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The influence of crystals is exponentially more powerful than previously thought to be. Using crystals can allow the individual that is making use of the crystals through therapy to change the physiology of the body and even increase the prosperity through their lifestyle.

The vast nature of the crystals and the ability to transfer energy between an individual and the powers found within the crystal can be a healing force or a force to change the physiology of the body granting the practitioner the ability to increase their skills through aura readings or other metaphysical practices.

This 45 page ebook covers many powerful techniques you can use with your crystals to get the most output from them.  Here are some clips to serve as a "Sneak Peak"..

Addiction- Using citrine that is carried around can help to remove the toxins and allow you to overcome the addiction sooner, and easier.

Aura Viewing- To obtain the clearest picture of the colors that are going to be demonstrated it is important to have the person meditate with the clear quartz - prompting the person that is having their aura read to clear their mind and focus on the energy within the quartz can help the practitioner to pinpoint any areas of the aura that require attention or healing measures.

Confidence- Blue Agatecan be a great stone for those with fear of a certain activity or aspect that can bring a lack of confidence. Through the qualities in the energy of the stone that can help to reduce fear and increase the peace with an activity, the person using the stone can experience an inner sense of peace and a reduction in the fear associated with a certain activity.

Weight Loss- The Apatite Gemstone has a physiological effect on the body for the person that is using the energy within the stone. Through the energy that is transferred through the body the user can not only see a decrease in the appetite, but can also some may see a change in the metabolic rate as the energy within the body increases, increasing the metabolism through the body to increase the weight loss that can occur.

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Practical Lessons In Yoga

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Chakras, discovered by Indian Yogins thousands of years ago, are spirals of light that are responsible for renewing your body with fresh energy and expelling old, negative energy. The power of the Chakras grants boundless energy, radiance, peace, joy, and power to those who know how to awaken the ancient life-force energy that lay dormant within them. There is no disease, obstacle, pain, or unhappiness of any kind that cannot be easily conquered for the learned practitioner of Chakra meditation and therapy.

But mastery over these worldly ailments is only the beginning of the infinite gifts that can be bestowed upon every human being who will but allow himself or herself to receive them. To awaken your Chakra vortexes is to see the Absolute, God, the Universe and then become them. It is to see the world in all its parts and realms and then to create worlds of your own. It is to suspend your mind, your body, and to exist infinitely, to become Immortal. It is to experience Infinite Bliss, Supreme Peace, Infinite Knowledge and unbroken Joy. It is to embark on a lifelong journey, but to find fulfillment and happiness from the very first step. But only you can take that first step, and what better time to act than in the Present?

To being your Right Living, you need to start with the Right Path. There are many teaching resources out there for taking your first steps with Chakra meditation and therapy to choose from, and it is crucial that you pick one that will not lead you astray at this critical stage.
Many strains of Yoga and Chakra meditation therapy have been "Westernized" which is essentially a flowery way of saying they've been watered down and much of the original, ancient spiritual and mystical power removed. The best way to ensure that you are not wasting your time with such shallow Yoga and Chakra programs is to find a source that is rooted in the ancient Indian Yogin tradition itself.

By far the most authoritative and widely regarded treatise on Yoga and the Chakras is "Practical Lessons in Yoga", by the Himalayan master, His Holiness Sri Swami Sivananda Saraswati, founder of the Divine Life Society. Contained within this masterful book is everything you need to know to get started, including detailed information on the Seven Chakras, their specific purposes and benefits, how to improve your diet, and easy to follow exercises and regimens. To quote an excerpt from the book:

"All the Asanas [exercises] mentioned and illustrated in this book can be successfully practiced without the personal contact of a teacher. Thousands are benefited in various ways by regularly practicing these Asanas."

Thanks to the digitalization of print media, you can in fact begin your journey with Sarawati's program right this moment. You can dive into his book immediately by downloading it right from this website after any purchase!



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