Living a Balanced Life the Chakra Way

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When someone raises the question if the balances life, what does he mean? Is it about balancing a social life with a professional one? Balancing healthy habits and slightly decadent activities? Why is it important to lead a quality life? These are some of the questions that this article will be looking at.

What is a Balanced Life?

A person is said to have a balanced life if all when all of his chakras are balanced. According to people of old, the body is made up of seven chakras, each located in a different part of the body. Chakras are all represented by different colors, and they stand for different sectors of life. When all the chakras in a person are allowing that individual’s internal energy to flow through his entire body, then his chakras are balanced. When chakras are not balanced, a person has to go through the process of chakra opening. Chakra opening is the process of ‘healing’ the inefficient chakra. Through the chakra opening process, you will be able to balance your chakras.

The Seven Chakras

Before you begin the process of opening a dysfunctional chakra, it is important to understand the seven chakras. They are the:

• Root chakra, represented by the color red, located at the base of the spine and symbolizing a person’s grounding
• Sacral chakra, represented by the color orange. This chakra is found just below the navel, and it represents a person’s ability to adjust to new surroundings and accept others
• Solar plexus chakra, indicated by color yellow. It is found at stomach level and usually stands for confidence and control
• Heart chakra, denoted by the color green. The heart chakra rests on the heart, and it is a symbol of love
• Throat chakra, located at the throat, denoted by the color blue and standing for communication
• Third-eye chakra, located between the eyes and represented by the color indigo. The third eye is a symbol of big-picture vision
• Crown chakra which is found at the top of the head. Denoted by violet, this chakra is the symbol of spiritual enlightenment

Balancing the seven chakras is important because it allows a person’s energy to flow from his brain to his organs and back. When the energy flows, a person’s body operates at optimum. If you do not balance your chakras, you risk emotional upheaval and physical illness.

How to Balance your Chakras

Balancing chakras involves making energy flow through the inefficient chakra. You can do this by:

• Meditating in a quiet space or with chakra opening music like the ones found at The Unexplainable Store. Meditating helps you focus on the color of the chakra that needs opening. When you focus on one chakra, it is easier to allow energy to flow through it

• Acupuncture: an acupuncture can stimulate the chakra by pressing against it

• Yoga: Yoga has specific poses for each chakra. Holding the position for a given chakra helps open it

Balancing your chakra is important because it allows your internal energy to flow. With good internal flow, you stay healthy physically and emotionally. Feeling rejuvenated and energized after balancing your chakra is a bonus.

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