5 Proven Strategies on How to Beat Jet Lag

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If you’ve ever experienced Jet Lag before, you will understand just how awful it can make people feel, and just how difficult it can make life in general. Every single day there are tens of thousands of people flying through the air on planes, making their way through multiple time zones in the process. This is where Jet lag can set in, but what exactly is it? Jet lag, or jet lag syndrome as it is sometimes called, is basically a physiological process where entering different time zones can throw your internal body clock into chaos. The human body can be pre-programmed in a variety of different ways, which is why we fall asleep at roughly the same time each night, and it is why we wake up at roughly the same time in a morning. If however, you enter a different time zone, your sleep patterns will be interrupted, you will feel tired, your bowel movements will be interrupted, and you will generally feel awful. It can take days, even weeks, to overcome these issues, though there are a number of proven methods designed to help people beat jet lag syndrome once and for all. Here are a few handy tips:

  • Try to relax and slow down your routine – Whilst it is generally a good thing to be in a routine, if you wish to overcome jet lag, you may wish to slow things down. If you adhere to a strict schedule and routine of eating, going to the bathroom, and sleeping, the stricter your routine, the harder it will be to adapt to, and adjust to, new time zones. Before embarking on a long flight, try going to sleep at different times and eating at different times, and try to keep your body guessing. If you can manage to do this well enough in advance, the effects of any jet lag will only be minimal.
  • Sleep before you fly – Whether you are coming or going, before embarking on a long flight that will take you into an entirely new time zone, it is best that you sleep before you fly. Before long flights, a lot of people will only sleep for a short duration of time, and they will instead try to sleep on the plane. This however, can disrupt your schedule even further so you will be more susceptible to the ill-effects associated with jet lag syndrome.
  • Try to arrive during the day – Our bodies are pre-programmed to feel tired and lethargic when it is dark, so much so in fact, that our brains will secrete hormones such as melatonin, which are responsible for sleepiness when darkness falls. If you arrive when it is dark, once you get home, or to the hotel, your natural instinct will be to go to bed. Arriving in daylight hours however, will help you stay awake so you can stay awake as long as possible to help get your sleeping schedule back in order.
  • Avoid alcohol – Whether you’re drinking to help calm your nerves before flying, or to celebrate in anticipation of your holiday, ideally you should avoid drinking alcohol. This is because alcohol when consumed at altitude will dehydrate you, plus it will make you feel even more tired, so staying awake will be harder than ever.
  • Brainwave audio training – Finally, the last tip we’ll be looking at today, is one provided by the experts over at The Unexplainable Store. This comes in the form of brainwave audio programs which help to centre you after flying, by aligning all of your bodily functions and re-syncing your circadian rhythms in the process, to ensure you beat jet lag once and for all.

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