4 Relaxation Techniques to Help You Handling Year- End Stress

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A bit of stress over short periods of time can improve our performance, but know that high levels of stress that last for longer than a couple of days can have a serious impact on our body and mind.

According to the American Heart Association, symptoms of

– stress include head-, neck-, and backache;
– low energy levels;
– anxiety and depression;
– forgetfulness;
– irritability.

And when you’re experiencing 1 or more of above symptoms, your life will start to suffer..
Yes, I’ve already suffering from backache these days. So, I looked though my audio library and found these therapies. I thoroughly enjoy them and hope these beat your stress and get you through to the end of the year.


1: Brainwave Entrainment

This is a relaxation therapy using brainwave entrainment technology, and is one of top 5 bestsellers in 2013 and 2016. Get a copy here>>


2. Braintuning Classical

This is default placeholder text. Edit and replace with whatever you want. Get a copy here>>


3. Self-Hypnosis

Utilizes warm, soothing music and comforting sounds of nature, this hypnotherapy session frees yourself from stress disorder, gaining real and lasting stress relief. Get a copy here>>


4. Guided-Meditation

Jason Stephenson has been involved in the meditation/ relaxation music field for the past 15 years. This is one of his best guided meditation courses to help relieve stress and anxiety. Get a copy here>>

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