Turn Your Dreams into Reality!

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Want your dreams to unravel in front of your eyes? Yes! It’s utterly possible. You can live your dreams, and you can live them right according to your wishes. In a way, it would be a self-generated world – your world; you’ll control it and move it according to your desires…

And, this science of controlling dreams is known as “Lucid Dreaming”. When you become a lucid dreamer, you do impossible things; it’s like everything is in your control. You can:

  • Fly high over forests, mountains, and oceans.
  • Speak with loved ones who have passed away.
  • Fulfill all the wild and unreal fantasies.
  • Banish the nightmares and dream monsters.
  • Resolve creative or perplex situations.
  • And, etc.

These are just a few waves of an entire ocean. Lucid dreamers play with limitless imaginations. According to some professional survey, some dreamers, in fact, time travel through it, and experience the different centuries to enhance their experiences.

It perhaps looks unreal, but when your head hits the pillow, everything is possible. The cells, firing in your brain, can probe deeper in your mind and put you in your dreamland.

If you’re still unsure, let me tell you, Lucid Dreaming is a scientifically proven phenomenon. You’d be surprised to know that the first actual and recorded lucid dreamers are the ancient Egyptians. The history reveals that, more than 5000 years ago, the Egyptians analyzed that a person is basically in three forms; the corpse body form, the living physical body form, and the soul form.

And, interestingly, they represented the soul with a floating bird over a sleeping body… For that reason, it’s not a fresh discovery; it’s indeed in practice since that time.

Do you know, an average person, actually, spends almost 6 years of his/her life dreaming? Well, lucid dreaming is something that can give you the hold of these years and allow you to make them most beautiful, exciting, and pleasant years of your life.

Though, it’s an observable fact of this century. And, thousands of people are following it assiduously as well, for fun, thrill, and exploring new aspects of life. But, for some people, it’s not that easy. It’s not that simple for them to connect with their inner tranquility and live their dreams, the way they want… They, of course, practice a lot, but fail to paint their thoughts loudly… And, this situation pushes them into disillusionment.

If you’re also one of those people, you’re lucky! There is a solution.

Take Advantage of “Binaural Beats” and “Isochronic Tones”.

They both have an outstanding power to influence your mind, and turn it into a specific state. The science also supports this grandly and confirms that they both – Binaural Beats and Isochronic Tones – play with different frequencies to trigger your brain and induce it to act in specific ways. With the help of these two, you can guide your mind into any state.

You can also utilize them for relishing lucid dreaming.

Therefore, if you want to become a lucid dreaming master, visit The Unexplainable Store; it uses Binaural Beats or Isochronic tones to bring you into a state where you notice that you’re dreaming, and you design your dreams according to your own wish. Here is the link of the Lucid Dreaming Recordings:  http://www.unexplainablestore.com/products/lucid.php

Of course, there are some experimental techniques, which you can try. But, in case they aren’t working, and if you want to feel the effects of lucid dreaming in minutes, try the recording of The Unexplainable store, and wake inside your dream tonight!

Are you ready for that?

“And people who don’t dream, who don’t have any kind of imaginative life,

they must… they must go nuts. I can’t imagine that.”

– Stephen King

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