Get The Right Kind Of Sleep

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In this article we’d like to talk about getting the right kind of sleep.  There are several aspects of your nightly ritual you might be overlooking with the stress of work and family.  Many of these are subconscious tricks your body uses when it’s relaxed, but a stressed mind won’t think about.

1.  Check your positioning

When you wake up in the morning, what position do you wake up in?  This is most likely the position your body finds comfortable.  If you’re going to sleep in a vastly different position than you wake up in, this suggests a lot of frustrated movement while you sleep.  If, for example, you wake up on your side and go to sleep on your back, this suggests at least once where your body’s position interrupted some much needed rest.  While a few seconds might not sound like a lot, it actually can have a profound effect on your daytime energy levels if you interrupt REM or dream sleep.  This interruption can actually cause your REM cycle to be cut short making seven hours of sleep feel like five.  When using our entrainment therapy to help you reach sleep, position yourself in a way where the headphones will feel comfortable on your ears.  And sleep is most effective when your head is pointed to the North.

2.  Breathing

Let’s take a look at one of the most important aspects of relaxation – breathing.  After you’re done getting ready for bed, between the time your head touches the pillow and you begin the first stage of sleep, focusing on breathing can be particularly helpful to quieting your mind.

To focus on your breathing, inhale gently through your nose and exhale through your lips.  The movement should be fluid, gentle, calming, and quiet.  As you inhale, picture your lungs filling with positive life affirming and pleasant energy that passes through your whole body.  And when you exhale, picture your breath as the grip you have on daytime cares.  As you exhale them, you are releasing the grip you have on them and subsequently releasing the grip they have on you.  Don’t be afraid to think in positive mantras as well.  “I’m feeling more relaxed with each soothing breath,” is good as well as, “Each breath takes me deeper into relaxation.”  With each breath you should soon be feeling more relaxed and more ready to enter a soothing world of good dreams.

This brings up an important point as well.  Negative dreams often come from tension and negative emotions we take with us to bed.  By releasing the tension we feel during the day and taking the time to relax just before sleeping, we actually improve the quality of our dreams.  If you’ve ever been awakened by a nightmare in the middle of the night you’ll know how much havoc it can wreak on your restfulness for the whole next day.  Not only is it a guaranteed interruption of REM sleep, it makes getting back to sleep difficult as well.  With this simple positive relaxation technique and our entrainment therapy, we can help you keep away bad dreams and ensure you get the kind of sleep you need.

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