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How I Finally Quit Smoking – It Works!

How I Finally Quit Smoking - It Works! 0

Smoking – it’s a way to commit suicide slowly. Since, every puff of it is another tick closer to a time bomb of terrible consequences. If you’re smoker, you perhaps already know a cigarette is just a 2-minute cheer, but in the long run, it will eventually become a death warrant of your life. The tobacco-related mortality reports reveal that the death rate of smokers is three times higher than non-smokers; around 480,000 annually. Besides, life expectancy of a smoker is 10 years shorter than a nonsmoker too. Furthermore, the sudden death is a common condition which happens when heart doesn’t beat properly, & nicotine is normally responsible for that.

Want to quit smoking? I know, your answer is “Yes!” And, that’s why you’re reading this article as well. However, stop for a moment and ask yourself one question – Do you know anyone who actually quite smoking? There is a 99% chance that you don’t. Since, most advises don’t actually end the core problem; they either produce side effects or promote that long-term treatment which is rather expensive; they also keep you hooked to the same drug you became addicted to in the first place. Yes, I’m talking about “Nicotine”. It’s that drug which is consuming your life and dangle in front of you so that you can’t resist it.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a new smoker or a chain smoker for the past 30+ years, the habit of smoking can be controlled and ended fully. It’s utterly possible, and in fact numerous people have done that and living a happy, healthy, & satisfied life now. All you need is to focus and follow those methods which are legitimate and end the core problem.

Here I’m going to reveal a few ‘actual’ methods which various smokers have followed and quite smoking in just a few days – in fact some of them quit this monstrous habit within a week. Don’t believe that? No issue. Just follow below methods for a week, we guarantee, you’ll notice the positive change, without struggling with any kind of risky side effects.

1 – Sign the Contract

If you’re planning to quit smoking serious, you’ve to be professional as well. Make a contract and sign on it with a quit date. In addition, in order to make it look more professional or motivating, you can include your reasons to quit smoking. For example, write reasons like, “I want to quit smoking for my daughter”, “I want to live longer and healthier”, or “This addiction is not good for pregnancy”. Other than that, you can include the side effects of smoking cigarettes too, which will be enough to motivate you even more, such as, it create complications in diabetes, connects you with cancer symptoms, give erectile dysfunction (you won’t be able to stay last longer in bed), bad teeth, and etc.

2 – The Common Triggers

It’s better to perceive and stay away from the common triggers that impel you to smoke. Things like Alcohol and other smokers often push you to try just ‘one’ cigarette which eventually turns into a habit again. Don’t believe that? Visit some place where alcohol is available and smoking is allowed too; you’ll notice that most people have a habit to smoke while relishing alcohol. Apart from this, when your friends smoke around you, it’s also rather tough to challenge your habit. You feel the impulsion to smoke with them. The best thing you can do is to avoid those places/situations which trigger smoking situations. Visit only those places where alcohol is not available and smoking is prohibited too. Moreover, you can also attempt to avoid those situations when your friends do smoking, particularly after meal. The more you care about these things, the more it’s easy to control yourself.

3 – Nicotine Withdrawal Symptoms

Of course, there will be some withdrawal symptoms, especially if you’re a chain smoker or smoking from a very long time. You’ll struggle with some uninvited feelings & situations. For example, the first and the most important symptom would be ‘cigarette craving’. And, it will stay on your head in the first week. It would be utterly difficult to shun this thought or craving. Other than that, one can also feel headache, restlessness, irritability, frustration, anger, and mood-swings, which are all quite common, as you won’t be feeding your body and mind what it desires. Some people struggle with insomnia and depression too, as they started smoking cigarette to deal with depression at the first place. For them, cigarette is the only cure for depression. However, luckily, all these symptoms are just for 1-2 weeks.

4 – Feel like a Billionaire

In other words, keep mind busy! Quitting something is more about mental struggle. The more you think about it, the more it gets tough. But, if you can replace negative/struggling thoughts with rich & passionate thoughts, you can easily achieve your goals. Do you know why Billionaires achieve whatever they want? Because, they’ve clear goals and they passionately pursue them. Similarly, set some goals in life, like extra $2000 next month, and do whatever you can to achieve that goal. Once you set these types of goals, it becomes easier to quit smoking, as your mind is constantly busy in handling new thoughts.

Concluding Thoughts

Is there any advanced method to quit smoking without struggling emotionally, physically, or psychologically? Well, yes! There is a super advanced method, known as “Brainwave Entrainment”. And, fortunately, The Unexplainable Store offers this method to their customers. They’ve a set of tunes which are 15-30 minutes long and create a positive impact on your mind. All you need is to get your headphones and play those tunes. Within a few minutes, you feel a different ‘you’ – free of addiction. The experts of The Unexplainable Store created these tunes with the help of ‘Binaural Beats’ & ‘Isochronic Tones’, which are popular in the 21st century and attract the attention of modern science & physicians as well.

Is Crystal Healing a Scam?

Is Crystal Healing a Scam? 2

“Crystal-Healing” is perhaps the most baffling subject, as numerous people believe that it’s just a scam, and there isn’t a single percent reality in it. Especially, people from posh families think that it’s designed just to do business with middle-class families, as it’s easy to bait them. Though, it’s a controversial statement, but it’s not true at all. Crystal Healing is one of the most powerful and credible thing that exudes a particular type of energy which changes & improves your life. Even the scientists of 21st century now believe that it’s much more than the placebo effect and it’s changing the direction of medical/psychological science as well…

Yes, this ‘crystal healing’ can be a scam, if you aren’t buying the right stones or crystals, and if you aren’t activating them either. These are the most basic things which most people don’t apprehend and then call this most powerful thing a scam. If you’re buying fake crystals for low price, and from an unauthorized platform, you of course won’t get the right crystal and right instructions as well. Want to know what’s right & legitimate, and want to know how to activate those crystals, once you buy them? Visit The Unexplainable Store right now. It’s 100% legitimate platform, with an incredible customer-support service, and changing the lives of thousands of people through its crystals, stones, & sound therapy.

One perhaps won’t believe, but in the ancient times, Crystals were the adornments or rich and famous people. They used to wear them or keep them not only to reveal their high and majestic status, but also to acquire their magical powers. However, unfortunately, in the past few centuries, their worth and value taste the dust, as the time of technology and science flooded us with a lot of new inventions. But, these days, there has been more and more interest in crystals. People are starting to believe and utilize their power again. The only issue is, this time they don’t know how to actually acquire their power & activate them.

How to Use Crystals for Healing?

It doesn’t matter whether you want to use them for healing purpose only or wish to improve some aspect of your life; the use of them is simple. It’s not necessary to keep them in your pockets or fit them inside your ring; you can simply place them inside your room or office too to create a change in the vibrations of the surrounding area. Besides, it’s not necessary to keep only one crystal in one room. You can have more than one crystal in a room, according to your need and choice. They’ll do their work on their own and you’ll definitely see positive results in a few days. Apart from this, don’t forget to activate them; ask your seller to activate them for you before you actually pay the price, or at least ask for the process. And, as I’ve said earlier, if you’re buying them from The Unexplainable Store, you’ll receive all the accurate instructions, and they’ll guide you even after the purchase.

How to Heal Exactly?

Though, you can place these magical crystals inside home, room, office, office-table, and etc, for happiness, confidence, productivity, love, and etc. But, if you’ve some specific health related problem, then you can use them in some exact manner in order to utilize their full power. For example, during the treatment session, you can place various crystals on your body according to the chakra points and just have rest or meditate for a few minutes. There are thousands of videos on the YouTube which can help you to comprehend that. Other than that, you can place the crystals or stones under your pillow to banish the sickness or negativity from your life. I’ve seen numerous people who have placed those crystals in the bedrooms which escalate red-hot romance in their relationships, and I’ve seen and talked to those people to who wear them in ring or bracelet to have positive days.

Types of Crystals

Want to know some examples before you actually buy them? Well, I’ve a few great examples for you that will lure you and compel you to buy them immediately. I promise.

Blue Agate… It’s one of the most popular crystals. It’s like the sky-blue water released from the winter’s grasp. When you keep it in your home, or a specific room, it elevates positivity and stimulates positive, romantic and happy emotions. If you think your relationship has lost that special spark, wear it as a ring or place it inside your room, you’ll the magical results within a few days. In addition, if you aren’t good in communication, it will facilitate in increasing your confidence and transform you into a better conversationalist.

Tiger Eye… It’s that ancient power that exudes mysteriousness and power. People who aren’t confident or don’t feel the courage to face tough situations should keep this million-dollar stone around them, as it won’t just give you the power but also bring those opportunities which will transform you into a new, dominant person, which makes his/her opponents terrified. If you’re in a competition in office, or in business, or even in sports, keep this ‘Tiger Eye’ in your room, or wear it as a ring, and it will change your life forever.

Concluding Thoughts

All in all, try crystals for just 30-days, I assure you, you’ll see a massive change in life. It doesn’t matter whether you want to earn money, have a successful business, become brave, attract someone, or escalate red-hot romance or lovemaking in your life, just get those crystals or stones which fulfill your need and place them near you, or in that situation (like in a room or office) to make the most of its effects totally. Furthermore, if you want to discuss your issue with a professional or have some expert advice, don’t forget to contact the customer-support of The Unexplainable Store, they’ll guide you & offer a perfect crystal set. Besides, they’ll also inform you how to ‘activate’ its power in order to make it work.



Best Sleep Aid Music in the World – Say Goodbye to Insomnia!

Best Sleep Aid Music in the World – Say Goodbye to Insomnia! 0

Sleep is a luxury, which everyone can’t afford. Especially, people who struggle with insomnia perceive this so well. They want their brain to shut up and try to fall asleep before they fall apart. The advanced research reveals that it is one of the most common sleep disorders as half of adults report it occasionally. In fact, 10% of people experience chronic insomnia too, which doesn’t just make their life dreadful, but also halt their feet of success. In a way, the effects of insomnia impact nearly every aspect of their life. From poor work performance to impaired decision-making and damaged relationships, it’s responsible and make them suffer – grandly.

In a 2007 study, published in the journal Sleep, researcher found that 35% of people who have insomnia have a family history of insomnia or psychological problems. And, the other 65% are those who usually develop anxiety and depression. Furthermore, medicines, treatment, and unhealthy routine also cause insomnia on some level. Other than that, in case you’re a woman, you’re two times more likely to have insomnia than men, according to the National Sleep Foundation. It happens because of hormonal changes, including pregnancy, menopause, and menstrual cycle. Besides, in some cases, family responsibilities and tensions kill the sleep patterns of women too and impel them to stay awake all night.

“Can Insomnia Kill You?” This is the first and the most common question which revolves in the mind of those who struggle with insomnia. Well, yes. It can kill you. However, it kills in very rare cases. For example, if you’d sleep only 1-3 hours a day, you’ll start having severe fatigue, body tremors, and breathing difficulty. And, you’ll eventually die, but almost after 6-8 months. But, it’s difficult these days, as professional physicians are all around us, and they can save our lives through medications and even injections, and we can contact them anytime as well, unlike before. Yes, we can do that, but it’s still better & excellent if we can cure insomnia naturally, without depending on any kind of medication. The question is, can we do that? Well, of course, we can. All we need is to know what is right and what works.

Sleep Aid Music

Sleep Aid Music” – Have you ever heard about it? If you haven’t, you should try it, as it’s kind of a sleep inducing music that relief stress and soothe a person into a perfect state of relaxation. Numerous people have reported positive results; they revealed that the sleep aid music transforms their mind, thoughts, and even body into that state which is perfect for sleep. And, they easily fall asleep in a few minutes too. One can find the extensive list of sleeping music all over the internet for free. However, all aren’t as effective as they should be. For that reason, I’ve a list of best sleep aid music, which works at least quite better than others… Are you ready to relish the luxury of sleep? Below are a few special tracks for you.

So Easy, Melody A.M. by Royskopp… This one is truly a gem. It has a chill-out and ambient touch that control your mind first and then compel it to enter into a relaxing state, which is rather necessary for a good sleep. All you need is to hear it, once you’re in bed.

The Promise, From the Sky by Ryan Farish… Though, it begins with some relaxing touch, but there is an upbeat chill-out touch too, which in a way matches with your mind state and then in the second half, it slows things down to hand you a peaceful night’s sleep.

Earth Garden by Nanda… It’s also extremely relaxing with beautiful and relaxing finishing touches that touch and relax your soul. If I say, it’s a true magical piece, it would be utterly right. When you listen to it, it feels like it’s been created just for good night sleep.

Opus 20 by Dustin O’Halloren… It’s a contemporary classical music by one of the most famous Dusting O’Halloren who has created other special music as well, such as, Opus 23 and Prelude 2 which are also quite helpful in curing insomnia. Try it, you’ll love the results.

Moonlight Sonata by Ludwig van Beethoven… You’ve probably already heard this classical music as the creator of it is very popular. If you’re anything like me, I’m quite sure that you’ll opt for it and prefer it over other musical tracks. It’s so soothing & relaxing.

Cathedral Oceans by John Foxx… It’s an incredible kind of music that can help you sleep like a baby. If you’re feeling anxiety in your nerves, this exceptional track is specifically for you, as it brings total silence in your mind & banishes disturbing thoughts.

Structure of Ambient Life by Diatonis… This relaxing music definitely helps slowing down busy mind, and it also resides in my favorite list. If your mind is totally occupied by unwanted thoughts or if you’re feeling depression, this will help you big time, instantly.

Concluding Thoughts

In case you need something simpler, just go to YouTube and search for ‘meditation music’, ‘sounds of nature’, or ‘sleeping music’. We’re quite sure that you’ll get the music of your choice. However, whether it will or not is a completely another matter. If you want something to work as well almost IMMEDIATELY, you’ve to visit The Unexplainable Store.

The ‘Sleep Music Aid’ which they’ve created works quite well. Since, it has been created with the help of the most advanced technology ‘Brainwave Entrainment’. Through ‘Binaural Beats’ and ‘Isochronic Tones’, this technology controls the frequency of your mind and force it act in a certain way. Even if you’re captured by unwanted, depressing thoughts, or even if you’ve some tension on your head, through its frequency-controlling power, it will soothe your mind in just a few minutes and facilitate you in enjoying the most luxurious sleep.

Don’t believe that? Visit The Unexplainable Store, and you’ll be astonished by the results. You’ll indeed force others to try out their music for resolving sleep issue… We guarantee!

The Unexplainable Store Super Anniversary Sale 2016

The Unexplainable Store 9 Years Anniversary Sale 0

The Unexplainable Store turns 9 this month…

And we’re celebrating in a big way.

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7 Signs You Are Pregnant

7 Signs You Are Pregnant 0

As they say, when the child is born, mother is also born. The woman always exists, but a mother never exists until she has her baby in her arms. Motherhood is utterly beautiful; it’s indeed a miracle. According to great philosophers, it’s that ecstatic adventure & feeling which males can never understand or relish. Especially, the first pregnancy is that journey to a new country where you don’t know the language, rules, and etc. You’ve to learn everything to relish the moments and take care of that baby who fills all the empty parts of your heart and make you laugh & feel treasured. However, unfortunately, for some women, it’s not that straightforward to enjoy this ecstatic adventure; they’ve to try immensely hard to conceive.

The desire to have a child always impels a woman to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Therefore, if you want to conceive, the first and the imperative thing you need to do is to take care of your health, be more conscious of the foods, and stay away from all the beverages and drugs that doesn’t let you get pregnant easily. Since, if you’re sowing the ammunition, don’t expect the flowers to bloom. The professional physicians often recommend those steps & advices too that improve the odds of having a baby. For example, they compel you to record menstrual cycle frequency, monitor ovulation, have sex with your partner at the right time, give sperm a boost, and stay in contact with your health provider as well, all the time.

You’ve perhaps already done all these steps to get pregnant, and probably looking for the signs of pregnancy. Well, as today, after consulting with the most professional physicians, I’m going to reveal pregnancy symptoms, so that you can see whether you’ve got the news you want, or you’ve to struggle a tad more. Are you ready? Pull your seat up, & let’s begin.

Early Symptoms of Pregnancy

Before you read further or get discouraged, it’s better to understand that not all women have the early symptoms of pregnancy. Even the early symptoms can’t be the same, as all women are different and their experiences are different as well. If your friend is reporting backache, it doesn’t mean you’ll have the backache as well before pregnancy. Furthermore, it depends on your lifestyle as well; if one woman exercises daily and the other doesn’t even walk in the park, there will be a big different in signs and symptoms. However, there is a list of symptoms which we’re going to reveal below. If you’ve one of them, there is a 99% chance that you’re pregnant. And, it’s better to visit your physician for further information.

Symptom #1: Shortness of Breath: Getting winded going up the stair or while walking in the park all of a sudden? Congratulation! It perhaps means you’re pregnant. Since, the growing fetus requires oxygen, and that’s why you struggle with shortness of breath. Though, bear in mind that it’s not just one of the earliest signs of pregnancy, you perhaps have to struggle with the shortness of breath throughout your pregnancy as the growing baby puts pressure on your lungs and diaphragm. So, keep a sharp eye on breath.

Symptom #2: Spotting & Cramping: This can also be the earliest sign of pregnancy as it happens a few days after conception. It’s also known as “Implantation Bleeding”. According to the professional physicians, the spotting & cramping can be noticed after six to twelve days after the egg is fertilized. However, some women mistakenly think that it’s the start of period, which is not – sometimes – and a sign of pregnancy. Besides these spotting, one can also notice, white milky discharge from vagina which starts right after the conception. It’s harmless and can continue throughout the pregnancy as well.

Symptom #3: Food Aversions: Believe it or not, but it’s the most common pregnancy symptom – a symptom which you’ve probably heard from your mother, friends, physician, or loved ones. It is also one of the earliest and 99% credible sign. Some women report that they feel repelled by the smell of meat, sandwich, or a cup of coffee. They in fact don’t like the smell of colognes sometimes. The professional doctors believe that symptom is often caused by the side effect of quickly increasing amounts of estrogen in your system.

Symptom #4: Mood Swings: “Mood Swings” are very common, as they happen because of hormonal changes that create a major affect in chemical messengers in the brain, also known as Neurotransmitters. If your mood is swinging every next second, and if you’re getting frustrated again and again while thinking about conceiving, don’t think it’s just the frustration. The frustration which you’re feeling can be good news too. Some women feel heightened emotions too; they feel happiness or sadness on an elite level.

Symptom #5: Headaches & Frequent Urination: These two signs are also quite common and can be the signs of pregnancy. Since, first, the headache is connected to the increased progesterone levels. For that reason, doctors often advice you to drink enough fluids. But, if your daily intake of fluids is normal and you’re still feeling the headache, go for the pregnancy test. Furthermore, frequent urination doesn’t always come later when the baby presses on your bladder. Sometimes, it can happen in the early stages too. The extra blood flow to kidneys also causes them to produce more urine, over & over.

Concluding Thoughts

Can you get pregnant through mind stimulation? We know it’s hard to believe to get pregnant by just hearing a few tracks. But, it’s true – believe it or not. The advanced technology, Brainwave Entrainment, had made it possible. When you hear the tracks, which are available on The Unexplainable Store and created through ‘Binaural Beats’ and ‘Isochronic Tones’, the energy flows through your system and ensures proper reproductive health with a gentle Delta pattern which facilitate in bringing that special and important child into the world. Don’t believe that? Just visit the website, & ready to be grateful for it.

Mind Body Detox – Try Advanced Technology Today!

Mind Body Detox – Try Advanced Technology Today! 0

Feeling tired and foggy more often these days? Well, it’s because there are dangerous hidden toxins inside you that aren’t allowing your body to heal or boost energy properly. According to professional scientists, everyday, hazardous toxins like pollutants, pesticides, and chemicals attack us externally and internally. These are the waste products that not only harm us physically, but also damage our normal metabolic function, which results in several health and psychological issues. For that reason, if you’re a person who craves a happy, energetic, and passionate life, you require mind body detox to recharge and cleanse your system.

A healthy mind body connection through mind body detox plan can do more than your wildest imaginations! If you think it’s all about adding a little sparkle in your eyes and making your skin glow, then you’re a tad wrong. Since, these things are just the side bonuses. On the whole, you’re start shining as bright as the sun, from insides and from outside, in your life and in your career, in your relationships and in your social gatherings. The mind and body cleanse on a constant basis give you an adrenaline-packed life; you’re packed with extreme energy, and everyone around you feel it. You’re like a champion for them – immensely attractive. They love to spend time with you and stay close to you.

Now, the question is, how to have the right mind body connection, how to have that champion mind body spirit, through mind body detox… If you’re pondering this, then first remember, a research from the credible experts shows us that it takes the average person one to two weeks to completely remove the toxins from his/her body and get well emotionally, psychologically, and physically. In addition, one needs constant mind body cleansing too. It’s not just once-in-a-lifetime process. It requires at least once a week attention. For that reason, I have a program for you that will cleanse your mind and body, within a short period of time, and make you feel full of vitality in all areas of your life.

1 – Water (Fluid of Heaven)

Drink Water! Lots and lots of H2O! Water is that fluid of heaven which cleanses your body, mind, and spirit on grand scale. The scientists have already explained time and time again that roughly 60 percent of our body is made of water. Therefore, when we drink enough water, it not only regulates body temperature, but also transports those nutrients that banish the toxins of body and inject a dragon’s blood in our veins. We feel energetic each second. If you want to jump-start your morning, the best thing you can do is to squeeze a fresh lemon in a warm glass of water and drink it. This will do wonders for you, promise!

2 – The Magical “Pee”

Well, of course pee is pee, but it automatically becomes magical when you drink lots of water – believe it or not. For example, in 2014, a research at the Leiden University Medical Center in the Netherlands found that peeing more helped men suffering from urinary diseases. Though, it’s just the one aspect; there are other millions of benefits too. Peeing more also hands you a healthier and longer sex life. And, who doesn’t want that? Furthermore, sweating and peeing are the only two methods that remove fat from your body, and you know what? Most of the toxins are stored in your fat. So, peeing rocks!

3 – Get the Blood Flowing!

And, it’s only possible if you’re doing exercises, such as yoga, walking, jogging, and etc. Since, when you move your body and get the blood flowing, it transports toxins out of the body. That’s why we often see that the celebrities exercise long and hard to appear energetic, beautiful, and healthy. And, that’s why they always glow and look better than a common person. They never compromise on their exercise routines and in fact attempt their best to consume as much water as they can too. Other than that, when you exercise, in a way, the healing process of your body automatically increases too, which is rather excellent for your mind body connection. You feel tranquil and soothing on an emotional level too.

4 – Sleep

If you aren’t serious about your sleeping issues, then you’re jeopardizing your overall life and health. A research funded by the National Institute of Neurological Disorder revealed that sleep increases the space between brain cells, which flush out toxins that build up during waking hours. In other words, it removes waste products of the brain and makes you feel well emotionally and psychologically. However, this is just one aspect. The other aspect is ‘lack of sleep’ too. If you aren’t sleeping properly, your brain won’t be able to clear those toxics that play a role in brain disorder… So, what are you waiting for? Sleep well tonight.

5 – The Food List

The foods you consume also play an imperative role. And, there are some certain foods that you should avoid at all cost. For instance, foods like alcohol, cigarettes, artificial sweeteners, coffee, bread, biscuits, pasta, rice, and etc produce toxins inside your body and don’t let you feel 100%. On the other hand, there are some certain foods that work like magic and keep you active like a champion every second, such as, fruits, vegetables, fish, chicken, eggs, olive oil, nuts, seeds, green tea, water, and etc cleanse your system and also improve your memory, activeness, productivity, mental acuity, concentration, and emotional health.

Want to Detox in a Few Minutes, Right Now?

Yes! It’s possible. There are some tracks that are known as brainwave entrainment. The experts have created them with the help of Binaural Beats and Isochronic Tones. All you need is to get your headphones and listen to them quietly. The tracks will detox your system help you feel like a lively tiger in just a few minutes. Still don’t believe that? No problem. Visit The Unexplainable Store right now and see how they’re changing the world.

Energy Healing With Crystal in Your Home!

Energy Healing With Crystal in Your Home! 0

Energy Healing! Is it controversial? Well, no. At least, it’s not controversial at all in today’s modern and advanced age. It’s 100% true. In fact, it’s changing the lives of people and transforming them into a completely new, successful person. Even the professional scientists of our age are consistently working on the energy healing in order to learn and utilize more of its power. They perceive that, these days, the natural energy healing process is one of the best ways to heal a person emotionally, physically, and psychologically; it indeed purifies the soul of a person too and injects massive amount of positive energy in him, which alters his life.

There are various kinds of definition, but on the whole, “Energy Healing is a process in which the belief healers channel energy into a patient and produce positive results. However, interestingly, one can also improve the flow of energy inside him to support the self-healing capacity of the body. Now, the question is how many types of energy healing are there? We can’t possibly list all here, as they’re in numerous forms. In fact, different regions and cultures have different kinds of energy healing processes, which are still unknown to the world. But, the famous energy healing types are Acupuncture, Brennan Healing Science, Chakra Healing, Polarity Therapy, Healing Touch, Quantum Touch, Reiki, Shamanic Healing, and etc. All of these energy healing types are popular in our world.

But, there is one more energy healing method, which happens through “therapeutic crystals and gemstones”. Do you know that? It’s true. It’s indeed one of the most latent and the most credible ways to channel and improve energy healing inside a person. It’s a technique that utilizes stones and crystals, since the professional adherents of this technique believe that the crystals have the healing power, as they come from deep within the earth, where they absorb the earth frequencies and energies from its powerful electromagnetic fields. When you are holding the crystals or putting them on the right energy points of your body, you are aligning your body with the energy of the Earth.

And, if you’re going to use them for healing purposes, they’ll hand your miraculous results and transcend your hopes. Though, according to those adherents too, usually, the energy and frequencies of those crystals get altered by altering agents, such as, electrical grids, drilling, mining machines, and other man-made technologies. Therefore, it’s better to correct their frequencies and energy levels if you want to get the most positive results out of them.

There are numerous types of crystals which have their own unique powers… For example,

Blue Agate This magical crystal has the soft, soothing elegance. It’s like the sky-blue waters released from the winter’s grasp. The believers of energy healing crystals reveal that the Blue Agate has a stimulating, positive effect on emotions and attitude. If your emotions aren’t in control, or if you’re tired of dealing with negativity in life, or even if you’re feeling downgrade in different aspects of your life, the healing properties of the Blue Agate will do wonders for you. Its energy doesn’t just induce positivity in emotions, but also give you the encouragement and support which you require in your life. Furthermore, if it’s tough for your communicate or make decisions, this crystal will give you clarity in thoughts as well.

Amethyst crystalAccording to the Greek mythology, Amethyst was a rock crystal that dyed purple by the tears of Dionysus – the god of wine and revelry. Besides, in the ancient times, it was also known as the gem of fire. However, in today’s classification, it’s a semi precious stone that stimulates and soothes the mind and emotions. However, this is just the one property of Amethyst. On the other hand, it’s also associated with faithful love, dignity, fire, and passion. Besides, it also ignites creativity and bears the logic of temperance and sobriety. Because of these million-dollar and diverse properties, this crystal energy healing is enormously beneficial, not just for mind & soul, but also for emotions and passions.

Bloodstone In Greek, this crystal is also referred as Heliotrope, means sun turning. Since, that time, numerous people believe that the sun turns red when the bloodstone is immersed in the water. However, today’s believers accept as true that the bloodstone has strong metaphysical properties, and its vibrations definitely facilitate you in finding within yourself a deep and greater sense of spiritual tenacity. Since, this excellent product of nature makes you feel the very stronger sense of determination and help you in regaining your personal power. Furthermore, if you’re weak in difficult situations or don’t feel the courage to fight with the adversities of life, the properties of this stone will give you the strength of mind, raise your self esteem, and build your courage as well in all conditions.

There are lots of crystals with a lot of different powers… I just revealed a few and shown their properties. Now, the question is how you can make use of them in home for energy healing. Well, first, always choose the stones with special care, as some sellers do sell artificial and stones and crystals which don’t have the power you need. Therefore, the priority is to choose only the natural ones, which you can get from The Unexplainable Store.

Second, you can use the crystals in your master bedroom, bathroom, study/office, children’s bedrooms, dining room, living room, meditation room, and even in the garden. All you need is to place crystals near those items that affect your daily life. For example, near your bed, wardrobe, food, car, plants, pets, office-table, laptop, books, and etc. The power of the crystals will banish the negativity of these things and charge them with positivity. You’ll feel the change when you’ll be with your significant other in bed, you’ll feel the change when you’ll be appeared with charged-clothes in front of your boss, you’ll feel the positive in your business/work, and etc. This is just the one way to charge things and relish their enormous power, if you want more details, visit The Unexplainable Store, as we are not only offering the natural crystals and gemstones, but also explaining their uses and powers in the great detail. You’ll learn how you can utilize their maximum influence.

Pain Relief – Banish All Kinds of Pain!

Pain Relief – Banish All Kinds of Pain! 0

As Barbara Kingsolver has said, “Pain reaches the heart with electrical speed, but truth moves to the heart as slowly as a glacier.” And, that’s utterly true! Each day we struggle with some kind of pain; sometimes it’s a physical pain, and sometimes it’s an emotional pain. However, we usually don’t do anything about it or think that it will heal on its own, which is in a way correct as well. We don’t attempt to dig that pain deeper so that we can solve it immediately. It’s perhaps because it demands more of our time, or pushes us into more disillusionment.

Anything from a bad mattress to a small accident can cause pain. Pains are in thousands of forms, and any form can hit you at any time. Sometimes it’s just a small injury or illness, and other times it’s a burning sensation or other dangerous chronic condition. It doesn’t matter what form it is, it’s always hard to handle. And, somehow, it destroys our lives, our time, and most importantly, our relationships. We can’t concentrate; we can’t move on.

If you also struggle with some pain, any kind of pain, and tired of taking medicines or consulting expensive, professional doctors, you perhaps already perceive all the highs and lows of its destruction and impact on your life. However, don’t worry, since there are some natural relief methods that can banish any kind of pain from your life. And, today, I’ve a special list for you as well. In addition, I’ll reveal a latent secret that will not only amaze you, but also make you think how much our technology is facilitating us. Though, we agree, these below natural pain relief methods will not work for everyone, but it’s always worth a try, before reaching over-the-counter pain killers, or even pharmaceutical hitters prescribed by your professional doctor. You can count on them and alleviate most pains from your life.

Fish Oil

According to Michael Cronin, ND, a naturopathic physician in Scottsdale, Az., and the past president of the American Association of Naturopathic Physician, ‘Fish Oil’ is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, which plays a grand role in pain. Especially, if you’ve a neck or shoulder pain, or any joint pain as well, you can try fish oil. Scientists have tested its benefits on several patients, and almost all patients claimed that the fish oil has stopped their prescription pain-killers. In case you aren’t a fish-lover, there are some supplements which you can try after consulting your doctor; they’re also packed with full benefits.

Release Inner Endorphins

It’s one of the most natural ways which any one, in almost any condition, can try. Any activity, that gets your blood pumping, release pain-relieving endorphins in your body. For that reason, the experts often compel you to do exercises or at least keep your body in an active state through walk or jogging. Now, one may ask, how you can do the exercises if you’re already in pain. Well, the answer is simple too. Focus on those exercises and activities which are tolerable. Besides, you can take advice from the right type of health professional, such as, physiatrist, chiropractor, or physical therapist. They’re perfect their games and comprehend how to perform well on a human’s body. Other than that, you can ask your own personal physician; there is a strong chance that he’ll recommend something better, which you can do without any hurdle or pain. So, what are you waiting for?


Well, believe it or not, but a new research in the journal of pain revealed that ginger facilitates in reducing pain and inflammation. It’s especially effective for muscle pain. Therefore, if you feel a muscle stretch or any kind of muscle pain, you can try ginger for it. It will amaze you with its results. Other than that, there was an extensive research on ginger in which the professional researchers performed some tasks on the arthritic patients. They gave them small amount of ginger every day for at least three month. And, the results were astonishing! The majority of those patients reported significant improvements in pain, swelling, and morning stiffness issues. It was kind of a blessing from heaven from them.

Heat/Cold Therapy

This is also an interesting and a natural pain relieving method. It doesn’t matter it’s a chronic pain, or not, it will create a dramatic effect and soothe you in minutes. However, the key is to know when to use which therapy. Since, if you are using them against their actual use, they can indeed elevate your pain. Just remember one rule. When you have an acute and sudden injury, put ice on it right away. It will ease the pain. For instance, you twist you ankle and it is painful and swollen, use cold therapy. If you’d use heat therapy on it, it will not only increase the blood flow but also increase the swelling. On the other hand, if you’ve a chronic pain in your muscles, massage your neck or that join with warm water or some warm lotion. You can even take a warm-water bath for relishing its complete benefits.

Pain Relief Recordings – Is It True?

Well, yes! It’s true…

If you haven’t heard yet about ‘Brainwave Entrainment’ then, in a way, you don’t know how much we’ve advanced our technology. Today, just through hearing a few tracks, we can not only relieve the pain, but also feel happy, energetic, and free. It’s like you control pain with your mind. Don’t believe that? Visit The Explainable Store right now. The experts have created a “Pain Management Recording”, which is almost 30 minutes long, with the help of binaural beats and Isochronic tones. This recording helps you relax the pain away. After listening it just once, you’ll feel significant improvement. On top of that, there is a “Pain Management Package” too. It helps in relieving almost all the pains. For instance, this package has Headache Recording, Pain Relief Recording, and Endorphin Release Recording.

So, take advantage of this technology today! It delivers 100% results… We promise!

Wake Up Easily, Be Awesome!

Wake Up Easily, Be Awesome! 0

“Wake Up, And Be Awesome!” This should be the axiom of your life. However, the issue is it’s not that easy. Waking up with full of energy, like you’re going to conquer the world, is almost impossible, if you don’t know how to ignite that feeling, or how to prepare for that. It can’t happen automatically. Besides, typically, almost all of us wake up like we’re sick; it’s like someone has taken out our soul already. Our bodies reject waking up and impel us to go to bed and sleep again. And, the interesting thing is, it happens every day. It has become a habit.

We aren’t the dinosaurs anymore; this is the 21st century, and we’re the night owls. The technology is one of the greatest reasons that have killed our sleeping cycle. We aren’t sociable like before anymore, and we don’t participate in activities like before anymore. We’re utterly dependent on the advanced technology; we in fact can’t even spend a day without it. But, luckily, it doesn’t mean we can’t train ourselves to wake up early, like a champion, and with full of passion. It’s completely doable. All we need is to know how.

Now, before I reveal how to wake up with energy and wake up easily, first it’s better to know what the benefits of that are. Without apprehending the benefits, you won’t feel the compulsion to even try those proficient tips which I’m going to share in just a few minutes.

Benefit #1 – According to 2008 Texas University study, people who wake up early, or people who are early risers, earn better grades than those who aren’t active in the morning.

Benefits #2 – Harvard biologist Christoph Randler also discovered in 2008 that people who wake up early and passionately are usually proactive, happier, and healthier in life.

Benefits #3 – Want to be a ‘problem solver’? Well, start waking up early. Since, people who wake up early have enough time to organize their thoughts and plan their day.

Benefits #4 – Do you know, mornings are often the most productive times of the day? It’s true. It’s that time when you can complete 60 percent of work before ‘they’ are even up.

Benefits #5 – ‘Exercises’ and ‘Breakfast’ are the two most important things in the first hour of morning which can tone your day in the best possible way keep you mentally alert.

These are just a few exceptional benefits… The list is rather long. But, now let’s see how you can ‘actually’ wake up easily and wake up with full of energy. It’s entirely possible if you follow the below advice which I’ve gathered from the red-hot tables of experts and after interviewing those champions as well, who have already earn fame and riches in the world.

So, are you ready? Let’s begin…


Sleep Earlier

We know, it’s not that easy, especially if it’s not your habit. But, this is the first step which you can take to change your life. Now, we aren’t saying to do some drastic changes; just sleep 20 to 30 minutes earlier. Take a small step first. And, get used to this for a few days. After that cut back 15 minutes gradually until you achieve your ultimate goal. Of course, we know that it’s not that easy in the start; you’ll be just lying and wasting your time. If this is the case, then go to sleep on your usual time, however, get up and leave the bed immediately as your clock strike the early morning time. Since, when you’ll be sleep deprived, you’ll automatically feel like jumping into the bed before you actual sleep time.


Always Have a Good Reason

This is something which most people don’t do! And, that’s why, they don’t feel the motivation for waking up early. You should always have the reason if you want to wake up easily and with full of energy. For instance, set something to do early in the morning. It can be an hour of exercise, a small task of your job, meditation, yoga, writing, or anything. Just always have some good reason to start your day. This will inject extreme level of motivation in you, as you’ll know you have something to do. Besides, give yourself a good reward once you’re up early in the morning, such as, a hot cup of coffee, or some yummy smoothies.


Sleep-Destruction Meals

Avoid sleep destruction meals before bed time. For instance, fast foods and coffee etc. keep your senses alert. Relishing them before bed time is not only bad for your waist line, but also bad for the next day’s energy too. When you have them, almost before going to bed, you make your digestion process slow. Plus, it also impels you to go to washroom, again and again, which damages your sleep cycle. On the other hand, a recent research by the sleep experts has also confirmed that coffee is the main culprit of insomnia too. It keeps your body awake. Therefore, it’s better to limit your consumption of it. Keep it less than 500 mg per day. Furthermore, though, water is a natural thing that our body requires, but don’t have it as well 2-3 hours before going to bed. Since, water takes two to three hours before pushing you to visit washroom. It’s better to drink water right before bed, rather than drinking a glass of water an hour before. This fact can facilitate you in sleeping peacefully.


Can Waking Up Be As Good As Falling Asleep?

Yes, it can be. Luckily, we’re in the age of advanced technology. Today, scientists have experimented and revealed ‘Brainwave Entrainment’, which allows you to wake up fully energized. It’s kind of a quick vibrant awakening. If you don’t know anything about it, visit The Unexplainable Store right now, as it has a few tracks that can make waking up as pleasant as falling asleep. All you need is a headphone and listen to those tracks once you’re up. You’ll be surprised, filled with determination, and sing the melody of your soul.

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