Introspection: The Well of Spirit Guide

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Modern life is chaotic. It is full of people who are always running from one corner of a city to the other. They are always moving, and some of them do not even know where they are going. How could they, when they are always on the move? In a world that runs on deadlines and achievement, it is tough to stay true to oneself. However, those who recognize the need to access their spirit guide always give themselves time to introspect and access their subconscious.

The subconscious mind is the part of the brain that people do not have access to when they are awake. Memories and the emotions they evoke are stored in this part of the brain. The subconscious is also the section of a person’s mind that is responsible for their instinct and intuition. Introspection is a spiritual practice that allows a person to reach his or her spiritual guide, or unconscious mind, while awake. It helps him or her know himself better and understand the world more.

Common Forms of Introspection

Anyone can achieve introspection by trying one of the following methods:

• Meditation: Meditation is a form of introspection that allows a person to look into his or her subconscious by visualizing given situations. Meditating helps a person look at different situations he or she has been in. That way, he or she can analyze his or her decisions and actions

• Music therapy: music has been linked to inner awareness in many instances. That is because the vibrations that make up these beats can open up a person’s third eye. The third eye is a chakra that enables those who can access it to be intuitive. Stores like The Unexplainable Store sell music that is tailored toward introspection

• Yoga: specific yoga poses allow an individual to reflect on his or her spiritual guide during introspection

Introspection by any of these methods does more than open a person to his or her subconscious. It changes the lives of those who practice it.

The Benefits of Introspection

It builds character: an introspective person can look at a situation and acknowledge whatever choices he made. He can look at his surroundings and notice what is wrong with the environment the come up with ways to deal with it. He is also better at making decisions because he analyzes the benefits and consequences.

It helps people know what they want: some people are ‘born’ knowing what they want to do, so it usually a matter of knowing how to get there. Contacting a spirit guide enables such individuals to figure out what paths they want to take to achieve their goals. Those who do not even know what their purpose in life is can realize it through introspection.

It makes the surrounding clearer: anybody who is not in touch with his own emotions cannot empathize with those of others. He does not realize his own strengths, so he is too afraid of the unknown to try anything new. Introspection helps with all of that.

A world full of people who do not know themselves needs leaders who do. Introspection is the best way to cultivate such leadership.

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