5 Surprising Signals that He’s Thinking About You

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Perhaps you’ve turned and caught your guy staring at you; the soft expression, witty eyes with such strong emotions that you feel like throwing yourself into his arms. What’s he really thinking about? Quite often, girls miss it even on the most obvious signs that their guys are really into them and are thinking about them all the time. Well, even before he says a thing about what he feels about you, you can easily tell everything you need to know just by his actions. Read through to discover 5 surprising signals that he’s thinking about you.

1. He’ll keep on checking up on you

When your guy is always checking up on you all the time with calls, texts, emails or even visits, he’ll only mean one thing- you’re always on his mind. What else could be bothering him to keep saying hi? Trust me, he’ll always be nursing this need to get in touch with someone he feels quite attracted to. It’s quite fascinating!

2. He’ll want to hang out with you all the time

Well, if he’s really thinking about you, don’t be surprised if he asks you what you’ll be doing tonight, what’s your plans for the weekend or how possible it is for you to drop by and hang out at his place for quite some time. Of course, he’s quite excited spending some quality time with you. He’s really thinking about you and doesn’t mind to attract love and attention from you.

3. He’s in a happier mood every time you’re around

Of course, I don’t really mean that he should be jumpy and excited each time you’re together- however, if he goes for hours talking to you and even laughs at your jokes even when they’re not funny, he’s really into you. All he wants is you to love him back. Forget the jokes. He’s simply sending some mixed signals that he really doesn’t mind getting into a relationship.

4. He brings you the things he knows you’d like

You’ll hear someone call your name. When you look up, there he is, standing right in front of you with the bag of Cheetos or box of chocolate you’ve been craving in the morning. He’ll drop it at your lap and leans over to kiss your forehead. When he’s such willing to get you things you’d like, he’s probably thinking about you all the time. All you’ve got to do is smile back at him. He’ll really fall for this too!

5. He’ll have everything thing reminding him of you

If your guy is always saying “Hey, remember that time that we…” every time you see a road sign, coffee shop, nature park or any other thing, I bet he’s always thinking about you. Seeing you in everything around him can only imply how much he’s for your love and relationship. You’ll want to smile back even if you don’t really remember what he’s talking about.

Of course, we all know how it feels to feel attracted to someone. However, there’s nothing more frustrating than getting it wrong from the start. Perhaps looking out for the above signs can confirm if he’s really thinking about you!

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