Public Speaking – Roar Like A Lion!

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If some situation throws you to the wolves, don’t get anxious, just speak and lead the pack. Act like you’re the king of beasts, and they’re there to listen and follow your every word. Once you adopt this mindset, the fear of public speaking – Glossophobia – goes away; you develop a confident pattern in your mind that involves you in the situation and gathers all the correct words for you. In a way, you start pulling all the right strings…

Do you know that the people’s number one fear is “Public Speaking”? Even the fear of death is on the second number. Various surveys have confirmed, time and time again, that 75% of the people of our society struggle with speech anxiety, and it’s one of the most common phobias that exist in our world. It’s something that resides in us since our childhood, and licks our fears, over and over. As some eyes focus on us, and the ears expect to hear some words, we just paralyze with fright and try to hide our anxiety in our suits.

But, the suits don’t cover the attitudes. Our anxiety is always visible, through our attitudes, emotions, and expression. And, people perceive it with a single glance as well.

Now, the question is how can you act and dress like a master public speaker?

There are basically four points, which you should bear in mind, at all cost, if the mountains (stages) are calling you, and you must go…

  1. Perfection is not fun. If you are perfect, you’re boring, but in case you aren’t perfect, you’re great; you’ve all the opportunities to make the mistakes in front of others. The thoughts of Perfection are, in reality, that thing, which cause all the trouble. On an unconscious level, we assume that, in order to win the public, we’ve to be perfect at all cost, which is of course not correct. Even the greatest public speakers aren’t perfect; they make various mistakes all the time.
  2. If you’re a soldier, you can turn into a great emperor, if you learn how to visualize. The visualization technique is that technique which keeps you confident, even in front of the gang of wolves. The great players, warriors, politicians, and even the superstars, visualize their performance in the upcoming events and inject familiarity in their veins in order to stay top of their game, when the event is happening in reality.
  3. Master the vocal tone. Yes! It’s true. The vocal tone is everything. It’s more important than your words and thoughts. If you’ve a command on your vocal tone, and if you’re loud enough, in a way, you’ll be projecting that you’re strong on your feet. It doesn’t matter whether you know regarding your thoughts, or not. But, if your voice tone is confident, and especially a tad loud, everything would set in its place.
  4. “Ask Questions!” It’s one of the greatest psychological tricks that the best public speakers use in order to handle the pressure. Always have some interesting questions in your bag; as you feel there is some awkward silence coming towards you, or you’re going to trap in your words, just throw the question at the audience. This won’t only relax you, but also engage them with you, and keep the entire conversation in flow.

So, don’t think that you’re an animal, and standing in the slaughterhouse. Just try to change your beliefs, as they become your world. Use these above strong-arm tactics, and I assure you; you’ll control your public speaking issue rather immediately. However, in case you want to advance your results in a few minutes, try our Public Speaking recording and see how our tones play with your subconscious and unlock your true potential… So, are you ready? Are you ready to roar like a lion – in front of public?

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