4 Ways to Find True Love

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The one thing which most of us look towards is for Romantic Love. We have an expectation that there is a person who will fulfil us, who will come into our life and make us “happy”. Now, I am not saying that you shouldn’t seek relationships but there is a catch. Seek to give love, not the other way of only taking it from one person. Give love to everyone who comes into your life, you will enjoy your life to a much greater extent. Sure, there can be a person from whom your love reflects back to a much greater degree and you can call it a Romantic relationship. Dance together with everyone in this wonderful song of life, not just wait for one dancer to focus on.

Let’s see the ways in which you can be a source of love to “the one” and also to the many.

  • Spirituality

All spiritual teachings emphasize the importance of being in touch with something that is greater than your usual self. Call it Christ consciousness, peace, love, God, reality etc. Being in touch with it will make you confident, lovable and energetic. There are various ways suggested by enlightened people, there are different spiritual teachings you can read, and there are different types of meditation you can learn to be in touch with the spiritual side.

  • Stop making it a big deal

When we are not enjoying life or when we are not confident in ourselves, we tend to look for some fix to restore us. Yes, that is good logic when we are using means like meditation, self-development or fulfilment in work to feel complete. If we look for a relationship to cover our insecurity, we make a big deal out of it, as if the whole world is going to fall apart if we don’t find the “one”. From childhood we are fed with a “Happy ever after” situation after finding the prince/princess. There is a happy ever after when you are yourself not after finding person or thing you seek. When we are confident, the way we behave with people is on a different vibe. We are not needy or clingy, so we make mature decisions and be with the right people.

  • Move out of comfort zone

You are not going to experience life in your living room. There is a whole world out there for you to interact. You can’t just start wishful thinking and hope for the ideal partner to fall into your lap. Yes, rejection sucks but why should it prevent you from meeting people or enjoying your life. Rejection is a good thing to happen. Learn to give “NO” to people and also to take a “NO”. It is actually very liberating once you start asking people for what you want.

Let me give you a small example. I was in a restaurant where the music was louder than necessary, I was uncomfortable. If I was my one year older self, I would have not said a thing. I asked in a nice way to reduce the volume, it wasn’t done. I told then again in a nice way, it was not done again. I didn’t lose my cool, I just decided not to dine there in the future. If I didn’t ask in the first place, I would have felt bad for not standing up for myself. Stand your ground, ask for what you want in a nice way. If you succeed it is good, if you don’t it is even better, you now know you need to move on.

  • Open mind

I know you must have read the above suggestions somewhere already, but you don’t know why things didn’t turn the right way. You may believe that doing the things mentioned above are only possible for people who are disciplined, confident, blah, blah, blah. Not true. There is one product that can help with your breaking away from your mind inhibitions. That is the Find Love recording offered by The Unexplainable Store, which also sells a variety of other healing brainwave music. This tone will make you let go of negative emotions and open your heart for giving and receiving love and attention. Try it now and get ready to find your perfect mate!

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