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Public Speaking – Roar Like A Lion!

Public Speaking 0

If some situation throws you to the wolves, don’t get anxious, just speak and lead the pack. Act like you’re the king of beasts, and they’re there to listen and follow your every word. Once you adopt this mindset, the fear of public speaking – Glossophobia – goes away; you develop a confident pattern in your mind that involves you in the situation and gathers all the correct words for you. In a way, you start pulling all the right strings…

Do you know that the people’s number one fear is “Public Speaking”? Even the fear of death is on the second number. Various surveys have confirmed, time and time again, that 75% of the people of our society struggle with speech anxiety, and it’s one of the most common phobias that exist in our world. It’s something that resides in us since our childhood, and licks our fears, over and over. As some eyes focus on us, and the ears expect to hear some words, we just paralyze with fright and try to hide our anxiety in our suits.

But, the suits don’t cover the attitudes. Our anxiety is always visible, through our attitudes, emotions, and expression. And, people perceive it with a single glance as well.

Now, the question is how can you act and dress like a master public speaker?

There are basically four points, which you should bear in mind, at all cost, if the mountains (stages) are calling you, and you must go…

  1. Perfection is not fun. If you are perfect, you’re boring, but in case you aren’t perfect, you’re great; you’ve all the opportunities to make the mistakes in front of others. The thoughts of Perfection are, in reality, that thing, which cause all the trouble. On an unconscious level, we assume that, in order to win the public, we’ve to be perfect at all cost, which is of course not correct. Even the greatest public speakers aren’t perfect; they make various mistakes all the time.
  2. If you’re a soldier, you can turn into a great emperor, if you learn how to visualize. The visualization technique is that technique which keeps you confident, even in front of the gang of wolves. The great players, warriors, politicians, and even the superstars, visualize their performance in the upcoming events and inject familiarity in their veins in order to stay top of their game, when the event is happening in reality.
  3. Master the vocal tone. Yes! It’s true. The vocal tone is everything. It’s more important than your words and thoughts. If you’ve a command on your vocal tone, and if you’re loud enough, in a way, you’ll be projecting that you’re strong on your feet. It doesn’t matter whether you know regarding your thoughts, or not. But, if your voice tone is confident, and especially a tad loud, everything would set in its place.
  4. “Ask Questions!” It’s one of the greatest psychological tricks that the best public speakers use in order to handle the pressure. Always have some interesting questions in your bag; as you feel there is some awkward silence coming towards you, or you’re going to trap in your words, just throw the question at the audience. This won’t only relax you, but also engage them with you, and keep the entire conversation in flow.

So, don’t think that you’re an animal, and standing in the slaughterhouse. Just try to change your beliefs, as they become your world. Use these above strong-arm tactics, and I assure you; you’ll control your public speaking issue rather immediately. However, in case you want to advance your results in a few minutes, try our Public Speaking recording and see how our tones play with your subconscious and unlock your true potential… So, are you ready? Are you ready to roar like a lion – in front of public?

Love – The Sun-Kissed Dream!

love 0

Love exists. But, sometimes, it’s tough to find it. We move from castle to castle, recite poetry, play the perfect knight, but never find it. It becomes an impossible quest. The more we try, the more we taste the dust, and live our life with miserable thoughts… One may ask, is it really possible to find love – true love? Is it really doable? Well, yes, it is. However, you must perceive all the dimensions of it, and its true definition as well. Since, most of us believe in the incorrect axiom of love. And, for that reason, we’re generally not so blissful in this matter…

First, you must perceive that love isn’t a game of hide-and-seek. It’s more than that. It’s about having a soul-connection that can overpower everything. If you’re expecting to fall in love – instantly, just by seeing someone, or having a small conversation, you’re misguided. Love doesn’t work in that way. It’s an utterly different manner. It requires time, understanding, emotions, dependence, fun, and etc. The combination of various things forms it, and turns it into that plant that attracts all the beautiful butterflies – your feelings.

In order to find love, there is one thing you must do.

“Build Relationships”

Learn to build relationships. Talk to people, make friends, connect with them, and have fun. Since, this is the only way that can hand you the opportunity to notice the colors of love. When you’ll connect with others, see their expressions, laugh with them, discuss their interests, party with them, and have fun, only then you can realize who the best mate for you is, and who can turn your life into a heaven – forever.

Now, there are some advanced thoughts that can clear the decision even more. For instance, if you don’t have to wear masks in front of someone, and if you’re comfortable in sharing your feelings, and deepest desire, that person is most likely better than others… Next, if you want an exciting relationship, opt for that partner who share your thoughts, and value you more than others. The opposite natures, though, look thrilling, but in the long run, they don’t work; they often invite troubles and disillusionment.

Other than that, there are some strong-arm tactics which you can use to turn the situations in your favor. If you want an intelligent woman/man in your life, visit the libraries; if you want to have that person, who values fitness, or likes to stay active, joins the gym, or sports club. Furthermore, if you’ve an adventurous nature, participate in those activities which lure all the adventurers, all the time, such as, scuba diving, kayaking, and etc.

Besides, stay cautious regarding two to three more things. There are some personalities that attract at first, but as you spend some time with them, you suffer the wrath of your decisions. For example, the strong, silent type personality attracts everyone, however, it’s just for the time being, as we move forward in the relationship, we like to talk, we love to tease, we desire to have fun, and etc. And, if some person is silent by innate nature, and like to hide his words all the time, you probably won’t get the satisfaction you want.

These are some ground rules for finding the perfect love. But, there are some cases in which, you or the other person struggles with the past, or feel uncomfortable during intimate and close moments; it injects anxiety in them, and don’t allow them to have a relaxed state. In this case, get our love recordings which control the waves of your mind and bring it into that state which is happy, relaxed, and motivated. After hearing them, it gets easier for a person to banish the fears and generate those emotions which are positive and loving, and fulfill sun-kissed dreams.

Mindset Changes Relationship!

love life 0

Lovemaking is important! As they say, emotions feed your soul, and food feeds your body, but when it comes to love making, it feeds both. It feels great to love roughly, talk dirty, and be crazy and wild in bed like a bull. Though, the issue is, these feelings get banished as the relationship becomes a tad mature. The other facets of life earn our attention and we forget this vibrant area of life, which of course disconnects us with our significant other…

Now, for sure, there are a lot of people who like to buy the emotions of their woman through diamonds and dinners. And, this idea definitely helps them, but just for a limited time. They get the rewards for just 1-2 days, but they don’t see the passionate side of their woman; they don’t experience how she looks when she turns into a sexual, wild lioness.

You can electrify a woman with chocolates, flowers, expensive restaurants, vacations, and etc. But, you can’t get you want – specifically.

Don’t get me wrong here, these actions are immensely important, they feed her desires, but when it comes to the bedroom, you’ve to change your mindset; you’ve to learn new rules; you’ve to make love like a wild animal. She should feel that she’s residing in a wild, loving, and passionate jungle, and you’ve an unlimited desire to make to love to her.

How to Have This Mindset?

If you’re pondering this question, allow me to say, it’s all about generating feelings inside a body, and there are a few ways that can unlock the wild beast of her heart, and push her to spread fire in your bedroom with her hot, pleasant nature… For instance:

  1. Be dominant. It’s not just about being tall, or a wrestler. A great physical health, masculine voice, top-notch dressing, and passion for life also makes you dominant in her eyes, and develop a unique and exceptional feeling about you, inside her too.
  2. Is she cold? No problem! Just create hot attraction inside her; make her wear hot, sexy, vibrant dresses. Or, impel her to try some new style. Live in Europe? Buy an African dress for her. Live in America?  Get a beautiful Asian dress for her.
  3. If you’re in bed with her, adopt a unique mindset before placing your hands on her body. For instance, imagine you’re a Hulk, and she’s your slave. Or, kiss her like she’s your goddess. You’re a man, and your mind has limitless power to thrill her too.
  4. Make her laugh until her ribs hurt; if you can make your woman laugh, you can make her drop her pants for you. Since, laughter breaks the tension; it’s a relief. The more she laughs, the more she believes that she’s in a right relationship.
  5. Flood her with compliments. A woman can live without food, but she can’t live without a compliment. Sometimes, they’re better than sex. If you want to rule her, just master the art of compliments, and I assure you, you’ll become a drug for her.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re in the first week of your relationship, or have passed 20 years with your wife; just focusing on these points can open the little cages of happiness in her heart and turn your bedroom into a vibrant, wild, and animalistic forest.

Apart from this, if you want to spread the vibes of love fast, and turn your woman into a romantic goddess, listen to “Love Making Recording”. It’s a brainwave entertainment that not only enhances the moods, but also injects the desires of lovemaking in hearts.

It’s the innovation of the 21st century that changes casual relationships into incredible adventures and make your wife feel “Sexual Passion” for you 24/7.

Mozart Effect

600 400 0

Have you ever heard classical music? Share your comment on it at our Facebook page or like the post of this activity, we will send our brand new MP3 download to 3 winners who are chosen randomly among all the participators.

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Relieve Chronic Headache (Drug-Free Solution)

headache 2

Do you know, just in America, more than 28 million people struggle with Chronic Headache? Yes! This chronic pain is that much common; it’s that horrible that it can stop the strongest and the bravest in their tracks. When it arises from the head or upper neck of the body, you become vulnerable; it gets tough for you to work, concentrate, or even talk. All you want is to spend some time in your bed, quietly, without any interruption…

However, the interesting news is, 50 percent of the population doesn’t realize that they’re dealing with chronic headaches. The severe burden of daily routines keeps them busy in the ferocious noise of the world, or influences them to assume that it’s because of a stressful day or hectic routine. Consequently, they skip their activities, consume some pill, and pull sheets over their head for relieving the pain.

Of course, it facilitates. But, it’s not a long-term relief or solution. This type of careless treatment can, in fact, introduce more troubles in the long run. For instance, sleep deficiency, next-level depression, and etc. It can also be a mother of all relationship problems, put your lovely life at risk… Now, one may ask, is there any permanent solution?

Yes! There is a solution… There is a way that can slay this monstrous pain!

And, it’s an utterly drug-free solution…

Headache Relief Recording

Just put on your headphone, close eyes, and play the track. It’s a sound healer, and it alleviates your headache naturally, within a few minutes. If you feel your headaches are persistent, and the prescriptions, or other approaches, aren’t cutting them well, and permanently, try this recording of The Unexplainable Store.

The experts have created it by working on difference frequency of waves.

Since, our brain reacts to the different frequencies of sounds. There is a strong bond between your ears and emotions that impel your brain to act in a precise way. The professional researchers have been fascinated by this amazing connection; they revealed that the vibrations of sound have the ability to convert into electrical signals and perform specific tasks. This amazing discovery influences scientists to explore this region even more.

Allow me to give you an example… The Thalamus region of the brain facilitates in regulating sleep. For that reason, the sleeping tracks are specifically designed to activate this part of the brain to hand you soothing siesta. Similarly, when you hear some emotional song, it hits your Amygdala and produces memories and emotions.

The headache relief recording uses a precise Delta frequency with special audible tones to calm the nerves of your brain in order to alleviate your headache. It works on Binaural Beats or Isochronic Tones to create a Delta frequency, which causes a shift in your consciousness and activates those channels of mind that relieve the pain.

If you’ve been dealing with headaches, just try this Headache Relief Recording. It’s the most advanced and effective strategy that throws the traditional prescription practices out of business. Even the top-notch experts believe that, in this high-speed modern world, it’s one of the best ways to protect yourself, and your family, from the toxic products and medications; it wipes out your headaches without introducing any side effects in your body.

Concluding Thoughts

These days, our lives are fast paced and filled with a lot of stress. Our overworked minds and upset bodies wreak havoc on our lives, on a daily basis, in the form of headaches.

So, next time, don’t head straight for the aspirin, sit, relax, close your eyes; put on your headphone and play Headache Relief Recordings; you’ll experience a positive change in your state. And, feel light and pleasant like those autumn leaves that dance on the shore…

Get The Right Kind Of Sleep

Sleep Easily With Low Delta Frequencies! 1

In this article we’d like to talk about getting the right kind of sleep.  There are several aspects of your nightly ritual you might be overlooking with the stress of work and family.  Many of these are subconscious tricks your body uses when it’s relaxed, but a stressed mind won’t think about.

1.  Check your positioning

When you wake up in the morning, what position do you wake up in?  This is most likely the position your body finds comfortable.  If you’re going to sleep in a vastly different position than you wake up in, this suggests a lot of frustrated movement while you sleep.  If, for example, you wake up on your side and go to sleep on your back, this suggests at least once where your body’s position interrupted some much needed rest.  While a few seconds might not sound like a lot, it actually can have a profound effect on your daytime energy levels if you interrupt REM or dream sleep.  This interruption can actually cause your REM cycle to be cut short making seven hours of sleep feel like five.  When using our entrainment therapy to help you reach sleep, position yourself in a way where the headphones will feel comfortable on your ears.  And sleep is most effective when your head is pointed to the North.

2.  Breathing

Let’s take a look at one of the most important aspects of relaxation – breathing.  After you’re done getting ready for bed, between the time your head touches the pillow and you begin the first stage of sleep, focusing on breathing can be particularly helpful to quieting your mind.

To focus on your breathing, inhale gently through your nose and exhale through your lips.  The movement should be fluid, gentle, calming, and quiet.  As you inhale, picture your lungs filling with positive life affirming and pleasant energy that passes through your whole body.  And when you exhale, picture your breath as the grip you have on daytime cares.  As you exhale them, you are releasing the grip you have on them and subsequently releasing the grip they have on you.  Don’t be afraid to think in positive mantras as well.  “I’m feeling more relaxed with each soothing breath,” is good as well as, “Each breath takes me deeper into relaxation.”  With each breath you should soon be feeling more relaxed and more ready to enter a soothing world of good dreams.

This brings up an important point as well.  Negative dreams often come from tension and negative emotions we take with us to bed.  By releasing the tension we feel during the day and taking the time to relax just before sleeping, we actually improve the quality of our dreams.  If you’ve ever been awakened by a nightmare in the middle of the night you’ll know how much havoc it can wreak on your restfulness for the whole next day.  Not only is it a guaranteed interruption of REM sleep, it makes getting back to sleep difficult as well.  With this simple positive relaxation technique and our entrainment therapy, we can help you keep away bad dreams and ensure you get the kind of sleep you need.


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Meditation Videos- Know All About Meditation

Meditation State Reached Within Minutes! 0

Meditation is an art that reaches out to the deepest part of your soul. Meditation videos give you a better understanding of the works of meditating. Our mind blocks the full potential of the brain on an average day. Deep meditation cannot be accomplished by self learning. However, with the right guidance and instruction it is possible to reach the state of gnosis and ecstasy in both body and mind. There are four basic meditation CDs available along with a package that includes all four. You can also utilize the From Start to Nirvana, which is a 115 minute meditation journey you will yearn for more.


The brain under normal conditions is said to be in the beta state. It is in the active state that one can touch the soul. It is also this state that is said to be more difficult to achieve. But not anymore! With the professional meditation videos you can meditate like a pro and within a matter of few minutes too. So how does this work? The brain finds the difference in frequencies from the two ears and gathers the necessary information to process. Similarly, there is a particular frequency at which the brain enters a phase of the consciousness shift. This has also been proved by several studies and is being implemented in the meditation recording.


Alpha state isn’t the end state of meditation. Rather, it is but a stepping stone towards a theta state.  Perfect meditation is possible only in this state. You no longer need to attend classes for meditation. A simple CD player and a speaker or a pair of headphones will suffice to take you to your own world of bliss and happiness from just about anywhere. You can forget your worries and cares of the world and enter into a superior place of divinity and happiness.

Meditation-smallYou’re the master:

You can learn from the meditation videos and master the art by yourself. There are quite a number of videos available in different combinations.  You only need to pay a minimum price for the product of your choice and become the owner of a powerful tool. You are the master of your body. Know every part of yourselves like no other with meditation and watch yourself experience the magnificence of meditating. Easy to use, simple to follow videos are the key characteristics of the videos. Make sure that you get your very own batch of meditation videos today!


Do you have psychic powers?

Stimulate your psychic senses 0

If you are still in the dark, then Psychic powers either seem magical or mythical. But to people in the know, it is generally unrecognized by the common folk, with only the supernatural being a part of it. Psychic Powers help us understand the things that we cannot feel. This phenomenon is being used globally, by those at the top, like the government. Psychics are even used by Detectives and the police and help them in solving crimes. ‘Remote Viewing’ which uses Psychic Powers has been adopted by the United States Government, the Espionage Branch.

Why Psychic powers?

The fact that they do not entirely understand psychic powers causes most people to avoid harnessing this power. However, because they can make life better for humans, they continue to use this power.  There are too many programs available that claim to enhance the psychic powers and the psychic senses. And mind you, they come at a very hefty price. But also remember that they are usually only entertainment programs. ESP programs on the other hand enhance your psychic senses, by completely relaxing you- mind, body and soul. This does not require you to spend unnecessary time in extensive practice and training. It only takes you seconds to let you have the complete benefits of the therapy.

Experience the Power:http://www.unexplainablestore.com/

The best part about this training is that you can be guaranteed to have an enriched experience of a lifetime. The psychic potential that is within each of us will be seen as and when time passes. Once a person becomes mentally prepared to receive his psychic strength, his powers come to him. You might initially specialize in one thing like viewing from a distance, but with time, you could become very fluent and proficient in handling more than one task.

Buy Today:

Depending on your interest, you can select from a range of psychic products available for a small price. Psychic powers are rare and not easy to get. But, you can now enjoy the spirit world powers with the CD and enjoy the benefits. No more trips to the local psych to take a peek at your future! You can now enter the world of the living dead from your living room or just about any place you choose and get in touch with your spirit. You can get all this for astounding prices and offers. Awake the psychic that is sleeping in you.  Get your very own copy today!

Brainwave Audio Program

Binaural beats1 2

Brainwave Audio Program are one of the most powerfully used tools to help control some of the spiritual and brain wave stimulation pathways. Brain is an intensely complex organ with a number of nerves and other important points, which are necessary for the functioning of a human being when awake. However, the brain does not rest when humans sleep. It continues to carry out its duties in the form of providing dreams. Dreams are something with almost a magical quality as they are capable of being shaped into different scenarios ranging from something beautiful to scary. Today we will look into the most popular type of brainwave audio program- binaural beats.

Psychic abilities of binaural beats:

Binaural beats are something, which is generated by sine wave generators, and these produce two waves that can be directed into the brain with headphones. Why are these binaural beats mp3 highly important? They can be used to create some extra sensory experiences of the brain. This is done by stimulating the natural waves emitted by the brain. The theta and beta waves emitted by the brain are adjusted and the alpha waves are cut down to give rise to only theta waves. These theta waves can stimulate a world such that the brain works more different from normal circumstances through Binaural beats.


Extra Sensory Perception is something of a magical phenomenon where a certain human was considered to be lucky to possess certain skills different from others. They can be related to incidents in past, present, future where the human can have visions of what will happen, or what happened prior to now. These are used not only as something for fun or as a hobby, but also by major detective agencies and other institutes for research. Binaural beats mp3 have the highly psychic power of being able to stimulate ESP in normal human beings. Thus hearing of these recorded Binaural beats can make a person more perceptive to such mystical events.

Lucid Dreams:

Lucid dreams can be explained away as trying to control your dreams and build your own dream world. It is a custom-made dream world which can be used to create things which we like and desire. These lucid dreams can be done with the help of Binaural beats mp3. These mp3 once sent into the brain of a dreaming subject can help the brain create theta waves and then make the person dream things of their choice. The subconscious mind is ready to create the dreams with the binaural beats.

Most of the brainwave audio program provided in the form of mp3 and there are free sample, which provides trials. The mp3 also provides sound quality in the form of 320 bit rate, which is comfortable for hearing purposes! Try out the samples and then purchase the best form of Binaural beats mp3 to have brain stimulations now!