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Self Hypnosis for Restful Sleep
Description: A natural way to deep sleep.
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Self Hypnosis Recording
Length: 30 Minutes
Brain State: Delta / Low Theta
Description: Brings you into the hypnotic frequencies where your mind is a blank slate ready to program. Recall events or change views. It\'s your choice..
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Self-hypnosis for Complete Relaxation
Length: 16.21min
Description: Unwinds your stress and relaxes all the muscles in your body completely.
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Self-hypnosis for Restful Sleep
Length: 47min
Description: A natural way to deep sleep. Three parts are included.
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Self-hypnosis for Smoke Quitting
Length: 14:09
Description: Find your path to be smoke free
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Self-hypnosis for Stress Relief
Length: 12min
Description: Absolute stress relief & anxiety reduction
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Self-hypnosis for Weight Control
Length: 49.27min
Description: A natural way for weight control.
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