These 4 Types of Exercise Scientifically Proven to Heal Your Anxiety

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Anxiety is the progeny of irrational fears. A stressed-out mind is the main cause of myriad health problems. Your body takes the brunt of it all; the classic symptoms of which are experienced as neural disorders, visible signs of pre-mature old-age, physical and mental debility and crabbiness. As a victim of wretchedness, man is bound by the shackles of his own negative mind-set, which is preventing him from realizing the shining reality that there is far greater fulfillment in the Light of Peace. A positive mind-set has a charismatic, youthful appearance even in the far advanced years of his life and enjoys greater mental alacrity in everything he does. His exuberance is exemplified in his heartiness, and radiant health.

Here are the four exercises that serve as powerful stress-busters:

· Plain Meditation: This is an exercise where you simply watch your thoughts without getting involved in them. Sit with your eyes closed. Bring your focus between your eye-brows, and watch your thoughts as you would watch a movie. Initially you will be overwhelmed by the rowdiness of your thoughts, each one shouting and jostling the other for attention. Stay calm, and allow them to pass. Meditate for five to twenty minutes. With daily practice, you will find your mind getting calmer, with just a random thought passing by occasionally. Meditation has a soothing effect upon your entire endocrine system, and restores neural disorders caused by extreme stress and anxieties.

· Conscious-awareness: The purpose of this exercise is to generate an optimistic mind-set. Be watchful of your mental activity at all times. Filter out the negative thoughts as they enter your mind, replacing them with the happy, health-conducive ones. Your conscious-awareness is like a leash to an errant mind that strays in the shady haunts of pessimism. This exercise requires greater vigilance, especially when the mind is idle, and can be practiced wherever you go.

· Affirmations: Affirmations are the tools that help re-format your mental-box. These are sentences or phrases composed of positive words formulated together to empower your mind. Affirmations release a great amount of energy because every word chanted or uttered vibrates with positive energy.

Constant repetition has a hypnotic effect upon the brain; they imprint new healthful thought-patterns in the fertile soil of your sub-conscious, thus effectuating changes in the subtle layers of your being before they are manifested at the physical level. Some of the invigorating affirmations for peace are:
– I Am Peace!
– I am surrounded by the Light of the Holy Spirit.
– Everyday and in every way I am growing stronger and calmer.

Affirmations can be sung, chanted or recited; they can be used throughout the day. However, they work best when chanted just before going to bed at night and when you wake up in the morning because your brain is in a receptive state during these hours.

· Breathing: Deep breathing is a simple exercise that needs no special expertise to practice. This is the most natural and efficient way to relieve stress. The aim of this exercise is to divert your mind from your needless fears and worries, and to soothe the frayed nerves.

Sit in a comfortable position or lie down. Close your eyes. Focus on the rhythmic pattern of your breath as you do this exercise. Now, inhale deeply to the count of four (you could count to the rhythm of your pulse-rate), then pause for two counts, exhale to the count of four, and pause to the count of two. This makes one cycle. Repeat this cycle ten times, twice a day. With regular practice you will find yourself getting more peaceful and in greater control over emotions.

Practice these diligently with faith and conviction for greater well-being and deep, inner peace.

Moreover, you can enhance the power of the above given exercises with the external aids of various stress-management programs in order to achieve quick results for a happy, buoyant life. These products work directly upon your consciousness, wherein your fears have taken roots. The brainwave audio series offered on this site helps to remove all negative data from your mind and heals you whole and complete. The recordings of the brainwave audio, have been scientifically proven to help bust the throes of anxiety from the deep layers of your sub-conscious mind with greater efficacy thus restoring peace and balance within, so that you are once again fit to enjoy a happy, carefree life. Try to relax and listen, and your tensions will melt away as your anxiety and uneasy feelings vanish!

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