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Addiction Help

Addiction can be a very powerful motivator. People will often indulge in unsafe, risky, and dangerous behaviors in order to gain access to the thing that they are addicted to. In many cases the addiction can be so extreme that the subject will engage in violent criminal activity in order to acquire the thing that they so desperately crave. The subconscious mind is like a sponge within the body, and when thinking about the power of its association, it is important to understand that the body yields to the subconscious which communicates a message that it needs to have a chemical or engage in some action for its very survival, this is how the addiction actually sets in. To recover, the addict must look at the messages that have been implanted into the subconscious mind, and understand that it is these messages that have to be erased and overwritten with a different kind of message. A healing message.

Program yourself to be addiction free while listening to binaural tones. Visualize and believe. Use the following additional methods to heal and help you on your way to freedom from addiction:

Aim for a still, quiet mind. Cease thinking in words. Think instead in images and pictures. Let reality wash over you and learn to "just let go." Let thoughts and emotions rise and leave naturally, do not cling to them nor attempt to block them. Process them one at a time.

Words can be useful, but learn also to switch between modes of thought. Remain aware of the limitations of language. You switch to a deeper appreciation of reality when you do not need to use words. Think in imagery, colors, sounds or even tastes if you can.

Breath control is an important discipline which facilitates concentration and relaxation. To improve breath control, practice the 'healing breath'. Rather than controlling the breath using the will, the Healing Breath uses the mind-body connection to monitor the breath and effect any changes. Using the powers of attention and the imagination, the breath adjusts automatically and accordingly. Do some online research into the "Healing Breath".

Consuming chemicals disturbs a quiescent mental state like a stone dropped into clear, still water held in earth. The consciousness becomes rippled and muddied, and this translates into one feeling physically worse, less in control, confused and agitated. Stay clear of all chemicals all the way down to food coloring in your food. Drink clear liquids.

In trying to live this life we often lose sight of life itself. Meditation alters one's very relation to reality. The best way to beat addiction is to understand that ending addiction is only the beginning. Embrace meditation.

"People grasping their own shadows of discrimination become attached to this thing and to that thing and failing to abandon dualism they go on forever and thus never attain tranquility. By tranquility is meant Oneness."

-- Shakyamuni Buddha:


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