Conquer Anxiety Meditation

Conquer Anxiety Meditation

Welcome to the 'Conquer Anxiety' healing meditation course. This program is designed by Julie Lewin, a world renowned Medical Intuitive, Teacher, Speaker, Author, TV and Radio Personality and Founder of AreekeerA. She is passionate about helping people live their true potential - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Since appearing on 4 episodes of the TV show 'The Extraordinary'in 1994 and 1996, Julie is sought after worldwide for her unique intuitive healing skills. Her down to Earth and practical spiritual approach to health and wellness makes you feel safe.

Anxiety can be debilitating and you feel like it is ruining your life. It can be triggered from your environment, your job, your relationships, or a chemical imbalance in your brain. There are many triggers, and you want to know how to manage anxiety or better still eliminate it from your life.

With this program you will learn how to manage your anxiety and reduce your stress in minutes. Stress in your bloodstream is what creates the anxiety. One of the things this program teaches you is how to deliberately release a hormone that neutralizes the stress in your blood. When you do this technique you feel as if your worries and concerns have been pushed outside of you and they are a distant memory.

This program offers you a soothing voice, powerful guided visualization, tranquil music and sounds of nature and techniques used by over 70,000 people. You will dissolve your anxiety, make decisions with more clarity and have deep rejuvenating and regenerating sleep to help you live with more joy and harmony.

Once you learn these simple and easy to do techniques and you do not need to listen to the recordings - you can do them anywhere and anytime to bring yourself back into harmony and balance.

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Introduction to Breath
Length: 5 minutes          
Description: Focus on being aware of your in-breath and out-breath.
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Sacred Breath
Length: 7:30 minutes          
Description: Advanced breath technique to keep peaceful and clam.
Instant Download     $8 Add to Cart
Energy Protection
Length: 7:10 minutes          
Description: Keep your energy levels protected and not take on other people\'s thoughts and feelings.
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Flower Balancing
Length: 08:58 minutes          
Description: Balance your horizontal and vertical energy and be embraced in the Divine Source.
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Regeneration Journey
Length: 10:50 minutes          
Description: Create a clam, peaceful place for your soul and body to regenerate and rejuvenate when you are asleep.
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Cracking the Anxiety Code
Length: 7:56 minutes          
Description: With this technique you will be able to go from high anxiety to zero or low anxiety in 5-10 minutes.
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Conquer Anxiety Meditation
Description: Manage your anxiety and reduce your stress in minutes, including all recordings above.
Instant Download     $30 Add to Cart
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