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This article takes up where I left off in part 1 of “5 Signs of Spiritual Awakening”. Let’s continue to see the other 3 common signs that you are experiencing a spiritual awakening.


Truly, there is no such thing as coincidence in this physical realm. Everything is in divine alignment and timing, and predestined to occur at that exact moment in your life. One way to know you are following the right path in your spirituality journey is to become aware of, and appreciate, synchronicities.

It may start with the unexplainable yet magical occurrence of seeing the same number follow you, EVERYWHERE, EVERYDAY. You may think of someone you haven’t seen in years, and that person reaches out to you that day. You might be considering taking a leap of faith and going back to school to follow your dream career, and you look up to see a billboard for that program, at that school.

Your right-brain is getting stronger and more powerful, so inborn psychic abilities, (and other mental capabilities), are coming through via heightened brainwaves. And your intuition will tell you, these things that happen are no coincidence.

“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear” – have you ever heard this quote? The amazing phenomenon that follows a spiritual awakening, is that “teachers” start to appear in unexpected places during random times. These “teachers” will suddenly give clarity to a situation you have recently been pondering. Or, you are able to help answer someone else’s question unexpectedly.

Coincidence? No way. This is spiritual communication: our Higher Self’s way of relaying affirmation messages and nudging us in the right direction on our personal journey of spirituality and purpose. Once you start to notice and appreciate synchronicity, they will start to occur tenfold. Think of it as a wink from the Universe and your soul, and be grateful we are able to experience occurrences of such epic proportions.


As mentioned before, spiritual awakening brings about very real changes to your physical brain. Your logic-powered left side of the brain takes a break, while the creative and intuitive right side of the brain takes priority. This adjustment and growth can cause multiple noticeable symptoms to arise.

Changes in sleep patterns, for example, are quite common. Some people experience bouts of insomnia, or waking up at the same time in the middle of the night, every night. You may have difficulties falling asleep at night and unusually vivid or lucid dreams when you never used to remember your dreams at all! Your 4th dimensional being is now tapping into the metaphysical, and you are becoming spiritually strong enough to remember now.

As the right-side brainwaves take up more capacity, your left-sided brainwave activity slows down. This causes confusion, forgetfulness, inability to focus, or feeling scattered and unorganized. Unfortunately, you may also feel very little desire to fix or worry about these issues. Your inner spiritual communication is guiding you, and those issues probably are not important at this moment of your life, anyway.

There are many ways you can take advantage of activating both sides of the brain, with healing brainwave music. Brainwave music uses specialized frequencies to heal ailments of the body, and also helps to induce biokinesis, (the ability to manipulate energy and cellular aspects of the human body).


Finally, those random aches or pains in your body can be explained. Sudden illnesses and ailments seem to come out of nowhere, but these are absolutely related to your spiritual awakening.

Some examples are:
·Weight changes (up or down)
·Food intolerances & allergies you have never had before
·Explosive bowel movements, yet somehow craving the foods that may cause this
·Skin eruptions, eczema, and rashes
·Heart palpitations, and feeling like it randomly beats incorrectly or could come right out of your chest
·Intense waves of exhaustion and low motivation
·Aching or pain at the crown of the head – even a change in the natural part of your hair is common

You are now AWAKE. It’s a miraculously intense, beautifully troubling, and REWARDING adventure, which gets easier as you encounter both light and dark inner growth. Embrace it, and stay strong knowing you are on a journey to be the best version of yourself in this lifetime. Your spirituality is lifting the veil of illusion, and your life purpose awaits!

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