Christ Consciousness

The loving voice of Christ consciousness awakens us to the spiritual powers that strengthen, uplift and redeem us. Simply put, Christ consciousness is a term used to refer to those qualities associated with what many see as the divine mind - that higher state of consciousness that includes attributes such as peace, truth, kindness, love and a general feeling of benevolence towards others. You can practice developing this higher state in your daily life, by being aware of your reactions and thoughts, and seeking to replace them if necessary, and by following these simple methods and practices:

Listen and vibrate on a higher frequency of being.

Sit comfortably but in an upright position. With your eyes open, become as fully aware as possible of everything around you, not only that which you see, but sounds that you hear, even the ticking of a clock, and the feeling of the material against your own skin.

Raise your eyes to a 45-degree angle, and close your eyelids. Now, mentally go over the events of your life that you consider most significant. Begin to trace those events to the thoughts and imaginings, or daydreams, that brought them into being. Go as deeply as you can to find the source of those thoughts.

Take full accountability for your responses to everyday encounters, may they be good or bad.

Allow the emotion of love to well up inside you for these thoughts; even the ones that had negative consequences . Repeat over and over, "I send you love." Every time you arrive at another thought or image, whether you see it as negative or positive, do the same. imagine those thoughts, which were the source of your experiences, surrounded by a healing light and Love of the Christ Consciousness.

Have a sincere intent to commence this path and to put God or the Higher Being above all things in this world.

Offer yourself forgiveness of your shortcomings and that of other people too.

When you feel you have done all you can for one session, finish it by allowing the Healing Light and Love of the Christ Consciousness to permeate your entire being.

Christ consciousness is the perpetual state of unconditional love always choosing love over fear. This is achieved by blending heart and mind in meditation and developing an inner sensitivity to be able to be ever vigilant to hold fast to the joyous inner communication with infinite consciousness and the child of the spirit.

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