Past Life Regression

There are many philosophies in the world, and the concept that this life is but one of several and that any given soul will ultimately live again is a very ancient philosophy indeed. Many have found that taking the notion of reincarnation seriously has positively effected their lives by helping them to break cycles, and allow them to take on challenges with a whole new sense of purpose. The term "old soul" is one that many people use to describe someone with the maturity and experience beyond their years. Truly, an old soul is really somebody that has had several lifetimes worth of chances to learn about the world and exhibits a sort of wisdom gained from learning from one's mistakes.

Imagine the possibilities that await you IF you can tap into ancient wisdom gained from living and learning throughout your past lives. Our present lives and our past lives are connected and all the memories of our past lives are buried deeply in our subconscious. You can use these methods and strategies for teasing them out and living a better life as a result:

  1. You need to want to change: Meditation and past life regression are most effective when you sincerely want to improve your life, find answers, and solve problems. Sometimes there are hidden reasons for you to remain locked in a conflict. Let go, suspend your doubt for just a little while, and give yourself the permission to accept this gift. You can always go back to being a non-believer after the journey.
  2. Abandon all per-conceived ideas. Attempting to control or force past life perception usually doesn�t help the process. Relax, detach from expectations, and allow it to unfold.
  3. Use it with other tools: Past-life regression compliments other forms of training including regular meditation, especially after finding and releasing the root causes of a problem.
  4. Take responsibility for all your lives: The law of karma dictates that everything -- all thoughts, actions, and intent--come back to you, which is another reason why healing yourself and improving your life is infinitely easier if you become fully accountable for everything you have ever done.
  5. No matter what anyone or anything has ever done to you, try to look at it as part of a bigger plan, where you chose, on a spiritual level, to endure such challenges for the greater good.
  6. Accept and let go of the past, and do what you can to make the most of your current life, and all future ones.

Perceiving and understanding past lives for the purpose of spiritual growth and overcoming conflicts is going to be very beneficial to you. Enjoy it, and have a safe and enlightened journey!

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