The Best Astral Projection Tips

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The infinite being that lives inside us – that voice, our intuition, our SOUL – is who and what we ARE, that which represents us in the “real” form, or spiritual realm.

Astral projection: a genuine “yugen” experience. “yugen” is a term that emanates an EXTREMELY spiritually significant concept; one of which possibly has no words in known language to explain it.

There are also incredibly miraculous moments, where our true self and being is able to separate from the physical vessel that houses our soul. It is then we are able to explore the non-physical and higher dimensional realms – those of which we’re only able to visit in the dream and subconscious states.

Astral projection is a profoundly mysterious experience – in fact, as with the term “yugen,” LIFE itself would have to transcend language and words as we know them, in order to explain the emotions and life lessons evoked from the encounter this adventure brings.

There are many beliefs, techniques, and personally acquired methods to achieve the epic experience that is “astral projection.” There are a few things you must KNOW and ACCEPT in order to become successful, in the practice of astral projection. Here, we will discuss a few of the VERY MANY tips and techniques to assist along your astral projection practice and journeys.

Make health and nutrition a priority
○  Pineal Gland:
By keeping your pineal gland decalcified, you’re enabling a portal to the astral realm that is clear and pure of outside toxins. Avoid tap water and other sources of fluoride and keep your diet plant-based and organic.

●  Breathing and Mindset
○  Breathing:
We can only connect to source once we can connect to our own breath in the physical. Be sure to be mindful of your breathing during meditation, astral projection preparation, and as much as possible during the day.

○ Mindset:
■ Remember this –  it is extremely rare for anyone to achieve projection on their first, second, or even third try!
■ Stay positive and enthusiastic, leaving all fear-based ideas behind
■ INTENTION IS EVERYTHING. Practice affirmations, such as:
I know it is safe to travel outside of my body
I know I can return at any time I desire
I know that when my soul projects, it will be beneficial and life-changing

○ Brainwave Music
Brainwave music has multiple amazing effect on the practice of astral projection
Reach a deeper level of meditation
Improve concentration and relaxation
Reach a trance-like state necessary for astral projection
Assists in eliminating your conscious thoughts
Speeds up the projection process tremendously

● Entering the Astral Plane – Techniques and Practices
○ A few of many helpful techniques to research and consider:
The “rope” technique
The “yo-yo” technique
The “freefall” technique
The “rolling out” technique
Lucid dream induction technique
The “jump” technique

○ Try recording each attempt and/or experience:
■ When we journal or record any interdimensional experience, (such as during meditation, dreams/lucid dreaming or astral projection), we are embedding a stronger memory and intention in both our conscious and subconscious.
■ Always be sure to record your experiences, in writing, so you can read back and find similarities, or awaken memories in your subconscious/astral body while you are on your adventures!

○ Practicing lucid dreaming
■ Are you able to recognize you are in a dream, or furthermore, then control it?

○ Choose the best time of day
■ It is best to sleep through most of the night, and awake when you are still tired. Many of the awakened spiritual beings awake around 3:33am, without explanation. If this is you, know that this is the most spiritual time of the day – you should try to practice at this time!
■ Regardless of when you wake, the best practice is to try staying AWAKE for about an hour to reset your sleep state. Then, when you are ready to go back to sleep because your body is tired, (yet have awakened your mind), attempt to astral project.

● Practice makes perfect!
○ Have an mindful intention of where you want to go and what you want to do
○ Do not practice when you are exhausted or tired – aware and conscious is best
○ Do chakra work daily to increase your energy and spiritual flow
○ Wear light clothes and remove jewelry; turn fans off if you have longer hair that will distract you
○ Remove all fear from your energy
○ Be sure you will not be disturbed
○ Never feel discouraged, this takes time and above all, practice!

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