5 Tips on How to Increase Your IQ

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In a world where artificial intelligence seems to be threatening to take people’s jobs, many individuals are seeking ways to remain mentally healthy. Now, you’re most likely interested in how to increase your IQ and perform better in all your activities. This post provides five tips that can make you smarter including brain training, routines, and learning new skills.

· Did You Know Brain Training Can Increase Your IQ?

If becoming smarter really matters to you, then you must indeed be thinking about how brain training leads to IQ increase. First, neurons in the brain determine our cognitive potentials and when we don’t exercise them enough, they get complacent and unimpressive. One proven method of improving brain performance is brain training.

Brain training involves brain tasks, exercises, and games that boost mental capacity and ultimately bring about IQ increase. While some studies have found out that there is no direct connection between cognitive abilities and brain training apps, brain training does speed up the problem-solving skill, processing, and retention.

Apps such as Lumosity and Elevate are well-known for improving how people speak, concentrate, retain facts and information, and calculate math. And the fact that these games are fun makes the apps more appealing.

· Can Learning a New Language Produce IQ Increase?

Thanks to the multicultural dimension of the world, there are thousands of languages which you can learn to improve your intelligence quotient. How does this work, you say?

Many people limit learning to school, but our lives should typically follow a lifelong learning process. When you learn a new language, you keep your mind active with the new words, ideas, expressions, and different ways of saying things.

Have you ever wanted to learn Chinese? Contrary to the common belief that Chinese is complex, there are apps or courses on Coursera that allow you learn the basics and in interesting ways. And as you navigate your way around the difficulties, you get to improve your problem-solving skill and build confidence in your abilities.

· How Often Do You Engage in Meditation?

Training the mind to relax and remain silent is a part of brain training. When you meditate, your brain’s function gets enhanced and your mind enjoys more clarity and precision. Apart from the fact that stress can cloud proper thinking, a troubled mind can also impede good reasoning, sound judgment, and impressive cognitive performance.

Hence, IQ increase is largely tied to those moments of tranquility and silence that allow your mind to avoid the typical noise and drama in the world. Other benefits of meditation include increased memory and problem-solving skills.

· What is Your Workout Routine Like?

Workouts are largely instrumental in increasing the nutrients and oxygen which your brain needs to perform at top level. If your IQ test seems disappointing, then you should seek ways to feed your brain with the right things. The more exercise you engage in, the more flexible your brain becomes and the more intelligent you become.

Higher IQ is closely linked to exercise. So, take between 20 and 30 minutes daily to run, jog, walk, cycle or even practice yoga. Brain function experiences an upward turn when the right hormones and nutrients are being distributed by exercise.

· Have You Considered Blogging?

Research has shown that teaching is a big way of retaining old knowledge. But more than this, when you blog, you express your inner thoughts, knowledge, and experience. Also, blogging allows you explain somewhat complex ideas to others who may not be as knowledgeable as you.

Blogger and WordPress are great places to start as they are free and easy to use. And if you’d rather start small, keep a journal.

Bottom Line

Intelligence has a lot to do with success, and engaging in activities that boost IQ increase can be a good step in the right direction.

But while you include these five tips in your routine, don’t forget to try the Beta Frequency Recording by the Unexplainable Store. It boosts your learning abilities and prepares you to be an all-round complete person.

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