DNA Stimulation

Your DNA contains the blueprint for the potential of your unfolding higher power, but what is it really? Your DNA is the hereditary material of cells which are responsible for development and functioning in humans and almost all other organisms. DNA can be damaged by prolonged exposure to radiations like UV rays, X rays or any other radioactive rays, as well as chemical intoxication, nutrition, poor diets and poor lifestyle choices. Stimulating our DNA back to optimum levels ensures proper health and a stronger body to fight disease. If you change your DNA, you really can change your life.

We are directly connected to the Earth and we exist as part of the Earth the way a baby is connected to its mother. We are all children of the earth. This is why it is called "Mother Earth". Our evolution is directly and intimately tied to the Earth�s evolution. DNA activation removes the energy blockages to you embodying your Higher Self, Oversoul consciousness, Avatar self, and Rishi - the part of you closest to the universe. Consciousness expansion is one of the main benefits along with a greater awareness of everything, especially what your purpose is and why you incarnated here at this point in time.

For those who are prepared to explore higher levels of consciousness, and for spiritual seekers who wish to accelerate their evolution and ascension to the Clear Light, we highly recommend you become acquainted with these proven methods for stimulating your DNA:

  1. Ground and center yourself in your heart and visualize going down into Mother Earth, which is a part of All That Is.
  2. Visualize bringing up the energy through your feet, opening up all of your chakras as you go. Go up out of your crown, out to the Universe.
  3. Go beyond the Universe, past the white lights, past the dark light, past the invisible light, past the jelly-like substance that is the Laws, into the pearly, iridescent white light of the Seventh Plane of Existence.
  4. In silence, make the command, "Creator of All That Is, it is commanded that the activation of the youth and vitality chromosomes of (your name) take place on this day. Thank you! It is done. It is done. It is done. Show me the master cell in the pineal gland."
  5. Try to observe in your imagination the Virtual DNA Strands stacking in pairs on top of each other with a telomere cap (chromosome tips) at the ends. Sometimes this happens so fast, that you may have to ask the Creator for a replay later.
  6. As soon as you see that the process is finished, mentally rinse yourself off and put yourself back into your own space. Go down into the Earth again and pull the earth energy up through all your chakras to your crown chakra and make an Energy Break.
  7. DNA can be stimulated if the delta frequency is applied. Work toward understanding how the delta frequency can be used to help you sleep better and lead a more healthy life style.

Above all, relax and have healing thoughts as your body does it's thing.

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