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A spirit guide is an entity from beyond the corporeal world that you make contact with directly within your mind to help you on your travels both within the spiritual realm as well as the physical world as you know it. The mind is a powerful engine with a fantastic ability to communicate with things that exist beyond the periphery of your five senses. One of the most important conversations a human being can have is with the the spirit guide which dwells on the other side. Spirit guides can be perceived in many forms, including an ancestor, a departed companion, a mythological or fictionalized figure, or even a mysterious spectral entity of undefined or shifting form. It is a representation of your own intentions as you progress through your current life. Highly disciplined meditation is the primary road to enlightenment and possibly connection with the spirit guide. During this process of silence and reflection, proper breathing is critical, and finding that peaceful quiet place of the mind is essential. Here are some additional methods and techniques that you can employ to help connect you with your spirit guide:

  1. Learn automatic writing. This is the practice of allowing the spirit guide to control the writing hand and the ability of them to convey written messages. The use of a dedicated folder, binder, or other resource that holds paper is going to be very helpful. Get one.
  2. Try Vision Quests. An ancient tradition common with old European, African, and Native American cultures. It is to exercise extreme physical action in order to allow the mind to enter a state of connection with spirit guides. This can include sweat lodges, physical exertion (running in the heat), and in some cultures use hallucinogenics to enable the vision quest. We recommend staying away from the chemicals and instead, urge you to try the physical exertion. Above all, be safe!
  3. You could be getting guidance and not be aware of it. Some of your intuitive insights might be going unnoticed because they come as thoughts. Try to become more observant and perceptive when it comes to your own thoughts. Understand basic symbology.
  4. Before you fall asleep at night invite your spirit guide into your dream so you can ask specific questions. When you wake, make sure you explore the metaphors and messages within the dream by journaling about.
  5. Be aware that your spirit guide may give you information you are not looking for but it thinks is more important than what you are wondering about right now.
  6. Don�t expect that your guide will respond on exactly the same level and through exactly the same medium that you used to contact them the last time. You might ask them a question while meditating � but they�ll respond by showing you symbols the next day.
  7. Showing you visual metaphors is a common way for your guides to reply to to your questions. Pay careful attention to the images you see in your mind�s eye. Sometimes your guides will respond to your appeals for guidance through signs and clues in your environment. They might show you a number sequence that has significance for you. Pay special attention if you�re repeatedly seeing the same thing over and over again in a short span of time. You might hear a certain song over and over again. Signs can also come to you in the form of bill boards, post cards, advertisements, license plates or a phone call from someone you haven�t spoken to in a long time. Take note when you are changing TV channels and you see that the same thing is on different channels at the same time.

People may, and often do actually see their spirit guide, and they can look as ordinary as you and I, or different. Their approach will be kindly as it is their aim to communicate and nurture you on this earthly plane. If their appearance is scary or fearsome in anyway, this is not your spirit guide. They know everything there is to know about you and have been with your from birth and before. They know what has made you happy and sad, what your ambitions are. Listen to their advice but only if it is sound advice, if it is destructive or detrimental to you or others, you will have misunderstood or the advice has not come from your guide. Because they are here to protect, only GOOD can come from them.

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