Fighting Cancer with DNA and Alternative Treatments

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Cancer is one of the most dangerous conditions in the modern society. 8.8 million people worldwide died from cancer in 2015, and that is nearly 1 in 6 of all global deaths. The large number of people that cancer affects has led people to seek alternative treatments to the disease. Most of these alternative treatments are natural ways of fighting cancer.

Alternative Ways to Fight Cancer

Cancer occurs in the body when part of a person’s DNA is damaged within the body cells. These cells become cancerous and start multiplying to extents that the body cannot handles. As more and more cells divide, they pile up and start forming scar tissue. The accumulated tissue forms tumors which are usually harmless. However, if these tumors press against vital organs or blood vessels, they become dangerous.

To fight cancer and allow for body recovery, a doctor or physician must rid the body of the cancerous cells so that the body can do its own DNA repair and heal with time. Conventional ways of doing this include using chemotherapy, radiotherapy or surgery to kill off or remove the cells from the body. Alternative methods, those that are usually used alongside conventional therapies, include the following:

1. Dieting

What people eat and drink determines how well they can fight off cancerous cells. Anyone who is suffering from cancer should have meals rich in fluids or fluid-only diets to keep up their strength. Additionally, they should eat foods rich in Vitamin C because this nutrient has cancer-cell-fighting properties.

Furthermore, to fight cancer people need to eat foods that are low in calories and glucose. By doing so, they starve off the cancer cells. When cancer cells are dead one can then begin the process of body recovery.

2. Alternative Medical Procedures

Using external radiation and surgery are conventional means of tackling cancer treatment, but they are not the only ones. Other medical procedures such a shock therapy also achieve the same goal. Admittedly, the conventional methods are sometimes safer to use than the unconventional medical procedures, but at other times the result is the same. An example of an alternative procedure is brachytherapy, the use of internal radiation, that is used to treat prostate cancer.

3. Meditation and Hypnotics

These two methods stimulate DNA repair which in turn fights cancer. By meditating or going under hypnosis, an individual can reach a state of consciousness called the delta state. In the delta stage, a person’s body shuts out most other functions except self-healing. Anybody who can channel that energy into self-healing can achieve body recovery. The recovery could mean that the cancerous cells have been taken care of or that the side effects of conventional treatments have been ameliorated. Similarly, meditation helps a person with cancer to develop a positive outlook and will, tools that are important to fighting cancer.

Meditating to the sound of nature or to healing music (can be found on the Unexplainable Store) is effective in getting the body to heal itself.

As the battle against cancer rages on, it is good to know how to fight the global pandemic. One could fight it via conventional medicine or the less painful, natural alternatives.

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