Telepathy – The Communication of Mind!

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What is “Telepathy” in actuality? Well, I’d like to answer without a moment’s delay. “Tele” means ‘distance’, and “pathy” means ‘feelings’. So, on the whole, in the simplest form, you can say getting feelings through a distance is Telepathy – This term was first coined in 1882 by the classical scholar, and the founder of the ‘Society for Psychical Research’, Frederic W. H. Myers; he was also known as an expert of though-transference. Though, according to scientific evidence, Telepathy isn’t the real phenomenon, but thousands of subject and millions of mind believe that it’s 100% real, and embrace its presence rather contentedly as well with proofs.

Telepathy is in various forms. First, there is the transmission of feelings. This is quite popular among humans and animals, and almost all human beings believe on that. In some ways, science also authorizes it and calls it ‘mirror neurons’, as for them, if you see someone happy, you feel happy too; if you see someone sad, you also experience the heaviness in your chest. And, it all happens because of ‘mirror neurons’. Second, the transmission of words and phrases is also a branch of telepathy, which is quite complex to achieve. Besides, science doesn’t commend this type as well. Since, according to scientists, there isn’t any kind of thought transmission; people who claim that are either immensely great at reading the body language, or plan things in such way that compel a person to think in a certain manner. For instance, the mentalists often envelop their target with smoke before they even start their game, days and even months before the actual game.

Now, the question is what to do with telepathy? First, it has million-dollar benefits that hand you an edge in today’s world, if you’re serious about learning it or studying all the highs and lows of it. Second, professionals believe that it can be the headlines of tomorrow as well and science will start endorsing it somehow. Telepathy facilitates in knowing what people are thinking or feeling about you. In addition, it also helps in sending messages to others on an unconscious level, or impels a person to think in certain ways. These two are the basic benefits which you can learn rather rapidly, without even consulting a telepathy expert.

Believe it or not, you can have a 15-minute experiment right now and see its latent power.

1st… Get a friend. There should be a sender and receiver for this experiment, who will try to transmit their thoughts. Assume that you are the sender, and your friend is a receiver.

2nd… Have a Belief. Without solid belief, this system can’t work. You both shouldn’t only have a belief on that, but also deeply desire it to occur; closed minds don’t get good results.

3rd… Get Relaxed. Telepathy shows its magic when you’re relaxed – emotionally, psychologically, and physically. Since, when you’re relaxed, you concentrate rather well.

4th… Visualize. This is the most important step. Visualize that you are connected with your friend’s mind through a silver tube, which transmits your thoughts and feelings.

5th… Start the Game. Close your eyes and transmit a visual picture of your choice, like an apple or orange. Visualize that it’s travelling through the tube and reaching the other mind.

6th… Have a Feeling. When you have a feeling, after a few minutes, that the though, or the mental picture has been transferred. Stop the entire process and open your eyes.

7th… Compare Results. Ask from your friend regarding what mental picture, or pictures, he/she has received. Compare the results. If they are close, you are on the right track.

8th… Repeat the Experiment. Practice makes perfect! It doesn’t matter whether results are great or not, just keep practicing with friend if you want consistent, positive end results.

Can’t swim in the ocean of patience? No issue. Visit the Unexplainable Store right now, as they’ve a few professional tracks that increase your telepathy skills quickly. They developed them through Theta brainwaves that increase your telepathy frequencies & energies rapidly.

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  • Julia

    I have experienced telepathy as in full conversations, when I agreed to it I didn’t realize that this was a full time 24/7 agreement, unable to disconnect and reconnect with colleagues. Do you have an article that talks about this for the professional front?

  • Tina Brandon

    i am new to this site I was just curious about telepathy. The last three hospitals that i was admitted to for physical illness I realized that everytime i had questions as thoughts. The staff would answer my questions out loud as i was in a room close to nursing station. I would here something printing, then I heard them reading what I had just thought of & then like I said they were carrying on conversations with me through my thought process. This happens everytime I also sit down and focus my thoughts to them. What type of machine can u here when printing starts. It really amazes the staff & doctors how I communicate without speaking out loud. After this telepathy continued no matter where I went, The doctors now have the outside of all records flagged. It says Extra Sensory Perception with TELEPATHY HIGHLIGHTED. It seems almost unreal until my husband spoke to the doctors and saw it happen for himself and saw the charts FLAGGED. I guess that i am asking how do i do this. Just trying to understand, why have I started noticing only over the last few years. Any office building that I go in I seem to be able to make myself connect with a mechanical device. I cannot read their minds, but they can read my words that I printed out off of this mechanical device or on the screen. The communication takes place when they realize that I am communicating with them, by giving them my name, date of birth and where I am at. The only way the people that read my words communicate with me is by speaking out loud for me to hear that. I don’t know why I cannot read their mind. But it seems every thought that goes through my head or that I hear someone else say gets printed for them to read. I don’t know if there is a diagnosis, my doctors have seen it and have flag my chart where it says ( extrasensory perception ) – Telepathy in bold print. Can someone please comment on this?

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