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Back to Top I Lost My Downloads, Can I Redownload Them?
For purchases after 2/16/2011 you can recover all download immediately through our Download Recovery Page. You will be required to enter your Clickbank Receipt and your the email address you used to purchase.
Back to Top Can I order the recordings on CD?
Yes! See our CD Ordering Page for more information.
Back to Top How Long Will My Order Take To Arrive?

We usually ship your order next day, but we reserve 72 business hours to ship orders. CD's ship from a separate warehouse and can not be purchased in the came cart as other physical items.

USA orders are shipped USPS First Class with delivery confirmation. You will receive a tracking number when your item ships.

International orders are shipped USPS First Class International (no tracking #), but are given a chance to upgrade shipping to USPS Priority International after checkout for an additional $11. USPS Priority International guarantees 6-10 day delivery. If you upgrade to Priority International, you will receive a tracking number when your shipment ships.

Note: USPS First Class International can take up to 6 weeks to arrive in some locations like Australia, Great Britain, UK, etc. If you do not choose to upgrade to Priority International, please allow the full 6 business weeks for delivery.

Back to Top What Are The Recordings Supposed To Do?

The recordings are supposed to help you easily reach an altered state of consciousness, and adjust your brain waves to the correct level needed to accomplish your task. The products alone will probably not make you a master psychic overnight, but they will adjust your brain frequencies to the proper level where developing certain skills is optimal. Audio entrainment can be compared to training wheels on a bike. The long term goal is to be able to accomplish these feats without the need for audio aid. But human minds do hit regression periods once in a while. It never hurts to return to a subject and progress further at a later point.

Back to Top What's the Difference Between the Technology Choices?

We have a Video Demonstration of Binaurals and Isochronics on our More Info Page. This page also gives breakdown of the three technology types.

Back to Top How Are The Frequencies Chosen In Each Recording?

We research many documented studies which link certain frequencies to certain abilities. Depending on the subject and data available, some of these sources are scientific in nature and some are more new-age studies and conclusions. Many subjects have not been scientifically proven to even exist, so in these circumstances, we use what we feel is the best data available on the given subject.

For instance, we link DNA repair with frequency 528 Hz. We use that as the audible carrier and couple it with isochronics to bring the user to Delta where the 528 Hz can be absorbed. We then test and tweak the frequencies and recordings with my team of testers who are all spiritually gifted. And finally, we reached tens of thousands of customers and hear all types of feedback of what is working and what isn't. That data is also used in our process. We use every resource in our power to ensure our beats are among (if not) the best.

Back to Top Headphones or No Headphones?

Binaural Beats are the only technology where headphones are required. Our Monaural Beats and Isochronic tones do not require headphones but if comfortable headphones are available, definitely use them with any recording. Directing the frequencies to each ear will block out background noise and allow the frequencies to be heard at their purest form. I personally use wireless headphones that plug into your computers speaker jack. They are comfortable and I can roam the home with no wire constraints.

Back to Top How Long Will It Take To See Results?

You should notice immediate results in 10 minutes or less from listening. When speaking of long term results, The moment you project a goal- is the moment the universe starts lining up to deliver the results. Time to goal completion depends on the goal itself and what has to line up. For instance, lets say you want a new house. Your Dream Home! You start manifesting and sending out your desire. The universe hears your call and starts lining it up. A few months later, the president announces a new 1% interest plan on home purchases, and you are promoted at work. It may seem like nothing was happening for months, but the whole time the system was processing your request. We just had to wait till congress passed the bill. It is important to have trust in the universal system and not to lose hope. It is always working for you.

Back to Top How Often Should I Listen?

Once a day is average, You can do it every other day if you want too.

Back to Top What Order Should I Listen?

If you have purchased a recording set that comes with more than 1 recording, you can either listen to them one at a time, or in a consecutive manner. If you have the time and a peaceful setting, I would recommend trying to listen in a consecutive manner often. Although not always the case for everyone, try listening them to the order they are listed on the website. As a general rule of thumb, start with Alpha then progress to Theta followed by Delta. That order is the natural pattern, but many times users find more success altering the order to better suit them. Don't be afraid to experiment with the listening order as you are an individual and only you can weigh the success.

Back to Top Can I Listen To Multiple Topics In 1 Day?

Absolutely! If the topics are closely related, you can listen to them consecutively without problem. If the recording topics are very different, just allow your brain time to return to it's normal conscious state before beginning the new session. The brain has an amazing learning capacity. Don't think you are going to overwhelm yourself, as these states are all natural and common in everyday life. We recommend keeping your listening hours to under 3 per day.

Back to Top Are There Instruction Manuals?

Our instruction manual is a work in progress. There are libraries full of information on these subjects and there is no way we can cover them all. You can view our Online Manual and we always recommend doing your own research to decide what practice routine and techniques will work best for you.

Back to Top Do I Need To Use Any Special Breathing Techniques?

Rhythmic and circular breathing is not necessary for results, but just because it's not needed, doesn't mean it won't help. I personally practice breathing techniques each and every time I listen, and I find great success doing so. After all, breathing is essential for the mind to thrive, and breathing and conscious states are directly connected. Simple answer is, proper breathing techniques will provide nothing but benefit, but the recordings will still work without using any special techniques.

Back to Top Why Don't I Feel Any Effects?

From our statistics, 98% of people experience effects right away. There are the few who have a hard time allowing their brain to be altered, but success will come with practice. The brain doesn't usually enter these relaxed states during your conscious times, and very rarely, some minds can resist. If you are one of the few, don't let this deter you. Start with an easy recording that will ease the mind then progress as your brain allows. We almost always recommend starting with our "Creativity Selections", as creativity is the corner stone of all development. After all, we are all creators.

Back to Top Will My Brain Be Able To Reach These States Naturally?

That is the long term goal. Over time, your brain should be able to naturally change frequencies on-demand. I wouldn't suggest to totally stop using the recordings, as they will always provide positive reinforcement, and will keep your mind from straying. But in general, you should eventually acquire the ability to adjust your mind state and thinking parameters according to the current situation.

Back to Top Are The Effects Supposed To Be Permanent?

The ultimate goal is Permanent Long Term Success. Some studies show that improvements in certain subjects lasts even when brainwave entrainment sessions are stopped. But this is dependant on the subject, the person, and the practices used. Human nature demonstrates both progression and regression. Although the changes are meant to last the test of time, there is a chance your mind can regress. If this happens, you can always start using the audio again to retrain the brain. The conclusion to this question is: Brainwave Entrainment is designed to be used like training wheels on a bicycle. Once your mind learns to enter these states on-demand, the aim is to be able to repeat the experience without audio aid. Just remember, progression times are different for everyone.

Back to Top How Do I Burn The Recordings To CD

Depending what burning software you use, simply open your burning program and select "Audio CD". Drag and drop the MP3 file into your burning software, and start the burn. Every burning software I ever used will automatically convert an MP3 to CD player format if you select "Audio CD". The process should be quite simple.

Back to Top Can I listen while I drive?

No, Do not drive while listening. Never operate anything dangerous when listening.

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