Find Love

Brain State: Theta / Alpha

Open up your heart and let more love in, and soon you'll be looking into the beautiful eyes of your lover and recognizing the right emotions within you.

$24 $14
Love Yourself

Brain State: Alpha / Theta

The secret to a fulfilling relationship is to love yourself first.

$14 $6
Love Making Recording

Brain State: Beta

Make Love while this Excellent Tune is playing in the background. The Beta will enhance the mood and experience!

$24 $10
Relax and Romance

Reclaiming romance and rediscovering the meanings of romance with David M. Pierce. Free Bonuses: White Noise and Pink Noise

$8 $4
Law of Attraction

5 courses included. They are: You are Love and Light, Feeling Deserving, The Power of Gratitude, Enhancing Optimism, Future and Present.

$32 $8


A Free Isochronic Video & A Full Length Recording