistent in his sleeping patterns by sleeping for seven to eight hours nightly. Also, he or she should avoid napping during the day because it makes it harder to fall asleep in the nighttime.

Avoiding Distractions

The bedroom should be a sacred place. A place for intimacy and sleep. Keeping gadgets such as laptops and television sets out of the bedroom makes falling asleep that much easier. And if someone cannot sleep, he or she should try counting sheep or stare into space until night comes.

Checking the time just before can also be problematic when it comes to falling asleep. After an individual sets his alarm, he should simply resist looking at the clock- it will keep him or her from worrying over tomorrows.


Physical exercise is not only good for losing weight or building muscles but also encouraging better quality sleep. When a person exercises, his or her body and mind tires. He or she relaxes after a workout. That makes it easier for him or her to fall asleep deeper and for longer.

Developing a Healthy Mind for Sleep

Sometimes one may have a hard time sleeping because they are too busy worrying about work, school or problems at home. Relieving their minds of these worries is the key to sleeping better for such people.

One way to cultivate a healthier mind is to meditate regularly. Meditation helps with calming the mind and sorting out emotion. Meditating can be done using silence, crystals or music. Some forms of yoga also make it easy to meditate.

Another way to help you calm your mind and sleep better is to utilize noise. It sounds contradictory to say use noise to fall asleep but is does work. The noise comes in various frequencies and powers, each bundle represented by a color. The most common color noise used in to treat sleep disorders include brown noise, white noise, and pink noise. White noise has high frequency and volume (power) and includes sounds like light rain falling or television static. Pink noise has balanced volume, and low frequencies whereas brown noise have even lower frequencies and volumes. Pink noise manifests as sounds such as heavy rain or strong winds while brown noise sounds like the deep hum of rushing water. Each of these noises suits a different person. Some people find it easy to sleep because white noise cancels out their backgrounds. Others relax with pink noise while others focus and understand more with brown noise. Anyone who is new to using noise to sleep can try it out at stores like The Unexplainable Store.

Rest is important for everyone. It ensures that each person can get through his or her day. Therefore, everyone should make an effort to rest better so as to live a healthier life.

Introspection: The Well of Spirit Guide

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Modern life is chaotic. It is full of people who are always running from one corner of a city to the other. They are always moving, and some of them do not even know where they are going. How could they, when they are always on the move? In a world that runs on deadlines and achievement, it is tough to stay true to oneself. However, those who recognize the need to access their spirit guide always give themselves time to introspect and access their subconscious.

The subconscious mind is the part of the brain that people do not have access to when they are awake. Memories and the emotions they evoke are stored in this part of the brain. The subconscious is also the section of a person’s mind that is responsible for their instinct and intuition. Introspection is a spiritual practice that allows a person to reach his or her spiritual guide, or unconscious mind, while awake. It helps him or her know himself better and understand the world more.

Common Forms of Introspection

Anyone can achieve introspection by trying one of the following methods:

• Meditation: Meditation is a form of introspection that allows a person to look into his or her subconscious by visualizing given situations. Meditating helps a person look at different situations he or she has been in. That way, he or she can analyze his or her decisions and actions

• Music therapy: music has been linked to inner awareness in many instances. That is because the vibrations that make up these beats can open up a person’s third eye. The third eye is a chakra that enables those who can access it to be intuitive. Stores like The Unexplainable Store sell music that is tailored toward introspection

• Yoga: specific yoga poses allow an individual to reflect on his or her spiritual guide during introspection

Introspection by any of these methods does more than open a person to his or her subconscious. It changes the lives of those who practice it.

The Benefits of Introspection

It builds character: an introspective person can look at a situation and acknowledge whatever choices he made. He can look at his surroundings and notice what is wrong with the environment the come up with ways to deal with it. He is also better at making decisions because he analyzes the benefits and consequences.

It helps people know what they want: some people are ‘born’ knowing what they want to do, so it usually a matter of knowing how to get there. Contacting a spirit guide enables such individuals to figure out what paths they want to take to achieve their goals. Those who do not even know what their purpose in life is can realize it through introspection.

It makes the surrounding clearer: anybody who is not in touch with his own emotions cannot empathize with those of others. He does not realize his own strengths, so he is too afraid of the unknown to try anything new. Introspection helps with all of that.

A world full of people who do not know themselves needs leaders who do. Introspection is the best way to cultivate such leadership.

Fighting Cancer with DNA and Alternative Treatments

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Cancer is one of the most dangerous conditions in the modern society. 8.8 million people worldwide died from cancer in 2015, and that is nearly 1 in 6 of all global deaths. The large number of people that cancer affects has led people to seek alternative treatments to the disease. Most of these alternative treatments are natural ways of fighting cancer.

Alternative Ways to Fight Cancer

Cancer occurs in the body when part of a person’s DNA is damaged within the body cells. These cells become cancerous and start multiplying to extents that the body cannot handles. As more and more cells divide, they pile up and start forming scar tissue. The accumulated tissue forms tumors which are usually harmless. However, if these tumors press against vital organs or blood vessels, they become dangerous.

To fight cancer and allow for body recovery, a doctor or physician must rid the body of the cancerous cells so that the body can do its own DNA repair and heal with time. Conventional ways of doing this include using chemotherapy, radiotherapy or surgery to kill off or remove the cells from the body. Alternative methods, those that are usually used alongside conventional therapies, include the following:

1. Dieting

What people eat and drink determines how well they can fight off cancerous cells. Anyone who is suffering from cancer should have meals rich in fluids or fluid-only diets to keep up their strength. Additionally, they should eat foods rich in Vitamin C because this nutrient has cancer-cell-fighting properties.

Furthermore, to fight cancer people need to eat foods that are low in calories and glucose. By doing so, they starve off the cancer cells. When cancer cells are dead one can then begin the process of body recovery.

2. Alternative Medical Procedures

Using external radiation and surgery are conventional means of tackling cancer treatment, but they are not the only ones. Other medical procedures such a shock therapy also achieve the same goal. Admittedly, the conventional methods are sometimes safer to use than the unconventional medical procedures, but at other times the result is the same. An example of an alternative procedure is brachytherapy, the use of internal radiation, that is used to treat prostate cancer.

3. Meditation and Hypnotics

These two methods stimulate DNA repair which in turn fights cancer. By meditating or going under hypnosis, an individual can reach a state of consciousness called the delta state. In the delta stage, a person’s body shuts out most other functions except self-healing. Anybody who can channel that energy into self-healing can achieve body recovery. The recovery could mean that the cancerous cells have been taken care of or that the side effects of conventional treatments have been ameliorated. Similarly, meditation helps a person with cancer to develop a positive outlook and will, tools that are important to fighting cancer.

Meditating to the sound of nature or to healing music (can be found on the Unexplainable Store) is effective in getting the body to heal itself.

As the battle against cancer rages on, it is good to know how to fight the global pandemic. One could fight it via conventional medicine or the less painful, natural alternatives.