How to Sleep Better (with Color Noise)

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Getting about eight hours of sleep each night is necessary for a healthy life. However, many people find it hard to sleep through those hours every night. Sleep is important. Too little, and a person will spend his or her days sluggish and drowsy. Too much and the result will be much of the same. The question remains, which are the best ways to make sure that you sleep better every night? Here are a few suggestions to that question.

Consistency in sleep

Some people treat sleep like a trade-off game. They get a little sleep now and then during the week, then compensate during the weekend. However, this compensation does more harm than good. It makes them drowsy and irritable all week long, and extremely tired over the weekends. To be able to sleep better, an individual must be consistent in his sleeping patterns by sleeping for seven to eight hours nightly. Also, he or she should avoid napping during the day because it makes it harder to fall asleep in the nighttime.

Avoiding Distractions

The bedroom should be a sacred place. A place for intimacy and sleep. Keeping gadgets such as laptops and television sets out of the bedroom makes falling asleep that much easier. And if someone cannot sleep, he or she should try counting sheep or stare into space until night comes.

Checking the time just before can also be problematic when it comes to falling asleep. After an individual sets his alarm, he should simply resist looking at the clock- it will keep him or her from worrying over tomorrows.


Physical exercise is not only good for losing weight or building muscles but also encouraging better quality sleep. When a person exercises, his or her body and mind tires. He or she relaxes after a workout. That makes it easier for him or her to fall asleep deeper and for longer.

Developing a Healthy Mind for Sleep

Sometimes one may have a hard time sleeping because they are too busy worrying about work, school or problems at home. Relieving their minds of these worries is the key to sleeping better for such people.

One way to cultivate a healthier mind is to meditate regularly. Meditation helps with calming the mind and sorting out emotion. Meditating can be done using silence, crystals or music. Some forms of yoga also make it easy to meditate.

Another way to help you calm your mind and sleep better is to utilize noise. It sounds contradictory to say use noise to fall asleep but is does work. The noise comes in various frequencies and powers, each bundle represented by a color. The most common color noise used in to treat sleep disorders include brown noise, white noise, and pink noise. White noise has high frequency and volume (power) and includes sounds like light rain falling or television static. Pink noise has balanced volume, and low frequencies whereas brown noise have even lower frequencies and volumes. Pink noise manifests as sounds such as heavy rain or strong winds while brown noise sounds like the deep hum of rushing water. Each of these noises suits a different person. Some people find it easy to sleep because white noise cancels out their backgrounds. Others relax with pink noise while others focus and understand more with brown noise. Anyone who is new to using noise to sleep can try it out at stores like The Unexplainable Store.

Rest is important for everyone. It ensures that each person can get through his or her day. Therefore, everyone should make an effort to rest better so as to live a healthier life.

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