How to Measure a Successful Meditation Practice

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Meditation is, without question, one of the most efficient ways for you to access that higher consciousness of your infinite being – the true “you” and soul that is always watching over our physical existence. This can also be considered the inner dialogue you experience when all is quiet and no one else is present.

One false belief about meditation is that meditation is a passive exercise. But the truth is that meditation is more than just sitting with your eyes closed, and attempting to clear your mind. The practice of meditation is an active one – one that enables inner balance and emotional healing.

Our chakra system is made up of seven main centers of energy. Each chakra acts as a vortex that absorbs, processes, and emanates the pranic energy from the cosmos and the Universe – this energy is distributed throughout our entire being. Meditation assists us in keeping these centers of energy balanced, open, and flowing. In short, a healthy chakra system guarantees a strong influx of our intrinsic internal life-force, which allows us to enjoy growth and well-being in the physical and spiritual realms. Always keep that in mind!

Note: there are various methods of meditation, and maybe there is a certain type that works best for YOU. You should be sure to either research or try them all! Some types include:

★ Spiritual Meditation
★ Mindfulness Meditation
★ Focused Meditation
★ Visualization/Guided Visualization Meditation

How do I know my meditation practice is successful?

Meditation can sometimes feel like an abstract concept, and a normal worry when you first begin leads to the question: “How do I know I am doing this right?!”

There are many signs, both subliminal and noticeable, that can ease your mind and help you recognize the fact that your meditation practice is in fact, WORKING!

Listed below are sets of physical and psychological/mental/emotional signs that you are not only successful in your meditation, but also heading in the right direction to a healthier physical and spiritual existence.

Physical signs you are successfully meditating:

● Your internal clock has adjusted
○ You wake up at nearly the same time everyday, without an alarm
○ Your body is now set in a routine; it starts to send you signs it is time to practice whatever type of meditation is working for you
○ You no longer need the same amount of sleep you used to
○ Your sleep feels more efficient

● Your natural energy has increased
○ If you typically suffer from insomnia, you notice that it is not troubling you anymore
○ Even without that alarm and waking up at 5:30am everyday suddenly, you do not feel tired… even though you weren’t a “morning person” before (and previously awoke around 8am everyday)

● Your hygiene and self-care has become a higher priority
○ You not only make more time to keep yourself healthy, but you also create time for the activities you love that you may have been putting aside

● Your immune system improves
○ Your bowels become more regular
○ You don’t get sick as often

● Time seems to fly by while meditating
○ You lose track of time and suddenly are meditating for longer periods of time

Psychological, mental and emotional signs you are successfully meditating:

● Your ego has taken a backseat to your true spiritual nature
○ You lead with your heart and intuition (right brain) instead of just your logic (left brain)
○ You worry less and don’t fester over the things that you used to
○ You listen to your intuition and trust your “gut feelings”

● You become increasingly mindful, confident and decisive in your daily life
○ Your awareness and senses seem to heighten so much that you hear sounds louder, see light brighter, smell odors stronger, taste flavors more intensely, and enjoy more physical stimulation

● You begin to feel more positive and see the “silver lining” in any situation thrown your way
○ You no longer live in a fear-based mindset
○ You see challenges as an opportunity, and actually look forward to tackling them

● Your compassion increases
○ No matter the species or type of living being, you feel more empathic toward their emotions

● You have more natural “self-love”
○ You no longer judge yourself or your thoughts (as much…this takes time!)

● Your taste in music, entertainment and conversation changes
○ Your inner being now prefers sights and sounds that are in ALIGNMENT with your new “self;” the true YOU inside this physical vessel
○ You are no longer concerned with current events in the media, fear-based ideas that everyone else is talking about, or watching things that drain your energy and aura

● Lastly, your focus increases when you are practicing your meditation!

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