Healing Patterns

Healing Patterns

With this program you will learn how to heal and change destructive patterns in your life. You are going to experience a big change in your life. It is important that you commit this regularly to get best effects. So let's start the journey now.

This program is designed by Cathy Mc Donald, she is a Certified Hypnotherapist (non-medical), a Certified Parts Therapy Facilitator, Reiki Master healer and author of the book 'Choosing to Heal - A journey through time into eternity and back'. With a background in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Astro-Physics, her passion is energy dynamics and she focuses on the use of hypnosis and meditation as powerful tools to assist clients in relieving their pain and discomfort, whether physical or emotional, as well as in resolving their inner conflicts and reducing their stress levels, ultimately benefiting their health and well-being. It is all about the journey to wellness on a soul, spiritual and physical level.

Meditation is a natural process and therefore it is accessible to all of us, whenever we choose to do so. There are no rules. Anyone who chooses to meditate can learn how-it is a matter of practice. It is easier to be coached through the initial process of entering the meditative state. Once the skill is acquired and practised regularly, the individual magical journey can begin, whether the purpose is personal performance and skill enhancement, healing of the body or mind, or merely stress release.

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Healing Patterns
Length: 30.04 minutes          
Description: This guided meditation is intended to help you to heal and change destructive patterns in your life.
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