Law of Attraction Meditation

Law of Attraction Meditation

This Law of Attraction meditation course is designed by Stephanie Kakris. She has spent 10 years studying and teaching the Law of Attraction and has incorporated the most powerful techniques into this course. By participating in this program you will boost your manifesting ability, feel happier and more optimistic about the future. Regular listening will ensure that your vibration is high and will help you to attract more of what you want into your life. Her goal is to help you live with more peace and contentment.

What is the Law of Attraction?
The Law of Attraction is based on the science of quantum physics- which has shown that everything is 99% energy. Everything that you see, hear, touch, and feel is more energy than matter. The only thing that makes matter solid (for example, the floor beneath you), is the molecules vibrating. Everything is vibrating at a different frequency, including you. Money is energy, colors are energy, emotions are energy, and events are energy. Simply put, if you want to attract things into your life which will make you feel good, the first step is for you to feel good right now. This will become clearer as you move through the course.

This Program Includes:

You are Love and Light- connect with your true nature, a profoundly healing process for body, mind, and soul.

The Power of Gratitude- focus on what is working in your life right now.

Feeling Deserving- forgive ourselves for past failures, hold our head up high and feel more deserving.

Enhancing Optimism- move from worry to hope.

Future and Present- vividly imagine something you want ad if it is happening right now.


This program will assist you to understand the major principals of the Law of Attraction, as well as practical steps you can take to become a master of manifesting. Each meditation also comes with a short but potent technique that you can do in an instant- anywhere, any time. Wish you all the best with your journey and sincerely hope that this course makes life more joyous for you.

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Law of Attraction Meditation Pack
Description: This guided meditation course is designed to help you become a master of manifesting. Hope this makes your life more joyous.
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