Broke up? Give this mindset shift audio for Valentine’s Day

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In this world of 3-D consciousness, love is the most misconstrued word. People treat this divine energy as some sort of a commodity which they seek in the outside world and expect to simply pick it up off the shelf and use it to their satisfaction. Moreover, it is the most abused energy because to most people “love” is all about self-attention, manipulation of emotions, possessiveness and physicality. All these qualities grossly mis-qualify the God-quality of love. Manipulation and compulsions are a stranglehold to a loving relationship. In love, you need to have a heart that is open to receiving and giving, in order for the divine energy to circulate freely.

The inability to love stems from the lack of self-worthiness. When you do not love yourself, you are not able to love others as well. Sometimes life-situations have been very challenging to the self especially where you are compelled to experience humiliation and derision. As a result, you begin to belittle yourself with guilt, blame and shame. Self-condemnation and guilty-conscience are huge obstacles that block the sunlight of God’s love-rays to filter in your heart. How then can a heart that is plunged in gloom, languishing for a drop of love, be able to radiate love all around it?

A mal-nourished heart is filled with fears. In the absence of Light and Love, lurk the evil, instigating the mind with the poisons of jealousy and suspicions. Your insecurities compel you to start demanding for validation of love by way of materialism and gifts that mean nothing to the soul.

Unconditional love is immeasurable, sublime and complete. It is a religion in itself. It needs no demonstration or proofs. Words and gifts would fall short of defining such immaculate love. It is juvenile to weigh its worth against the emptiness of materialism because love does not thrive on the vagaries of the world. Love is a state of being-ness, of compatibility; it is fearless and pure, where mistakes are forgiven even before they are committed.

The frustration that you experience in your relationship is the restlessness of the heart that is burdened with guilt and self-condemnation. The fault is not in the other person; it is in your perception of perfection. A perfect relationship starts with you. As long as you cling to an image of some fanciful exalted character for a partner, you will continue to suffer the miseries of an unfulfilled dream and disillusionment. A soul-mate may come in your life, and you will not even know because your fixation of perfection is purely physical, thus blinding you from seeing the love and perfection in others. Outer appearances are deceptive. Many people in their zest to seek a “perfect” partner have landed up in all kinds of abusive relationships, and have been sorely hurt by them all. Love is a heart-to-heart connection which many fail to experience because their infatuation with the physical appearances distracts them from perceiving the soul of the person concerned.

Regardless of your heartaches from the disastrous relationships of the past, you can still hope to live and love again in a wholesome way. There are various programs that help heal the heart and re-set the mind in its right perspective. The brainwave audio series found here: are exceptional as they have an empowering impact upon the heart and mind of the practitioner. The powerful vibrational frequencies generated by these products eliminate all the debris of your negative emotions and help reconnect your heart to the Cosmic Fountainhead for a continual influx of the divine energy. Then, as you begin to pulsate with the radiating energies, you automatically become a magnet for attracting love of the purest kind unto you.

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