Isochronic Tones – Mind Expanding Tones!

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Isochronic Tones, also known as ‘Mind Expanding Tones’, are the new leading technology of the brainwave entertainment. These days, they’re all over the internet and guiding people towards their desired state of mind. They’re by far the most effectual and the quickest process to adjust your brainwave frequency. If you’re one of those people who wish to have a calculating hand over their lives, get help from them and use their audio stimuli to tackle with a variety of issues. The professional research has shown evidence of beneficial outcomes such as anxiety reduction and increased concentration… So, what are you waiting for?

In a nutshell, Isochronic Tones are the repetitive beats of a single tone, which turn on an off rather rapidly to create sharp and distinctive pulses of sound. It’s like the volume, or the intensity, of the sound goes from 0 – 100 and back again in an evenly spaced manner. This creates a powerful and stronger impression on the brain and causes it to generate the same frequency brainwave as the tone. In other words, this process is also known as frequency following response in the scientific terms, and it works really well, in all conditions.

In front of Binaural Beats, Isochronic Tones are the newer technology; they’re first officially presented by Dr. Thomas Budzynski with eight college students in 1999, at the Journal of Neurotherapy; they claim that these tones are way too effective than binaural beats and stimulate your brain in the most specific frequency ranges. However, these days, the experts are utilizing them alongside binaural beats for most effective results, in the process called Brainwave Entertainment – which is rather popular and growing enormously.

When it comes to the benefits, they’re much the same that you’ll find with the Binaural Beats. Though, when you combine both of them, the possibilities are endless, and they can benefit you on a massive scale. For instance, a growing body of research is presenting that when the Isochronic Tones are combined with the Binaural Beats, they become an incredibly effective tool to promote attention and focus. If you feel it’s tough to be productive in your work, and if it’s hard for you to concentrate on your projects like a laser light, get the help from these tones; they pull all the right levers of your brain and make it work resourcefully.

Other than that, are you dealing with emotional instability? Are you a victim of constant mood-change? Well, don’t worry. Isochronic Tones can facilitate you in that regard too. A decade of research has already proven that these tones can be an immensely promising aid and hand you emotional stability, in the matters of love, relationship, and loneliness.

Next, the frequent users of the Isochronic Tones have reported that they’ve experienced a great boost in their energy level. Some of them have even replaced caffeine with an hour long ‘wake up’ sessions of Isochronic Tones. It’s like they’re motivated all day, day-to-day.

Is this all? Well, no. If you’re student, you can optimize your brain for studying and learn things more quickly. Students who have used the sessions of Isochronic Tones during their exams also got good grades in the end, as these tones made them utterly productive and pushed their mind to stay relaxed and focused state, without any stress and anxiety… Now, before you go rushing out to find free Isochronic Tones on the YouTube, remember that only an expert can create these tones. Currently, there are a lot of people out there who don’t know the mechanics of this technology. Without any professional knowledge, they claim that their tracks are Isochronic Tones, but in reality they’re ignorant of the principles.

Is there any professional seller who can facilitate you with the Isochronic Tones, and aid you in the issues of attention, concentration, sleep, meditation, or etc.? Of course, yes. Visit us at The Unexplainable Store. Our sellers perceive all the highs and lows of the Isochronic Tones and Brainwave Entertainment. And, currently, we’re the Brainwave Entertainment Market’s temperature. Once you visit us, and read the quality and variety of our work, you’re impressed; you believe that we’re the most reputable source.

So, good luck with your journey. And, welcome into the world of Brainwave Entertainment!

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  • Willy

    As a recurring visitor to this website, I keep checking it.
    And today: 9th September, 2015: I want to write on the blog: thank you for your excellent and updated content. It made me happy to browse, see what is available, also what’s new.

    As a holistic health practitioner, also an advanced Metaphysical *being* and Researcher: indeed BWE = a wonderful method that can be used, improving the purchaser’s overal welll-being.

    Also: as a multiple sensitive: I know & do use BWE.

    Browsing the website, looking at all BWE audio’s here available, also looking at *the user manual*, the text & explanatory content A-Z: yes, very very USEFUL.
    At the same time I began to *wonder*: ??? where oh where does a *beginner* !! begin.
    With so many issues EVERY human being has, difficult to know, which mp3 to buy, and proceed properly, logically..

    Would it not be FUN, and useful if the owners, the makers with their magnificent abilities & 21st Century equipments could guide the buyer?

    OR: is that ?? robbing someone of his/her own free will, choice i.e. not allowed according to official USA laws & regulations?

    However: in my *defense*: THE UNIVERSE most definitely has a programme *in mind* particularly for its daughter – our planet EARTH =

    Of course: the Schumann Symphony, one of the best, perhaps to begin with.
    I began like that & it helped me enormously, improving my skills to hear what planet Earth has to say. Very useful & revealing..

    Yet: most buyers, all busy individuals, with overloaded calenders & not yet familiar with BWE at all: they might actually benifit with some guidance, prior to making the CORRECT choice, as a kick-off.

    My CURRENT concern as a CONSCIOUS & supra sensitive awareness person=

    This world is currently in turmoil, for instance, with hundreds of thousands of refugees literally POURING into Western Europe from AFRICA & the Occident.

    I am a Dutch citizen, a resident of Turkey, and I follow 24/7 current developements on serious, very reliable, German TV (ZDF & ARD.) and yesterday: I said to myself: oh my god: all of Africa is about to migrate to Western Europe.
    These refugees do have brains, vibrations, are seriously TRAUMATIZED, not yet housed even, conditions are rather deplorable with the officials racing against the clock to get things organized & streamlined.

    Such mass migrations influence also users of BWE and others busy keeping themselves balanced with other techniques.

    I am able to handle it all with almost 30 years experience as a sensitive.

    Most of us do not yet have similar abilities, even as a beginner wishing to develope one’s skills. and this current global turmoil (IN HUMAN BRAINS) can disturb their brains.

    Dr. Willy Holmes-Spoelder, Metaphysician & Health Practitioner.

    • Jessica Z.

      Hi Willy,

      Thanks for your input.

      We aim to develop therapy music audios that can cause a positive impact in people’s lives. We are doing everything we could to help everyone find their true potential. I always believe “No matter who you are, no matter where you are, be prepared. Always feel good about you and your life, this is important, because you can’t attract good if you feel bad about you and your life.

      I still remember the first time I listened to brainwave music, It was only ten minutes long, and I have to admit I was very skeptical, but when I finished listening…

      …I felt more peaceful than I usually did (on a really good day) , I felt calm, centered, mentally sharper, somehow more in touch with myself.

      Anyway, My team and I will keep moving on…keep improving the site….provide more tips to help people better use my products.

      Meanwhile, you are a health practitioner, so I’m thinking maybe you are interested in sharing your experiences or information with our site visitor.:)

      Very Best,
      Jessica Z.
      The Unexplainable Store

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