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Telepathy – The Communication of Mind!

Telepathy – The Communication of Mind! 1

What is “Telepathy” in actuality? Well, I’d like to answer without a moment’s delay. “Tele” means ‘distance’, and “pathy” means ‘feelings’. So, on the whole, in the simplest form, you can say getting feelings through a distance is Telepathy – This term was first coined in 1882 by the classical scholar, and the founder of the ‘Society for Psychical Research’, Frederic W. H. Myers; he was also known as an expert of though-transference. Though, according to scientific evidence, Telepathy isn’t the real phenomenon, but thousands of subject and millions of mind believe that it’s 100% real, and embrace its presence rather contentedly as well with proofs.

Telepathy is in various forms. First, there is the transmission of feelings. This is quite popular among humans and animals, and almost all human beings believe on that. In some ways, science also authorizes it and calls it ‘mirror neurons’, as for them, if you see someone happy, you feel happy too; if you see someone sad, you also experience the heaviness in your chest. And, it all happens because of ‘mirror neurons’. Second, the transmission of words and phrases is also a branch of telepathy, which is quite complex to achieve. Besides, science doesn’t commend this type as well. Since, according to scientists, there isn’t any kind of thought transmission; people who claim that are either immensely great at reading the body language, or plan things in such way that compel a person to think in a certain manner. For instance, the mentalists often envelop their target with smoke before they even start their game, days and even months before the actual game.

Now, the question is what to do with telepathy? First, it has million-dollar benefits that hand you an edge in today’s world, if you’re serious about learning it or studying all the highs and lows of it. Second, professionals believe that it can be the headlines of tomorrow as well and science will start endorsing it somehow. Telepathy facilitates in knowing what people are thinking or feeling about you. In addition, it also helps in sending messages to others on an unconscious level, or impels a person to think in certain ways. These two are the basic benefits which you can learn rather rapidly, without even consulting a telepathy expert.

Believe it or not, you can have a 15-minute experiment right now and see its latent power.

1st… Get a friend. There should be a sender and receiver for this experiment, who will try to transmit their thoughts. Assume that you are the sender, and your friend is a receiver.

2nd… Have a Belief. Without solid belief, this system can’t work. You both shouldn’t only have a belief on that, but also deeply desire it to occur; closed minds don’t get good results.

3rd… Get Relaxed. Telepathy shows its magic when you’re relaxed – emotionally, psychologically, and physically. Since, when you’re relaxed, you concentrate rather well.

4th… Visualize. This is the most important step. Visualize that you are connected with your friend’s mind through a silver tube, which transmits your thoughts and feelings.

5th… Start the Game. Close your eyes and transmit a visual picture of your choice, like an apple or orange. Visualize that it’s travelling through the tube and reaching the other mind.

6th… Have a Feeling. When you have a feeling, after a few minutes, that the though, or the mental picture has been transferred. Stop the entire process and open your eyes.

7th… Compare Results. Ask from your friend regarding what mental picture, or pictures, he/she has received. Compare the results. If they are close, you are on the right track.

8th… Repeat the Experiment. Practice makes perfect! It doesn’t matter whether results are great or not, just keep practicing with friend if you want consistent, positive end results.

Can’t swim in the ocean of patience? No issue. Visit the Unexplainable Store right now, as they’ve a few professional tracks that increase your telepathy skills quickly. They developed them through Theta brainwaves that increase your telepathy frequencies & energies rapidly.

Chakra Meditation – 100% Real!

Chakra Meditation – 100% Real! 0

There was a time, not too long, when rumor mills were churning that ‘Chakra Meditation’ isn’t real; they lamented that its roots doesn’t embrace the actual meanings of meditation. However, time and the maestros of Chakra signed the death warrants of those rumor mills. Through their exceptional talent, practices, and proofs, they proved time and time again that it’s not only real, but also enhances our living in numerous ways. From that time forward, experts and even the professional scientists explored this subject even more. And, today, it’s one of the marvels of human’s world. Thousands of people, from different facets of life, follow this meditation practice assiduously, acquiring overpoweringly positive benefits out of it.

First, let’s apprehend what Chakra actually is. “It’s an energy point in a body in a circular shape.” This term is derived from Sanskrit – means “Wheel”. It’s quite popular in Indian religion, as it’s widely practiced and preached in their religious books. There are total seven kinds of Chakras, located along the spine extending out the front and back of the body. Each Chakra has its own distinct quality. For instance, the first five Chakras are connected with the physical elements, such as earth, water, fire, air, and ether (space). The last two Chakras are a tad different and associated with the elements of light and cosmic energy.

All Chakras work together with our feelings and thinking and contribute to our being. However, interestingly, all Chakras don’t work greatly; some are overactive, while others are not open enough and underactive. For that reason, we do meditation to balance them. Now, before you start pondering meditation, it’s pertinent to apprehend the name of Chakras and their distinct qualities, so that you can perceive which Chakra requires your special attention, and how you can focus on them in order to bring harmony in your life.

Root Chakra is the first one, and one of the most important Chakras among others. When it’s stable and in a powerful state, you feel grounded and stable; you start living in the present, rather than getting worried about the past or future. If you’re a person who tends to be nervous or fearful, balance the Root Chakra. It will give you the sense of abundance.

Sacral Chakra is all about your feelings and sexuality. It has a strong grip on your love life and relationship, as when it’s active, you’re open to intimacy, and live a passionate life with your lover. However, when it’s overactive, you feel overemotional almost all the time.

Navel Chakra hands you control and boost the self-esteem. It’s specifically for those who live a shy life or don’t know how to gain respect in social circle and make great friends.

Heart Chakra creates a warm and loving connection in relationship. People who are cold and distant should balance this Chakra. Since, in a balance state, it will transform their personality, life, and relationships. They’ll become more loving, kind, affectionate, and friendly. People would love to stay around them, because of their warmth and friendliness.

Throat Chakra is specifically for the introverts and shy people. It allows you to express yourself open on all the platforms with supreme confidence. People who have an overactive Throat Chakra tend to speak too much and attempt to dominate in social gatherings.

Third Eye Chakra is the source of insight and visualization. If you want to have a good intuition or a sharp mind with insightful thinking, work on this chakra and balance it.

Crown Chakra is for the people with wisdom. It’s not only pertinent for the adults, but also for the kids. When it’s in a healthy and balanced state, you’re aware of all the highs and lows of the world and yourself. You know what you’re doing and what you need to do to stay happy and successful in life. People who have a natural overactive Crown Chakra think about things and situations, and judge things too much; they ignore their realistic needs.

Knowing about Chakras is one thing, balancing them and doing meditation on them is utterly other. However, luckily, the Unexplainable Store resolves this issue, as they have those recordings which can facilitate in Charka Opening and Meditation on a grand degree.

Pre-menstrual Syndrome (PMS)

Pre-menstrual Syndrome (PMS) 0

Pre-menstrual Syndrome (PMS) is actually a group of symptoms linked to the menstrual cycle. If you’re struggling with bloating, breast pain, mood swings, feeling irritable, and losing interest in intimacy and sex as well, it means you’re facing the music of PMS. It usually occurs two weeks before a woman’s monthly period. Though, this time period isn’t specific as the symptoms can take place when period starts and disappear a few days afterwards. Mostly, women handle these symptoms on their own, since they know all the highs and lows of it since their first menstrual cycle. However, all women aren’t the same. In fact, according to a recent professional survey, 1 in 20 women’s PMS is severe enough to halt their normal, happy lives.

PMS is also known as PMT (premenstrual tension). If you’re victim of it, you perhaps already comprehend that its symptoms usually stay around for at least six days, but sometimes they go away immediately too once you start bleeding. Now, before we dig deeper into this subject, first it’s imperative to know what cause premenstrual syndrome (PMS). Well, according to the professional physicians, in reality, causes of it aren’t utterly clearly. It’s like there are some factors which evolve and turn into PMS or PMT, for instance, lack of vitamins, relishing lots of salty/fast foods, drinking alcohol on a regular basis, and etc.

In addition, consuming a lot of caffeine can also result in premenstrual syndrome. For that reason, before consulting a physician, try to avoid caffeine for a few days. It will facilitate you in apprehend whether it’s the cause of your irritation or not. Apart from this, some women fight with PMS because of changes in hormones. In case you’re already suffering from hormone changes in other ways and know about it as well, PMS can also be the outcome of it. Therefore, instead of treating PMS, try to resolve hormone issues, as it will resolve everything automatically. Other than that, in some cases, chemical changes in brain can also create a colossal impact on menstrual cycle. Women who regularly suffer with emotional issues like depression, work-load, isolation, can also be the victim of PMS.

When exactly one should consult a professional physician? Well, the answer is simple. If PMS isn’t allowing you to live a happy life, and denting your relationship, consult a physician; he/she will not only explain the causes of it, but also manage the symptoms too.

Fortunately, Mother Nature has some incredible answers for this issue. There are various natural treatment options that can resolve this matter rather effectively and bring your body into its correct balance. For example, chaste berry is famous for reducing pain, tetchiness, mood swings, constipation, anger, and headache. Next, for hundreds of years, Maca was utilized by native Peruvians to enhance fertility and resolve menstrual problems and hormone imbalance. It’s also immensely beneficial for weak bones, bad temper, and depression. Besides, Maca doesn’t only resolve issues, it also arouse sexual desire and boost immune system… You can also use these million-dollar natural remedies for PMS.

Believe it or not, you can restore female health, solve premenstrual syndrome (PMS), and relish fast and positive healing through some tracks. Yes! It’s true. Don’t believe that? Visit the Unexplainable Store right now, as their tracks begin in Beta, transit smoothly into Theta, and ends in Delta border. It’s actually a brainwave entrainment therapy that relieves your symptoms of PMS. All you need is to get your headphones and listen to their tracks before bedtime. The results will appear sooner than your expectations in just a few minutes.

Automatic Writing – Spirit Communication!

Automatic Writing – Spirit Communication! 0

What is “Automatic Writing”? This question lights numerous candles in mind, as it doesn’t only look interesting, but also makes us curious and impels us to think how it can benefit us in our lives, especially in our careers, if we’re a professional writer, or love to write. However, before we reveal what Automatic Writing is, first it’s pertinent to explain what actual writing is. Writing is actually a conscious process. We use our conscious thoughts to write something on the paper. We think a lot before we can even move our hands. But, the issue is, are we all like that? Well, no! Yes, if we say 98% of us are the conscious writer, it would be utterly right. But, there are some writers like professional poets, authors, and etc. who aren’t the conscious writer; they forget the world and their pens run automatically, when they’re involved in work.

“Automatic Writing is also known as Spirit Communication. It’s a process that doesn’t come from conscious thought. You’re just unaware of what will be written. Your hands do the talking and form the messages in a trance state; your spirit takes control of you – utterly.”

Now, don’t think it’s just a gifted tool of professional writers. In reality, it’s in various forms. For instance, through automatic writing, the experts of it attempt to communicate with deceased loved ones, get guidance on ongoing relationships, compel their spirit to guide in tough situations and etc. In other words, it’s a medium. It’s up to you how you use it.

On the other hand, the science contradicts it. Since, in science, there isn’t any concept of spirit or spiritual writing. But, interestingly, the professionals of science believe that there is a writing process that happens through unconscious mind. The skeptical investigator, Joe Nickell, thinks that automatic writing is produced while one is in a dissociated state. It’s a form of motor automatism, or unconscious muscular activity. In a way, it’d be right to say that science also at least trusts on the latent unconscious influence of a human’s mind.

How to do automatic writing or how to become an expert of it? If you’re pondering this, allow me to give you a few exceptional tips. Though, bear in mind, it’s all about writing in the flow. You’ve to put your mind to one side and write in effortless way – completely.

  • Just start writing, and don’t worry about what you’re writing. This is the first step, as you listen to the automatic writing audio, you are closing the gates of your conscious mind and allow your unconscious mind to do the talking. The best thing you can do is to write a question first. The question can be either from your own hustles of life, or from a deceased loved one. Just write it down and start writing, so that your spirit or unconscious mind can work in a specific way.
  • Second, you can set a timer too. In fact, it’s better to set a timer. 15-20 minutes are enough for beginners for automatic writing. During that period, don’t worry about what you’re writing. Close your eyes and let your pen flow. The judgment part comes later.
  • Lastly and most importantly, create the right environment. Since, disturbance will activate your conscious mind and won’t let you go with the flow. Try this process when you’ve privacy. Close the doors, turn phone off, and take deep breaths before starting.

In addition, of you don’t have brainwave altering audio, you can get one from Unexplainable Store too. Our automatic writing recording is 30-minutes long and tunes your brain to the lower Theta frequency. We created this track which can excite the spiritual center of your brain and banish those barriers that stop you from receiving messages from the spiritual realm.

Heal Your Body in a Few Minutes!

Heal Your Body in a Few Minutes! 0

Believe it or not, it’s our brain that opens the gates of pain and ill health. However, at the same time, it’s that latent power that closes those doors too and blocks the pain and ill health signals. The experts of 21st century believe that if we can control our mind, we can heal our body rather quickly and immensely positive ways. But, one may ask, is it just the mind that holds the ‘actual’ power? Well, no. It’s our body too. All we need is to perceive its supremacy. It’s actually a self-healing organism; we just need to activate it. Once it’s activated, it can not only heal your body and all the ailments, but also turn all your pains into a beautiful poetry.

Healing is automatic! You can’t stop this process even if you want to. The only thing is that sometimes its process is slow, and sometimes it’s quick. It all depends on various factors, such as, your mental state, diet, activities, and etc. But, it happens. It happens without your conscious awareness and involvements. Now, one may ask why we don’t always heal, or why we aren’t in a perfect health all the time. Well, it’s because we erect barriers to our own healing. We either misread the symptoms or don’t treat them in a right way. For instance, “Dehydration” is that evil which we invite by ourselves, which usually turns into “Asthma” issue in the long run. Besides, lack of water consumption on a constant basis also invites hundreds of other medical issues, which we attempt to avoid through medical drugs.

Other than that, food is also the premier reason for our ill health. Its results strike us in the most dangerous way; the food we eat today, affect us almost after a month in the most horrible forms – if it’s not healthy. For that reason, when you’re ill, the physicians often restrict you regarding your food, or push you to have certain food for healing quite quickly.

Are there any specific ways to heal – automatically? Yes! There are. And, most of them require mental strength and your own efforts as well. Allow me to give a few examples.

  • Firstly, and most importantly, be passionate about your life. Remember, each second is important. Set your goals and pursue them with unbounded enthusiasm. People who know what they want and when exactly they want stay immensely healthy and happy.
  • Don’t regret the past or fear the future. These both sectors don’t matter. Just act on the present. If you’re working in present positively, the future will always be promising. Besides, people who stay in fear always sign the death warrants of their well-being too.
  • Emotional health is always as important as physical health. If you aren’t happy emotionally, you can’t heal quickly, no matter what. Therefore, the advanced medical science has introduced the concept of ‘placebo effect’ too, as it works on emotions.

Is there any other way to heal in a few minutes? Yes, there is. Visit our website–The Unexplainable Store. Our healing tones are designed by the professionals and they transform a person’s health and emotions in just a few minutes. These tracks have been prepared with the help of Binaural Beats and Isochronic Tones which are the most effective type of Brainwave Entrainment. Our tracks facilitate in Blood Circulation, Heart Function, Liver Function, Thyroid Function, Nervous System, Endocrine System, Kidney Function, Pituitary Function, Human Growth Hormone, Pineal Gland Function, Immune System Function, Adrenal Function, Spiritual Well-Being, Backache Relief, Acne Healing, and etc. Don’t believe that? Just try and see how it’s changing healing concept.

Astral Projection – An Out-of-Body Experience

Astral Projection – An Out-of-Body Experience 0

Have you ever had an out-of-body experience? Or, have you ever heard about it? In Astral Projection, the existence of astral body separates from the physical body and travel outside of it. Some people call it “afterlife” experience as well, as according to them, souls in reality don’t need a physical body; they’ve the power to travel on their own. The idea of astral travel is already rooted in various religious accounts; it’s indeed that concept which provides a religion immense strength and gives it a power to influence people on a massive scale. However, the real question is, can you experience astral projection now, even if you aren’t a saint or a gifted person? The answer is, “Yes!” You can experience astral projection, no matter who you’re.


The history of astral projection is quite rich. It starts from the era of Bible, where some claim that Bible contains mentions of astral projection meditation. But, Bible isn’t the only limit. Even the ancient Egyptian literature exhibits the soul as having the ability to hover outside the physical body. It appears that the Egyptian era was also quite enthusiastic regarding out-of-body experiences, and they’ve perhaps introduced their own practices as well for that. Furthermore, there are some Chinese practices too that involve creation of an energy body by breathing meditations. Though, unlike Egyptian practices, the Chinese practices are rather advanced. And, one can learn them too from their professionals.

Astral Projection Guide

One can find numerous astral projection guides – from astral projection lucid dreaming to astral projection meditation – however, it doesn’t mean that all are offering the best practices. Only a maestro of this arena can confirm the credibility of a guide or practice. Therefore, after consulting a maestro, I’ve put together a few tips for you that can facilitate in experience out-of-body experience. Just read them and implement them – accurately.

Imaginary Rope… This rope technique was introduced by Robert Bruce. It’s simple, but demand immense concentration, and gives incredible results as well to the beginners. All you need is to lie down, close your eyes, and relax your muscles for a few minutes. Try to banish all the thoughts; it’s pertinent to clear mind – utterly. Next, imagine there is an imaginary, visible rope hanging from your ceiling. Now, reach out with your imaginary hands and pull yourself. Imagine as you’re attempting to pull your soul of your body. Once you start feeling sensations in body, it means you’re on the right track. Keep eyes close and climb, hand over hand, upwards. Imagine harder. And, your body will start vibrating. In a few minutes, you’ll be hovering above your body, holding the imaginary rope. Free at last!

Lucid Dreaming… It’s one of the best ways to experience Astral Projection. It’s not only easy to dominate it, but also unlocks several doors of fun. In a way, through lucid dreaming, you create a reality. It’s in your hands to create your own dreams and relish the pleasure. Now, the trick for lucid dreaming is quite simple. Keep thinking: Tonight, I’ll experience a lucid dream. And, keep asking yourself all day long: “Am I dreaming now?” This tactic will push your conscious and subconscious mind to awake you inside a dream.

Is there any other, easy way for experiencing Astra Projection? Yes! Luckily, there is. Visit us at The Unexplainable Store today, as our experts have utilized advanced technology – Binaural Beats and Isochronic Tones – in order to create those tracks that dominate your conscious and unconscious mind and provide you the incredible experience of Astral Projection… Don’t trust me? Get headphones and listen “Astral Super Package Deal”.

“A good traveler is the one who know how to travel with the mind.” – Michael Bassey Johnson

Depression – Let’s Recover From Emotional Injuries!

Depression – Let’s Recover From Emotional Injuries! 0

What is depression? According to the experts, it is a wound that never appears on the body, but it’s deeper and more hurtful than anything that bleeds. The victims of this severe inner wound feel that they’re surrounded by a dark shadow and it’s impossible for them to get out it, or they’ll die a slow and tedious death. The recent statistics reveal that depression affects around 16 million American annually. Therefore, the drug society is banking big bucks through their antidepressant drugs. And, sadly, people have a tendency towards them too; they want quick cure – a cure that can kill the shadow and facilitate them in living their life again. Though, there are some people who don’t want to be dependent on the antidepressant, as they apprehend they can be harmful for health in the long run. If you’re one of them, below are a few exceptional tricks for you, which are effective for all kinds of depression and end depression in minutes and help you in healing and recovering from emotional injuries too.

For instance,

1 – Learn About Depression… It’s imperative! Learn as much as you can about the condition of your depression disorder. Since, dealing with depression can happen only at that time when you perceive all the highs and lows about it. Learning the symptoms/conditions allows you and the physician as well to apprehend the underlying sources of it. If the severity would be high, or sources would be consistent, the role of the drugs (antidepressants), or precise natural remedies of depression, can be indispensable.

2 – Become Sociable… Do you know sociable people often stay away from almost all kinds of depression? Yes! It’s true. The social life is one of the best cures for depression. Since, when you see and meet people around you, and talk to them, you’ve a constant feeling of security. You always have someone who diverts your mind and doesn’t let you concentrate on your problems. Besides, people with rich social life consistently glean the moments of happiness while relishing parties, friends’ gathering, and picnic places.

3 – Different Lifestyle… If nothing is supporting and curing depression, it’d be great if you adopt an utterly different lifestyle, as sometimes lifestyle also becomes the source of depression. And, the professional therapist often impel a person to change his lifestyle, as they also comprehend that lifestyle is a consistent source for both happiness and depression. Exercise regularly, eat well, and have enough sleep (when you don’t get enough sleep, the symptoms of depression are worse; aim for seven to nine hours each night).

4 – Watch a Movie… Want some instant relief? Watch some movie or a TV show. This won’t only divert mind from issues, but also compel your body to develop new feelings. In addition, when you watch a movie, the conscious and unconscious mind clear all kinds of clutter. And, when the mind is clear, the feelings of depression also vanish, and new contented feelings emerge. In a way, you stop surviving and start thriving, in just a few hours… So, what are you waiting for? Grab your coat and run for the cinema right now.

Is there any other credible and professional way to cure depression? All victims of depression always ask this question, or search for it on the internet. However, unfortunately, they don’t get the convincing answer, or see the answers of weird supplements. If you also search for something instant and credible treatment, we The Unexplainable Store have a correct answer for you. Our experts have dominated the Brainwave Entrainment and developed a “Therapy Package” with the help of Binaural Beats and Isochronic Tones. Our tracks are the greatest assets for the victims of depression.

“Every man has his secret sorrows which the world knows not; and often times we call a man cold when he is only sad.”
― Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual Awakening 0

Want to know about Spiritual Awakening? Well, it’s hard to define – especially if you’re a novice, and don’t know a tad about it. It’s actually a latent and rich experience in an immensely diverse form. However, on the whole, if you want the answer in a single sentence, “It’s a realization of what is real”. It connects you with the real “You”, unfolds the curtains to expose the reality around you, and creates a bond between body, heart, mind, and soul. The experts call it “The Wakeup Call” as well. Since, according to them, when people experience spiritual awakening, the bar of their consciousness gets very high; they cast out those illusions that envelope them day and night and shift their boundaries to join the bright side of life.

The world is flat when it’s viewed through one eye only. And, we all are watching the world around us in a single perspective. But, when we experience spiritual awakening, in a way, we start seeing the world in a 3D perspective. We start creating new beliefs, want greater freedom, move towards personal development, feel more connected (in love and relationships), pray more often, take care of our bodies, relish healthy emotions, and experience joy and satisfaction in everything. In other words, the spiritual awakening becomes the turning point of our lives; it paints our thoughts with the realistic colors.

If you also don’t what you’re doing, and if you’re enveloped with the smoke of disillusionment, it’s time to go through the journey of spiritual growth. Though, the question is, is it the only thing that awakens your soul, or changes your world? The answer is “No”. It’s not. There are other similar factors too that can push its limits or work as additional tools, such as, Metaphysical Healing and Psychic Power. The Metaphysical Healing is all about belief system or mental patterns. The professionals of Metaphysical Healing explain that the unchecked negative mental patterns can result in physical disease of illness. However, when we reverse those negative mental patterns into positive mental patterns, we heal tremendously. That’s why, the doctors also keep the spirits of their patients high with positive comments, as they know positive mentality is the best healer.

On the other hand, Psychic Powers also play an incredible role for spiritual growth. Luckily, they’re available for everyone who wants to work with them and strengthens his connection with the universal energy. Psychic Development, or Psychic Powers, also open our mind, our hearts, our souls, and connect us with our creative nature through power of imagination.

There are hundreds of Psychic Powers that one can dominate rather comfortably. For instance, Astral Projection, Aura Reading, Past Life Regression (Check these 3 signs that reveal your past life if you are interested.), Telepathy, Remote Viewing, and etc. These all powers enhance our senses and impel us to see an interpret things from a broader perspective. Besides, it’s possible to develop psychic abilities for spiritual awakening on your own; you can feel small objects in hand and connect yourself with its possessor, play hide and seek – find some hidden object; imagine you’re connected with its energy, or try to hear everything – every sound around you, as it strengthens mental abilities grandly.

Now, of course, these all practices take some time. However, fortunately, there are a few amazing tracks, developed by our masters of Binaural Beats and Isochronic Tones, which enhance your psychic powers and awaken your soul. Visit us at The Unexplainable Store now.  All you need is to get headphones, and listen to them for a few minutes. They’ll transform you in a completely new person and turn your weaknesses into strengthens. People from all walks of life, especially the famous celebrities, often use them in order to nurture their souls and performances. And, now, you can take advantage of them as well, anytime you want…

If you’re searching for the meaning of life, then remember, meaning is only found when you go beyond the meaning – through Spiritual Awakening.

Relaxation Therapy – Relieve Stress in Seconds!

Relaxation Therapy – Relieve Stress in Seconds! 0

Reducing the stress levels in life is immensely necessary, as without it, we’re good for nothing. Relaxation is in fact that drug that re-energizes us, and gives us a new life, once we’re frazzled. Most of us think that this drug is just about peace of mind, zoning out in front of the TV at the end of a stressful day, or enjoying a hobby. However, this is not true. It has various aspects, and it can be achieved through millions of ways – enjoying a hobby is just one piece of the puzzle; you don’t even need money to achieve a relaxed state. Since, most relaxation therapies/techniques are often free or low-cost, and one can practice them anywhere…

When stress overwhelms nervous system, the human body automatically starts producing those chemicals that prepare a person for fight or flight. If one opts for fight (works even harder), he eventually tastes the dust or pushes himself into disappointment; he starts living in a negative state and often takes incorrect decisions as well, But, in case one opts for flight (attempts to relax himself through credible ways), in a way, he prepares himself for the war; turns his weaknesses into strengths, and dominate the challenges even more successfully. We often see celebrities and entrepreneurs taking the flight mode. They not only give great value to their holidays, but also relish their time in their own unique ways.

Now, the million-dollar question is, how can we know about the natural state of our body if we aren’t in a fight or flight mode? What if we don’t have any work load or pressure, can we still have stress? Well, yes. We can have stress even if we aren’t under pressure. And, in order to perceive the state of body, there are some clues that appear in that process.

1 – In fight mode, heart rate increases. But, in flight mode, heart rate decreases.

2 – In fight mode, breathing is rapid. In flight mode, breathing is slower and deeper.

3 – In fight mode, blood pressure increases. In flight mode, blood pressure stabilizes.

4 – In fight mode, muscles are tensed. In flight mode, muscles are relaxed.

5 – In fight mode, body and emotions don’t heat. In flight mode, they heal immediately.

All in all, check these 5 modes of your state, anytime you want. It doesn’t matter whether you’re tensed or not, but you’ll have an idea regarding your own state. And, it’s necessary. Since, stress doesn’t always show. It appears in a latent way, and we don’t realize it.

In case you feel you’re in a constant mode of “fight”, below are a few professional and undemanding therapies/techniques, which turn fight mode into flight mode in mere minutes.

– Controlled Breathing… Breathe in slowly for about 4 seconds; hold it for 8 seconds. And, then gently exhale for 9 seconds. Remember this 4-8-9 rule, in order to relieve stress.

– Write in a Journal… Every day is important; every meeting is important; every plan is important. And, all of them nag us. Therefore, it’s better to write them down in a journal.

– Plan like a Pro… Rather than getting worried, it’s better to surround yourself with supportive people or plan something in advance. It’s great for watering down anxiety levels.

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“I believe that if you truly understand the importance of relaxation, you will make time for it in your schedule.” – Gudjon Bergmann