Smart Ways to Deal with Anxiety and Stress

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It is normal to get anxiety in everyday life. When you face the new situation which you have never handled before you get anxiety. People who go on the stage first time to speak get anxiety. Seeing hundreds of people staring at you constantly is a nightmare for the person who never been on the stage before. Anxiety can occur during the business meeting as well. At the meeting, people discuss several things and try to get answers to their queries. The sales executive who is not trained enough to answer the question might feel stressful.

Dealing with anxiety is easy once you know the technique behind fooling your brain that produces the chemical to produce stress. Once you have full control over your thoughts, you will comfortably face any sort of challenge effectively and become more powerful in given task.

Here are some of the techniques which will help you to deal with the anxiety and make you more comfortable in the unexpected situation.

1) Accept that you will not have all the answers:

Generally, people get anxiety in the interview or the customer meeting when the person sitting on the other side asks the difficult question and you do not have the answer. You need to understand that it is ok to say you don’t know the answer. No one is going to judge your ability on the basis of the one question that you failed to answer.

No one in the world is smart enough to know everything that is written in the book. The questions people are asking you are the one they know the answers. In contrast, you will also know some of the questions whose answers the other person might not know. So learn to accept the fact that you will not have answers to all the questions. It will reduce your anxiety attack at a great level.

2) Preparation is must:

Preparation is required to have a better understanding of the situation you are going to deal in the future. Preparation makes you perfect from all the corners and gives you the perspective of the future condition, so you will be fully ready to deal with any unexpected circumstance. When you know most part of the deal before you actually meet the person, the communication becomes easy for you. You will express your point wisely and portray the power of your knowledge effectively.

3) Live in the Present:

It is very important that you learn to live in the moment. Many introvert people start daydreaming in the meeting. Their listening power suddenly drops due to lack of attention. In such cases, if a person asks the question to you then you might not have the answer to it because you were not listening to the previous conversation happened in the room. Such situation creates an anxiety. All the people sitting in the room will start staring at you. Your energy level will go down and you will feel stressful. Start training your brain to live in the present. The alertness makes your mind sharp and gives you the ability to deal with any immediate situation effectively.

Try to understand what causes the anxiety. In most of the cases, it will be lack of experience about the certain topic. If a new task is given to you, your brain suddenly produce stressful chemicals which leads to anxiety. Basic training is required to deal with anxiety and stress, and provide your brain sufficient amount of breathing space to take the right decision at the right time. The alertness can also be improved with practice.

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