Can wealth and prosperity be manifested by meditation and visualization? The answer is yes! All our thoughts start out as brain waves, operating at a specific frequency. In the same manner as radio waves, our thoughts can be transmitted from our brains, to the universe which reflects back to us that which need to actualize our dreams and goals. You can employ the law of attraction for a positive effect in your life by leveraging the power of visualization and meditation.

Teach to Learn

This is the most important of any of the prime self-improvement tips. The more you teach other people the principles of personal growth, the clearer your understanding will be of them and the more effective you�ll be able to make them in your own life. Even if you have no one to teach, you can write about the principles of personal development you have learned and how they are helping you. Share them on your blog or be a guest blogger for someone else.

Balance Optimism with Critical Thinking

There has always been a lot of talk in the realm of personal development about positive thinking and optimism. But there is such a thing as being so optimistic that you fail to cultivate the skill of critical thinking. No matter how hard you work or how positive you are, you�re always going to need to learn more about the thing which you actually do. So while it�s good to be optimistic, always remember that you have to cultivate the skill and virtuosity to do the things that make you a competent practitioner in your chosen endeavor. When you have a negative thought, replace it with a positive one of course, but while your head is always in the clouds try to remember to keep your feet on the ground!

Look for the Meaning in Nature

No matter how many books are written about personal and spiritual growth, it can be true for many that most of the solutions that we need are contained within nature. The writer C.S. Lewis once said that he believed the majority of people�s problems are caused by the fact that they are disconnected with the rest of creation. Just think about how much time you spend inside surrounded by man-made inventions and technologies, in comparison to the amazing works of nature all about you when you step outside. Look for the answers to your most difficult problems in the simplicity of nature.

Have a Central Purpose

While personal and spiritual growth is one of the most rewarding things life has to offer, it�s also possible to get stuck in the trap of personal development for personal development�s sake, but with no central purpose towards which to apply it. Having a central purpose for your life will keep you from being distracted by the many things which would hinder your personal growth and waste your time. A central purpose gives you the energy and focus to keep going even when things otherwise seem hopeless.

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