Love – The Sun-Kissed Dream!

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Love exists. But, sometimes, it’s tough to find it. We move from castle to castle, recite poetry, play the perfect knight, but never find it. It becomes an impossible quest. The more we try, the more we taste the dust, and live our life with miserable thoughts… One may ask, is it really possible to find love – true love? Is it really doable? Well, yes, it is. However, you must perceive all the dimensions of it, and its true definition as well. Since, most of us believe in the incorrect axiom of love. And, for that reason, we’re generally not so blissful in this matter…

First, you must perceive that love isn’t a game of hide-and-seek. It’s more than that. It’s about having a soul-connection that can overpower everything. If you’re expecting to fall in love – instantly, just by seeing someone, or having a small conversation, you’re misguided. Love doesn’t work in that way. It’s an utterly different manner. It requires time, understanding, emotions, dependence, fun, and etc. The combination of various things forms it, and turns it into that plant that attracts all the beautiful butterflies – your feelings.

In order to find love, there is one thing you must do.

“Build Relationships”

Learn to build relationships. Talk to people, make friends, connect with them, and have fun. Since, this is the only way that can hand you the opportunity to notice the colors of love. When you’ll connect with others, see their expressions, laugh with them, discuss their interests, party with them, and have fun, only then you can realize who the best mate for you is, and who can turn your life into a heaven – forever.

Now, there are some advanced thoughts that can clear the decision even more. For instance, if you don’t have to wear masks in front of someone, and if you’re comfortable in sharing your feelings, and deepest desire, that person is most likely better than others… Next, if you want an exciting relationship, opt for that partner who share your thoughts, and value you more than others. The opposite natures, though, look thrilling, but in the long run, they don’t work; they often invite troubles and disillusionment.

Other than that, there are some strong-arm tactics which you can use to turn the situations in your favor. If you want an intelligent woman/man in your life, visit the libraries; if you want to have that person, who values fitness, or likes to stay active, joins the gym, or sports club. Furthermore, if you’ve an adventurous nature, participate in those activities which lure all the adventurers, all the time, such as, scuba diving, kayaking, and etc.

Besides, stay cautious regarding two to three more things. There are some personalities that attract at first, but as you spend some time with them, you suffer the wrath of your decisions. For example, the strong, silent type personality attracts everyone, however, it’s just for the time being, as we move forward in the relationship, we like to talk, we love to tease, we desire to have fun, and etc. And, if some person is silent by innate nature, and like to hide his words all the time, you probably won’t get the satisfaction you want.

These are some ground rules for finding the perfect love. But, there are some cases in which, you or the other person struggles with the past, or feel uncomfortable during intimate and close moments; it injects anxiety in them, and don’t allow them to have a relaxed state. In this case, get our love recordings which control the waves of your mind and bring it into that state which is happy, relaxed, and motivated. After hearing them, it gets easier for a person to banish the fears and generate those emotions which are positive and loving, and fulfill sun-kissed dreams.

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