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Take Care of Your Mind and Body!

Take Care of Your Mind and Body! 0

Is your life, love, or relationship heading in a direction that you don’t want? Well, it’s only because you aren’t taking care of your mind and body well. There are millions of people who think that the adversities they encounter is because of their destiny, or they aren’t naturally able to deal with them, which is of course not true. The thing which they don’t perceive well is that without the happier and healthier mind and body, even the billionaires can’t survive in today’s hectic life; they often do those things, such as play golf, which bring peace of mind and disarm their worrying muscle… So, are you ready to take of your mind and body as well?

We all get caught up with work, sleep, and more work. In other words, we’re in an arena of constant struggle, where nothing works in our favor and disappointment embraces in various forms. Our minds, and our bodies, cry for help; they protect and demand us to pay attention to them too, if we want to live a life full-of-pleasure. For that reason, after canvassing the needs of our mind and body, I’ve a few excellent tips that will make you healthier emotionally, physically, and psychologically, and make sure you’re away from day-to-day troubles… So, if you want to wake up tomorrow feeling better than ever, follow these below advice, and I promise you’ll feel that you’ve transformed into an utterly new person.

1 – Water and Lemon… It’s pertinent to start your day with a warm cup of water and lemon. If it’s possible, try to add 1 teaspoon of raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar. The combination of these things has a million benefits. For instance, it’s great for digestion, boosts your metabolism, makes your liver healthy, and build a positive and happy mood.

2 – Get Enough Sleep… Sleep deprivation won’t only affect you physically, but also psychologically. Probably, that’s why, all the famous actors, politicians, and posh people attempt their best to get enough sleep, so that they can appear better-than-every-trend, and work best among their colleagues and competitors as well. Already, according to the director of a Sleep Disorder Center in Chicago, Rosalind Cartwright, lack of sleep leaves of feeling jumpy, disoriented, and unable to cope. Therefore, get enough sleep; it’s essential.

3 – Challenge Yourself… Yes! This is perhaps the best thing which you can do to keep your mind and body healthy. Challenge yourself mentally and physically each day for at least 30 minutes; do as little as 10 minutes of physical exercises each day, go for a run, solve puzzles, learn some new skill, and etc. These challenges improve your all aspects.

4 – Have Personal Time… If you make time for you, you’ll dig your own grave. We all need some private time to relax and recharge in our own ways; some of us relish playing video games, while others love to watch movies or read books. It doesn’t matter what your hobbies or preferences. Just take some time for your own self and enjoy them every day.

The benefits of doing all these above things are endless! Though, they’re simple, but when we canvass our lifestyle, we discover that we’re actually missing them. However, the main question is, can you do something else – something extraordinary and advanced – for feeling the effects in the just a few minutes, anytime and anywhere you want? The answer is “Yes!” You can. Visit us at Unexplainable Store right now, as we’re currently offering “Mind Body Detox” tracks with the help of Binaural Beats and Isochronic Tones that clear mental stress, vitalize your natural detoxification system, and restore your energy in just 30 minutes. All you need is to get headphones/earphones and listen to them wholeheartedly.

The professionals perceive how to take care of your mind and body. Therefore, at the end of 30 minutes, you feel cleansed and refreshed at the deepest levels.

Leadership: How to Become The “ONE” in 3 Steps!

Leadership: How to Become The “ONE” in 3 Steps! 0

There is one immensely famous quote of Ronald Reagan that defines leadership in a nutshell – “When you can’t make them see the light, make them feel the heat.” This is what true leaders do; they know the way, they test the way, and they show the way. It’s in their innate nature to move forwards constantly and find the solutions. People expect from them; they want them to exhibit the highest standards, with authority and confidence, so that they can trust their words, and follow their lead. All in all, leaders should be drunk with success and ambitions…

What really defines a leader? This is a million-dollar question. And, if you canvass the life of world’s famous leaders, you’ll perceive that there is one word that defines them truly – “INFLUENCE”. Leaders are influential; they’ve a latent power to influence millions of people. From Winston Churchill to Steve Jobs, from Martin Luther King to Nelson Mandela, all had an immense power to change the world. The world didn’t only adopt their perceptions, but also follow their lead. For instance, Nelson Mandela became an example for those who were divided and discontent; they didn’t know how to become ‘One’ and make a huge impact on the African continent. He carried the heaviest burden so that others can live in unity.

Similarly, Steve Jobs is a modern-day version of a Leader. His brilliance in innovation challenged the competitors and heavily influenced the people of the 21st century – as they started to believe that he’s the one who can go extra miles for introducing something new, innovative, and credible. In fact, Steve Jobs’ name was the name of success. Every product under his name achieved the heights of success and boosted business for the companies.

Are leaders inborn? Well, no. This is not always the case. Since, the leadership qualities can be learned with practice and repetition. After reading the personalities and work of word’s famous leaders, I’ve put together a few characteristics, which you can learn effortlessly.

So, pull your socks up, and keep on reading…

Vision… Without having a “Vision”, you can’t become a leader. It’s pertinent to have some clear and exciting path to follow; you should know where you’re going and what you’re trying to accomplish, and what your strategic plans are. Without having the answers of these basic visionary questions, it won’t be possible for you to influence and lead people.

Courage… obscurities are, in reality, your success. People want to see how you tackle with the dark shadows and come up with the solutions. For that reason, you require courage, all the time. Nothing should baffle you or crumble your feet. Since, any sign of fret over your face can make you appear weak, and the followers would notice that at once.

Examples… Leaders lead with examples; they exhibit through some examples of success that they’re on the right path, and following them would hand some positive end results. It’s in people’s nature to notice what you’re doing, rather than what you’re saying. So, remember, the actions are always more powerful than words. Show actions with examples.

In order to carry the title of a “Leader”, you must follow these above three steps, and work on them assiduously. But, there is one important factor, which you can’t avoid at all. It’s about your own “Feeling” too. Without feeling, or passion, like a leader, following these above steps could be tough. Luckily, The Unexplainable Store is offering you a natural and safe too- Leadership Qualities Recording with the help of Brainwave Entranment Technology; once you listen to it, you transform into a different person; you start seeing things differently, feel immensely confidently, work effectively, and find the golden opportunities, like a leader, comfortably… So, what are you waiting for? Get our recordings right now, and show them how to rule with an iron fist.

Inner Balance: Feel the True Source of Contentment!

Inner Balance: Feel the True Source of Contentment! 1

Any person who wants to stop surviving and start thriving needs “Inner Balance”. It heals you from inside and makes you feel the true source of contentment, peace, and love. Though, most people don’t hand Inner Balance the attention it deserves; they assume that it’s something which they can control on their own and handle the emotional waves or wilder storms of their lives rather comfortably. However, it’s not true. Since, it’s not about handling the waves. In fact, it’s about feeling the waves with a steadier range of emotions, time and time again…

The harsh truth is we all struggle in love life, career, financial stability, and personal and social lives. Sometimes, we suffer the loss of a loved one or the breakup of a relationship too. We feel that nothing is going the way we would like it to; conflicts of all kinds seem to arise without warning, stress levels go out of control, responsibilities push us into cynicism and sign the death warrants of our peace, pleasure, and expectations. But, the great thing is we can throw out all these issues and experience a meaningful and connected life with emotional and mental strength. All we need is to focus on our Inner Balance, judiciously.

And, luckily, there are a few tips that can help restore inner balance, almost immediately, multiply the emotional strength, and let you have a better control over your destiny…

Conditioning the Mind… Without this step, no one can find the inner balance. According to Dr. Howard C. Cutler, it’s possible to find balance and happiness by deliberately focusing on positive mental states and challenging negative mental states. In a way, it means that regular practice for happiness impels our mind to recruit new nerve cells or change the old neural connections that don’t allow us to feel the peace inside us. For that reason, find and work on those activities that make you feel happy on a great scale.

Network of Friends… As they say, friends will carry you where money won’t go. People who struggle with lack of inner balance are usually those who don’t have a support network of great friends. If you’ll have friends with positive mindset and healthy habits, you’ll always have inner balance and live your life to the fullest. They can defuse your issues or even help in resolving the difficult matters. Therefore, if it’s possible, attempt your best to have at least a get-together once a week. This will shift your paradigm of life totally.

Delay the Reaction… I know it’s tough to delay the reaction, especially if you’re furious. But, people who are emotionally healthy are those people who have a great control over their reaction time. Instead of feeling hurt or retorting in anger, they hold and delay their reaction. Now, it doesn’t mean that they boil inside and become a victim of high-blood pressure. Instead, they see the picture with a bigger perspective. For instance, they notice what they’re being told is true or not, and is it really important to consider other options.

Work on Present… The past is packed with the anxieties and the thoughts of what you should have done. On the other hand, future is an unknown beast; no one knows how it will unveil itself in front for you. Therefore, residing and pondering these two regions would only inject panic in your veins and won’t let you settle emotionally, psychologically, and physically. For that reason, work in the present; make it the real center and live your life in it, rather than waiting for the right moment; whatever you want to do, do it right now.

Without following these four ways, you’ll have a life of constant sorrows; you’ll only multiply the issues, rather than becoming a person of power with inner balance – today. Now, of course, there is no such thing as free-lunch; these all ways demand some time and immersion. However, if you want to feel the inner balance right now, in mere minutes, and sink deep in positivity and pleasure, get our Inner Balance Recordings now, so that you can banish the burden from your shoulders any time you want, and live better than your expectations.


Learn a New Language with Brainwave Technology!

Learn a New Language with Brainwave Technology! 0

Language learning process is fast, fun, and easy – especially if you know the right tools and techniques. However, most people learn a language the hard way; they spend hundred and even thousands of dollars on expensive books, audios, and different courses, but still confront troubles while sustaining a simple conversation. In other words, they don’t make any real progress and continually lose interest along the way. The sense of failure, and constant struggle, gradually takes all the fun out of learning too, and push them into disappointment.

Learning another language is, of course, valuable. But, if it’s taking a lot of time, and not producing great results either, it becomes a nightmare. The real success is to cut the learning time dramatically and speak like a native. Since, time is money. And, if you’re wasting a lot of it, you’re doomed. The CEO of Spotnight, David Bailey, revealed in an interview that he learned a new language (French) in just 17 days, with a specific set of techniques. And, he’s not alone. There are various top-notch professional people, who are in touch with the international market, or have businesses, apprehend that learning a new language fast is essential, as if you’re spending a decade on it, you’re digging your grave.

Though, some people say that you’re either born with the language-learning gene, or you aren’t. The reality, it doesn’t matter. The actual adage should be: you either have the best set of techniques for learning a new language, or you don’t. For that reason, and for proving this new adage, I’ve interviewed the pro language teachers and gleaned red-hot tips from their table. These below tips would assist in reducing learning time by up to 50%.

Conversation is Powerful… It’s indeed the most powerful element in the language-learning process. An hour of conversation is more powerful than 5 hours in a classroom, or spending 10 hours on a course. Therefore, invest time in the conversation and communicate with a live person. This would not only shape your accent, but also improve learning speed.

Write Down Everything… Learning a new word? Write it down on the paper right now, and make a few sentences on it. Besides, according to the professional teachers as well, we learn more effectively when we write things down, as it cements the new information in our brain. Moreover, it clarifies thoughts and forces us to pay attention too.

Reach the Land of Language… The best thing you can do is to put yourself in that place where the language is spoken. When you expose yourself like this, your brain picks up the things rather quickly and indeed compels you to speak like a native speaker too. We often see that people who reside in the land of language outclass those who learn at home.

The 100 Common Words…Yes! Start with them. It’s one of the easiest things which you can do. Once you learn them, start making sentences with them, or learn grammar through them. The more you’ll use those words, the more you’ll master them, and learn the other aspects of language too. After mastering 100 words, set the target of 200 words.

Apart from this, find people you enjoy talking to; visit different places with them, talk about personal topics, or ask for their tips. Since, if you’ll just spend time in the classroom, or invest time in just books, you’ll burn out and lose interest quite quickly. In case you want to take some advanced steps, and sculpt your mind to automatically absorb new things rapidly, you can rely on us The Unexplainable Store; we’re offering language-learning recordings that expand your language-learning abilities grandly with brainwave frequencies.

IQ – Become the World’s Next Genius!

IQ – Become the World’s Next Genius! 0

IQ (Intelligence Quotient), also known as the ‘Grey Matter’, is a measure of a person’s mental agility. Through its tests, the professionals assess how smart you’re compared to the people in your life, or compared to all people your age. On the whole, the average score is set at 100 with a standard deviation of 15 in order to set a normal curve. For earning the scores, the experts have created various series of tests. From simple blocks to matching the image, from remembering numbers to repeating them back, to defining situations to filling out sheets of solutions, all play a major role in analyzing your IQ number and exhibiting true strengths.

The first IQ test was, in reality, created in 1905 by Alfred Binet and Theophile Simon to discover which French school children were slow to benefit from regular instructions. Through numerous tests they revealed that all children aren’t equal; some children’s agility is higher than the others, and they perform rather well in their lives as well, or throughout their careers. This discovery, and these tests, ignited the fire in all departments of science and psychology. It was that time when people started realizing that all aren’t equal. Every person, especially kids, is somehow different from the other, and it’s because of his IQ.

These discoveries raised several other questions as well. Since, that time, the low IQ score started paralyzing people with fright. They desperately wanted to know how to increase their or their children’s IQ level and accomplish the blessings of life. Luckily, soon after the IQ revelation, the scientists and psychologists sit together and revealed those ways which could facilitate a person to boost his IQ level. Those special ways are still in charge; people are still testing them and attempting their best to become the world’s next super genius.

Want to know about them? Allow me to reveal two exceptional secrets for improving IQ.

The Social Gamer

It’s not just about being social; it’s about being a social gamer too. Scientists believe that the activities which involve a diverse range of skills plus social interaction improve the IQ and boost the brain power. That’s why, we often find that sports players are often sharp and witty during the conversations and interviews; they apprehend how to tackle the questions quite sharply and present themselves in an attractive manner. For that reason, let your children play in social gatherings; support them in sporting events. If you want to boost your own IQ level, then you can participate in the social games too. In case you’re a busy person, you can attempt to play the gaming apps head to head with a friend – daily.

Do Things Differently

Routine makes you sick, believe it or not. And, they’re the premier cause of low IQ score as well. So, challenge your brain to form new connections. Do things differently; from brushing your teeth from non-dominant hand to learning a new language. The more you’d do things differently, the more you’d challenge your brain muscles and boost the IQ level. Besides, according to professionals, when you mix things up, your brain polishes itself. It surpasses its standard levels, and turns into a super machine. And, this is not just great for the present, but also for the future (old age) as well; you keep your brain in a healthy state.

Concluding Thoughts

All in all, if I say IQ is the mental horsepower, it would be utterly right. When a person has a high IQ, he sees more opportunities, accomplishes more success, and improves his problem-solving abilities, spatial imagery, memory, general knowledge, and other important factors as well. However, this is an advanced age. Today, we aren’t just depended on physical activities. Today, we’ve some exceptional IQ Recordings too which get our brain into shape and increase our IQ, all we need is to just sit quietly and listen to them. Visit us at Unexplainable Store and get the IQ Recording to boost your IQ right now.

Top 3 Ways to Attract Prosperity!

Top 3 Ways to Attract Prosperity! 0

What is prosperity? Well, it’s not just having money for sure. If you’re a million-dollar person by birth, you perhaps don’t know the actual meaning of it; you perhaps can’t feel it until you don’t move forward in your life. Prosperity is, in reality, a state of “Happiness”; a state of flourishing and thriving through which you earn great fortune and successful social status; you’re completely satisfied in your life and have high expectation from the future as well. Though, bear in mind, it’s not just about having lavishness, it’s indeed about feeling it too.

The harsh truth is we all aren’t prosperous. We’re struggling with the challenges of life. While some of us living from paychecks to paychecks, the other are drowning in debt. The venom of our destiny has grown stronger. And, there is probably no hope for most of us. However, this is where we all are wrong and repelling prosperity from us. Since, today, the professional researchers believe that it’s actually the frustrating mindset that pushes most of the society into poverty and frustration; their researches have been telling us time and time again that the actual difference between us and the successful people is not wealth; it’s actually the mindset, which is enveloping us with failure, but keeping them successful.

If you hold negativity, fear, and doubt in your mind, you’ll never accomplish prosperity in your life. Since, this kind of mindset would always keep you in a miserable state; you’ll stay poor, sick, and passion-less; your thoughts would be negative, your words would be negative, and your actions would be negative as well. In a way, you’ll automatically write those chapters of life which you don’t want to publish. But, on the other hand, if you just change your mindset, attitude, and actions, you can shower the blessings of prosperity on you, all day, day-to-day. Therefore, today, I’m going to reveal some excellent secrets which can alter your life and facilitate you in attracting the greatest amount of prosperity.

Approach Life in New Ways

First, it’s all about changing your beliefs, and the mindset. And, the best thing you can do is to approach life in new ways. Now, you don’t have to do something extraordinary; just small steps can do wonders. For instance, you can clean your room, grow healthy plants, get rid of clutter, cook with your own hands, and etc. The more you introduce new and positive things in your life, the more you’re set for receiving prosperity. As I’ve said earlier, prosperity isn’t just the wealth; it’s a feeling first, which you need to have at all cost.

Play As Much As You Can

Again, life is not just about hard-work; it’s about relishing fun moment as well. Take some time out of your demanding routine and participate in playful activities. If you’re in a relationship, you can play with your significant other in order to feel the true love and fun deeply in your heart. Besides, when you play, you banish the negativity out of your life; you feel a new blood in you, which encourages you to do more for having a booming life. Other than that, if you’ve children, you can participate in a million more activities as well. For example, you can play video, board games, paint with them, and teach them new skill.

Attain the Wealth

Attaining wealth isn’t the walk in the park. It demands some time and smart thinking. So, once you’ve changed your mindset and turned it into positive, focus on attaining wealth, as without wealth, you can’t complete the definition of prosperity. There are a few steps which can assist you and flood you with affluence in the long run – start saving at least $1000 for emergencies, pay off credit cards, begin saving for bigger purchases or for a new business, start investing wisely, get a new rewarding job, prepare for the upcoming future, and etc.

Concluding Thoughts

So, want to attract prosperity? First, as I’ve said earlier, change the mindset. Without it, you’re good for nothing and pulling all the incorrect levers of life. Though, you should of course follow the above steps, but these days, we Unexplainable Store are offering some recordings which open your heart and mind up and hand you a positive mindset in mere minutes. Just check out our ‘Reaching Out’, ‘Path to Success’, and ‘Prosperity Package’ recordings; they’re an untapped gold mine and they attract prosperity in your life too.

Become a Supreme Leader Like Alexander!

Become a Supreme Leader Like Alexander! 0

“Alexander the Great” was the champion of change, winning, and veracity; he was one of those leaders whose actions inspired us to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more. People from all walks of life still follow his words and think that, as a leader, he composed himself in those extraordinary ways which are remarkable for us. According to Alexander, “I’m not afraid of an army of lion led by a sheep; I’m afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion.”

Can you be a supreme leader like Alexander? Well, of course, you can! You can in fact become a better leader than him if you cut the ferocious noise of the world and focus solely on your passions, like a lion, utterly wildly; you’ve to perceive that leadership demands you to live in the land of reality, where you’ve immense professional challenges and grand competitions, all day, and you’ve to tackle them and raise yourself to that level where others can pay respect to you and follow you, blindly, without having any second thought.

Today, I’ve some exceptional leadership secrets for you, which can transform your life and make you rise above the head and shoulder of the giants. I gleaned these secrets after canvassing the greats of history, such as, Alexander the Great and Nelson Mandela.

So, are you ready? Let’s begin.

  • Become an Expert… It’s pertinent to become an expert in your field. Since, if you won’t comprehend the highs and lows, you can’t expect others to trust you, or follow your lead. Every leader is first an expert. First, he dominates his own grounds before approaching others and leading them. Therefore, figure out what you’re interested in, assess your current position/skills, and then polish yourself (practice) as much as you can in order to stand on your grounds like a champion. Though, it won’t be that easy, but it won’t be that hard either, especially, if you’ve passionate blood in your veins.
  • Know the Obstacles… Of course, you’ve to be optimistic, as every leader is. However, the true leaders aren’t short-sighted. They don’t just drive towards their goals. Instead, first they apprehend their true obstacles before putting their energy and enthusiasm behind them. Since, they understand that it’s better to step back for a minute and figure out the future obstacles before confronting them. For that reason, they’re successful in their journeys, and they leave the world stunned into silence too.
  • What’s the Cause? If you don’t have any cause, you aren’t the leader. The followers always try to see the cause behind your and their efforts. For that reason, it’s significant to have a cause at all cost. Try to bring in something which can lure others and impel them to support/join you, as people always measure your aims in depth; if they don’t see the cause, or any positive end result, they don’t support. And, the famous leaders, especially the politicians, perceive this well. Therefore, these days, in their speeches, they discuss the final cause more than their private aim to have a large following.

Concluding Thoughts

On the whole, your actions should inspire others. Others should believe in you, your expertise, and your skills. Once it happens, you become a leader – a genuine leader. However, the question is, is there any other way to feel, or be, like a leader? The answer is “Yes!” There is another way. Visit us at The Unexplainable Store now; you’ll find some special Binaural Beats and Isochronic Tones recordings which will improve your leadership qualities through alpha and beta waves. In reality, we’ll create particular frequency patterns in your brain. When you listen to them, on a regular basis, you will grow as a leader.

Learn a New Language in Just Days!

Learn a New Language in Just Days! 0

As they say, you’re either born with the language-learning gene, or you aren’t. It’s all about the luck. However, this is the 21st century, and we’ve discovered some exceptional tricks which don’t allow us to be dependent on luck. Today, we’ve a bag of tricks which shorten the journey of language-learning from decades to months. All we need is to use those tricks and engage with their process. Once we do this consistently, we start speaking like a native speaker.

Numerous famous foreign language speakers, such as David Bailey and Matthew Youlden have described time and time again that how they learned to speak a new language in just days, and which tricks facilitated them on a professional level. After canvassing their interviews and limits of their representation, I decided to reveal their secrets in my today’s post. It was my premier aim to show you how they exactly became the leading language learner in today’s world and how they transcended their language-learning skills.

  • Find the Partner… If you’ve a partner with you, you’ve resolved 50% of the issue. This is something which most people don’t consider while learning a new language. When you’ve a partner with you, who learns with you, or who is already an expert in the new language, your mind opens up in an entirely new manner; you feel the compulsion to attempt harder while learning, and earn the fluency too. Besides, this is the main reason why we learn so quickly in the language centers as we always have someone as a partner, and we can speak to him openly without feeling any pressure or hesitation.
  • The Right Words… Now, of course, you don’t have to become an author, especially if you’re in the early stages of learning. Just learn the right words and you’ll be on your way to become a great speaker. According to Pareto Principle, you can learn any language within three months. For instance, in English, just 300 words dominate the 65% percent of all written materials. If you master just those words, you can master English, in almost no time. And, that’s the case in every other language as well.
  • What Are Your Priorities? Ponder this question, and then learn language according to it. It’s pertinent to concentrate your time on where your priorities lie. For that reason, sometimes, it’s not possible to produce one chief method for everybody. Want to visit a new country solely for spending holidays? Learn “Holiday-Words”. Wish to make new friends? Learn just those words which can allow you to converse in a friendly manner. Planning to propose someone? Learn the words of love, rather than the whole language.
  • Listen A Lot… Listen the native speakers; the more you listen and try to apprehend their pronunciation, or the way they speak, the more you learn rather rapidly. It doesn’t matter if at first you don’t perceive what you’re listening to. Just let your brain soak the new patterns and words. Let it be accustomed to it. The experts, and the professional researches as well, believe that when you compel your brain to listen to a new language, it automatically starts recognizing the patterns, words that repeat, and things that stand out. Besides, it also starts facilitating you in perceiving the natural rhythm of it.

Concluding Thoughts

It’s not hard to have some command on different languages. In fact, you can master them, if you follow these above tricks assiduously. However, luckily, we aren’t the dinosaurs anymore. Now, we’ve some incredible Brainwave Technology which doesn’t just quickly improve our language learning capacity, but also enhance our subconscious mind to that level where it automatically starts adopting a new language like the mother tongue.

Anger Management–Get Rid of Anger Issues!

anger management 0

Control the “Anger” before it controls you. Since, once it’s out of control, it could be destructive and lead towards various issues. Though, keeping it in check is challenging, as our blood pressure elevates and we can’t distinguish the rights from the wrongs, but it’s possible. There are countless ways that can facilitate you in managing your anger, or quick temper. Just give them a try, and I assure you, you won’t be at the mercy of this powerful and unpredictable emotion again; you’ll not only secure your career, but also keep contentment in relationships.

According to Charles Spielberger, PhD, “Anger varies in intensity from mild irritation to intense fury and rage.” Now, of course, our daily rituals, or frustrated events, can irritate us. However, the issue starts when the fury exudes through our actions and words. We become so aggressive and sometimes don’t hesitate to assault the other person physically. But, there are some people who have a passive-aggressive behavior. In reality, they’re more dangerous than those who confront anger face-to-face. Since, they get back at people indirectly and take their revenge at all cost; they constantly push others down emotionally and psychologically, and get their inner satisfaction from their prey’s misery.

Now, it doesn’t matter in which category you exist in; just follow these brilliant below strategies for controlling your anger, rather than challenging others for the fistfights.

  • The Warning Signs

It’s better to pay attention to the way anger feels in your body. It can massively help you in controlling it, in case you’re a passive-aggressive person. Besides, when you know the warning signs, you’re mentally alert too, and don’t let the extreme aggression ruin your life… The warning signs include rapid breathing, heart pounding, tensed shoulders, trouble in concentration, clenching of jaw, and etc.

  • Think Before You Speak

I know it’s hard, but in the heat of moment any bad word can make us regret later. For that reason, it’s better to calm your nerves and collect your words before you speak. If it’s not possible for you, leave the situation, without saying a single word. Get some fresh air, and assess the whole situation calmly.

  • Constructive Discussion

It’s not that tough, especially if you’re with your partner, or a family member. Allow them to share their pain with you. Try to apprehend their core feelings before your conclude anything. Since, sometimes, constructive discussions change our overall perspective. It allows us to understand others. Besides, when you do constructive discussion, you buy people’s loyalty, and keep them in your ring.

  • Identify Possible Solution

Without solutions, you can’t water down the feelings of anger. When you rely on the solution, rather than assaulting people with words, you manage the levels of anger adeptly, as you’ve a different mindset. You know that unnecessary anger would make the matters worse. So, it’s better to fix things at once.

  • Change the Environment

If something is troubling constantly, it’s better to change the environment, and perform that thing from some other angle. Constant troubles irritate us mentally. Though, we don’t recognize them, as they’re associated with our daily rituals, but in reality, they flood us with stress and push us to exhibit rage. In addition, when we change the environment, we automatically feel relaxed. There isn’t any pressure on our nerves, and we make decisions efficiently as well. In case it’s not possible for you to change the environment, or the path of your road, try the simple relaxation technique. For examples, breathe deeply and visualize a relaxing experience.

Want to get rid of anger in just a few minutes? Visit us at The Unexplainable Store. We’ve created Anger Management soundtracks with the help of Binaural Beats and Isochronic Tones. Once you listen to them, you don’t lose your cool and live calmly with your family.

Meditation And Lucid Dreaming – The Happy Couple

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I love Lucid Dreaming.

I also love meditation.

The two seem to go hand in hand, and I’d like to explain why this relationship is a good one. Why it’s important that if you practice one, you should also practice the other?

When I started out with lucid dreaming, (And yes, I learned to lucid dream before I had heard about meditation) I was lazy.

I’d just go from website to website looking for the quick fix or the lucid pill that would give me an instant lucid dream.

I know now this was the wrong way to look at things.

It’s more for a lifestyle, a habit. It’s more of a change in who you are. The self awareness and other skills you learn with lucid dreaming apply to more than one area of your life, and will change you for the better.

Anyway, a few months into lucid dreaming, I started reading about meditation.

The first few times I meditated, I literally couldn’t sit still for longer than about 1 and a half minutes. It was embarrassing, however the more I practiced, the easier it got to do.

I also didn’t see the point of sitting still and ‘not doing anything’ at first.

As I spent more time meditating, I started noticing a change in myself. I started noticing a chance in my attitude, emotions, dreams and mental clarity.

It was actually pretty easy to notice within even a few days. I fell in love with the feeling I got from meditation.

I’d like to just make sure you understand that meditating can be an amazing way to boost your lucid dreams, if nothing else! I mean, when you start, you’ll also notice that other areas of your life improve as well but if you’re just into this for the lucid dreaming benefits, that’s totally cool too!


How does meditation help lucid dreams?

Well, It’s to do with awareness.

When we dream, we’re not normally aware of what’s going on, that’s to say, we’re not usually lucid. This isn’t because we don’t want to be, or we’re not able, it’s just because we haven’t been practicing and cultivating the ability, and like most things in life, you use it or lose it.

This is specially true with muscles, and the less you exercise them, the smaller and weaker they will get over time. It’s just life. So with lucid dreaming, that awareness that you’re practicing is a skill, and almost like a muscle.

It’s like a muscle in the sense that you need to use it and exercise it in order to keep and improve it.

Meditation is the PERFECT way to practice self awareness.

Buddhist monks have been using meditation as a way of ‘transcending’ their fears, worries and doubts for hundreds of years. It works.

In fact, there’s a type of lucid dreaming which involves being ‘constantly aware’ for 24 hours a day.

I haven’t experienced this, but I know it’s a result of meditation and ‘dissolving the dream state’. They can create a sense of total awareness and just ‘being’ in their dreams and waking life.

Now I’m not saying you should try and do that, because it likely takes years of practice to achieve that level of awareness, but I’m saying you should at least try a simple meditation every morning and evening, if for nothing else, to see an improvement in your lucid dreams.


Combining Meditation with Brainwave Entrainment

This is something I’m very excited to talk about with you. Brainwave Entrainment is the concept of changing your brainwaves using sound.

You can listen to a specific ‘frequency’ and experience a change in your brainwaves, meaning you are more likely to lucid dream. You can get frequencies that change your brainwaves in different ways.

Don’t worry, it’s not dangerous at all, and the effects are only temporary. It is a great way to optimize your brain for lucid dreaming though. There are two main types of Brainwave Entrainment and these are –

Binaural Beats and Isochronic Tones

They work in much the same way.

They are a certain frequency that when played through stereo headphones cause your brainwaves to shift into the desired pattern. This means you are more likely to lucid dream, or relax, or sleep depending on the type of frequency you’re listening to.

It’s a great idea to try using these sounds in your meditation. It will boost your results, and I can say that for a fact.



Hopefully I’ve convinced you to start meditation and being more self aware in your waking life. It will not only improve your dreams, but many other areas too.


Author Bio

IMG_2151_副本Stefan is a lucid dreamer and personal development blogger. His main site is ‘How To Lucid Dream‘ and he’s also working on an ‘Ultimate Lucid Dreaming Guide‘ .