Ego–The Greatest Enemy!

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“What’s ego?” It’s a tough question, with several dimensions. But, from a psychological perspective, it’s what you think you’re – a false sense of self. It’s about creating a forged image, and then following it assiduously. The more you follow it, the more you feel comfort in your veins; you earn satisfaction through it, regardless of pondering its pros and cons…

If you ask me, I believe, the ego holds you back every single time; it’s indeed the greatest enemy that never lets you feel the true contentment. Though, you perhaps feel that you’re satisfied, but it’s the faux and temporary satisfaction, which gives you the wrong acuity, and in the end makes you feel resentment and regret; you suffer utter disappointment.

There is one immensely precarious fact that we don’t realize regarding the ego.

Ego Has Its Own Agenda…

Usually, we waste our whole lives without comprehending this simple fact. In the form of our goals, we actually run behind our ego. We set those goals that feed our ego and hand us the wrong sense of contentment. For that reason, step back for a minute; if you’re pursuing some goal, consider genuinely; is it for your ego, or for your soul?

If it’s about your ego, it would be bringing power and attention. On the other hand, if it’s about your soul, it would bring love and happiness, in the end, and there won’t be any sense of competition either; you’ll be relishing your goals and life too utterly.

If you won’t wake up, or won’t perceive the agenda of ego, you’d end up in a very sad and lonely place; you won’t have anything to celebrate; you’ll just lose your life, your love, and your true friends. Therefore, don’t spend your whole energy in creating and defending the boundaries… Look for those things that bring peace for your soul, as they’re your goals.

Before you attempt to banish your ego, first it’s pertinent to understand its causes, and there are several of them, such as, high self-esteem, insecurity, narrow mentality, judgment, dignity, vengeance, resentment, self-importance, competition, negativity, and etc. These entire factors ignite the flame of ego inside a person and destroy his precious life, in the long run, that’s why, try to stay away from them, as much as you can.

seeing the positive sides more than the negative ones

Now, in case your ego is running the show, you can stop it to make your life difficult and free yourself from it with a few simple tactics. For instance, you can start growing yourself as an abundant person by giving your time, energy, and resources to others. This would squelch the “Me” perception, and push you hard to look beyond your boundaries…

Moreover, love unconditionally. Don’t ask, what’s in it for me. Just provide love to your woman/man, life, goals, and people. The more you practice it, the more you banish the sense of self-importance; you also deal with those things that compel you from vengeance.

Other than that, embrace the differences. That’s the most important thing, which we can learn in our lives. The person who embraces the differences always lives contently, and without any grudges; he starts seeing the positive sides more than the negative ones.

Lastly, and most importantly, do you know you can deal with your ego through Alpha and Beta tones, at precise frequencies? Actually, it’s kind of a Brainwave Entertainment that obligates your mind to act in specific ways. After hearing them, in just a few seconds, you detach yourself from the ego and reclaim your true power; you start loving your life.

Currently, we offer “Ego Control Recordings”, which not only throw out your ego, but also connect you with the right colors of life.

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